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55+ Efficient Ways To Annoy Your Boyfriend

55+ Efficient Ways To Annoy Your Boyfriend

Let’s be real for a second – we all get bored sometimes, right? And is there anything better than annoying your boyfriend and seeing the look on his face afterward? It brings so much fun into the relationship and no matter how annoyed he gets at the beginning, the two of you always laugh it off later.

It’s a playful way of telling someone you love spending time with them and you feel comfortable when they’re with you. I mean, you definitely wouldn’t jokingly mess with someone you aren’t really a big fan of them. But you’re your boyfriend’s biggest fan and he deserves to be annoyed from time to time.

Well, with that said, let’s take a look at these super efficient ways to annoy your bae!

Funny ways to annoy your boyfriend

DONE! 50+ Efficient Ways To Annoy Your Boyfriend

And the first category I prepared for you is funny ways to annoy your boyfriend. Are you ready to make both of you laugh? You’ll probably have a bit more fun than him, but he’ll get with the program eventually!

1) Draw on his face while he’s sleeping.

2) Tell him you’re gonna do his eyebrows then prank him with the TikTok filter that makes them look too thin.

3) Do the minions make-up prank on him.

4) Record his snoring and play it to him.

5) Bring yourself some popcorn and change the channel while he’s watching something. Then just act as if nothing happened.

6) Follow him around the house the whole day.

7) Decide to clean the whole house while he’s watching a game (bonus points if you’re vacuuming).

8) Accidentally wash some of his white T-shirts and make them pink.

9) Put up photos of yourself around his home.

10) Make him try something you’ve made for lunch, but make it extra spicy.

11) Dance around seductively when he is busy with that Zoom meeting.

12) Troll him on social media.

13) Randomly start crying because he had other girlfriends before you.

14) Purposely be too stubborn about something stupid you know you’re wrong about.

15) Change the wallpaper on his phone.

16) Put something funny as his ringtone then call him when he’s out with his friends.

17) Tickle him when he’s about to fall asleep.

18) Ask him what he would do in hypothetical situations and get very annoyed if you aren’t satisfied with the answer he’s given you.

19) Challenge him to a “eat clean” diet. Then after he’s done, reveal that he was the only one doing it.

20) Scream like you’re fighting for your life and when he comes, tell him “I missed you.”

Adorable ways to annoy him

DONE! 50+ Efficient Ways To Annoy Your Boyfriend

Okay, now that you have some ideas about the funny ways you can annoy your boyfriend, it’s time for some adorable ones.

1) Make him watch a chick flick.

2) Then ask him lots of questions about the movie even though you watched it with him. Be persistent with your questions.

3) Say you don’t want any fries then eat some of his.

4) Ask tons of questions while he’s watching a game.

5) Tease him while he’s playing video games.

6) Use his back to warm up your freezing hands and feet.

7) Pretend to fall asleep when he picks the movie.

8) Leave him very little space on the bed.

9) Hug him while sleeping during those hot summer nights.

10) Tell him to choose the place for your next date, then refuse every option he gives you.

11) Steal his hoodies!

12) And steal his shirts!

13) Ask him stupid questions like: “Would you still love me if I was a worm?”

14) Make him a list of the things you love about him, but in your list about him, write only things like “You would still love me if I was a worm.” Or, “You have a nice dog.”

15) Get mad at him because he was rude to you in your sleep.

16) Use your baby voice a lot.

17) Guilt him into doing something he really didn’t want to. And when he says he’ll do it, just start saying “We don’t have to do it, though.”

18) Make him go shopping with you, and try out tons of clothes.

19) Kiss him when you have a cold so you can take sick leave together.

20) Leave some of your stuff at his place every time you come over.

DONE! 50+ Efficient Ways To Annoy Your Boyfriend

21) Prank him by leaving your hairclip in his car, then interrogate him about the “other girls” who were in his car.

22) Braid his long hair while he’s sleeping.

23) Draw a smiley face on his toes while he’s asleep.

24) Prank him that you’re talking to some other guy behind his back. There are tons of audio you can use to do this.

25) Use the nickname you gave him which he hates so much.

26) Stand in front of the TV when he’s playing his game.

27) Always make him wait for you.

28) Complain that all his shirts look the same.

29) Be very indecisive.

30) Be loud in the morning, especially if he’s not a morning person.

31) Hide his car keys when he’s supposed to go out with his friends.

32) Always make a puppy face when you really want something.

33) Make plans for the two of you, but don’t tell him up until the last minute.

34) Reject the compliments he gives you.

35) Obsess over some celebrity who’s really good-looking and talented.

36) Make him buy you a type of tampons that don’t exist.

37) Pull his beard when you’re mad at him for something.

38) Make him drive you everywhere.

And that’s it for now! I hope you had as much fun as I did preparing this for you. Now click on your calendar and make plans about how you want to irritate him this week. I bet you can’t wait to start doing it!

And remember, even if he doesn’t seem happy about it at first, he’ll laugh with you pretty soon.

55+ Efficient Ways To Annoy Your Boyfriend

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