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6 Body Language Cues A Girl Gives Away If She Likes You

6 Body Language Cues A Girl Gives Away If She Likes You

If you have ever been wondering whether or not she likes you, there are certain body language cues a girl gives away if she does.

Whether you will make the first move will heavily depend on the clear signs that she will give away, maybe even on your first date. 

Those nonverbal cues could range from physical contact to her facial expressions. 

The female body language signs are similar to those of a male, so there are only subtle differences between them.

A man is sometimes not comfortable enough to approach a woman if he doesn’t know whether she likes him.

Asking a girl out is a great way to start, but there should be definite signs of attraction. 

DONE! 6 Body Language Cues A Girl Gives Away If She Likes You

It significantly depends on the woman if a man will pursue a relationship with her. 

When you see a girl for the first time, it is hard to guess what is going on in her mind. Even the most skilled man fails sometimes.

That is when he needs to look out for the little things that will say for the first time much about what she is thinking and how she is feeling.

Sometimes it is hard to recognize because she might be just being polite toward you. 

I know that it would be easier to have a straightforward answer.

However, today is all about reading body language and about the challenge to figure out what women want.

I don’t expect you to know what she is feeling or thinking on the very first date, but after a while, you should be able to read certain body language signs and to act according to them. 

Believe me, her body language will sometimes tell you more than her verbal messages.

These are just some of the signs that a woman will show if she likes you: 

1. If a girl likes you, she will repeatedly make eye contact

DONE! 6 Body Language Cues A Girl Gives Away If She Likes You

Eye contact is a subtle sign, and most men don’t recognize it. However, if a girl likes you, she will give you her undivided attention with her eyes.

If she makes eye contact with you and she does this frequently, you can be sure that this is an obvious sign that she likes you. 

Maybe she hides the fact that she watches you.

This is also another sure-fire sign that she is definitely into you. She will look at you and try to find ways to cover it somehow. 

2. Preening as a sign of interest

DONE! 6 Body Language Cues A Girl Gives Away If She Likes You

When a woman is interested in you, then she will use fixing and fidgeting as subtle ways to make herself more presentable to you.

Those are just some of the things women do. 

She might brush her hair, apply lip gloss, straighten her blouse, or something else.

One of the telltale signs that she is into you is just this.

Yes, it might be that she is just nervous, but you are also nervous because you like her too, don’t you? 

By looking more presentable and more attractive to you, she is actually boosting her self-esteem at the same time. 

Of course, fidgeting or preening are natural body reactions to nervousness.

However, they are great signs of extreme attraction and if you look closely, it is really easy to pick up on. 

You should take note of her body language and learn to recognize those positive body language cues, which could help you immensely to land the girl of your dreams and to have a healthy relationship with her. 

3. Lip biting as one of the clear signs

DONE! 6 Body Language Cues A Girl Gives Away If She Likes You

Lip biting is a great technique to draw your attention to her lips. In her mind, you are already hers, so she will start imagining your lips on hers. 

A great sign of attraction is when she reapplies her lipstick or bites her bottom lip.

Once she starts to draw attention to that particular area of her body, you will know that she is interested in you. 

4. She gets closer to you

DONE! 6 Body Language Cues A Girl Gives Away If She Likes You

When a girl likes you, she will inadvertently invade your personal space. Not in a negative way, but she will try to get close to you. 

You know that asking personal questions is a verbal sign, right?

Well, her open body language will tell you more about whether she is interested or not. 

A girl who likes you will tease you and try to get close enough to you that you might feel she is flirting.

As soon as she succeeds in that, she will pull away, making sure she is not being too pushy. 

She will try to sit right next to you and she might find ways to engage you in conversation so she can get close to you. 

5. She reacts when you touch her

DONE! 6 Body Language Cues A Girl Gives Away If She Likes You

Her reaction to your touches will be a clear sign of whether or not a girl likes you. 

You don’t have to be a relationship expert for this, but if you are wondering if your best friend is in love with you, for example, this is how you can tell if she wants something more from you. 

A woman who likes you will notice the slightest touch and she may blush, giggle, or give you a quick smile. 

This is one of the dating tips that I give to someone who is uncertain about whether a girl likes them or not.

If a girl pulls away or doesn’t even notice your touch, she is not interested and you should move on. 

Pay attention to her body language signals and you should recognize whether she is comfortable with your actions or not. 

You shouldn’t be extremely tactile. A gentle touch on her hand will give you the reaction needed to decide whether she likes you or not.

6. She will smile more

DONE! 6 Body Language Cues A Girl Gives Away If She Likes You

There are certain body language cues a girl gives away if she likes you, and smiling is definitely one of them.

It is a direct indication that she enjoys your company and wants you to be around her.

Also, you should notice how she smiles toward others.

If she smiles often and just as widely to others, then you can continue looking for other cues that might hint that she is interested in you.

One of the main characteristics that a girl wants in a man is humor. If you can make her laugh and smile, believe me, you have it in the bag.

6 Body Language Cues A Girl Gives Away If She Likes You

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