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5 Zodiac Signs Virgo Women Should Avoid At All Costs!

5 Zodiac Signs Virgo Women Should Avoid At All Costs!

As women, we can sometimes be picky. But I believe that we have every right to do so when it comes to the person with whom we want to share our secrets.

It’s not easy to confide in someone unless you fully trust them. On the other hand, it’s kind of hard to find a person that’s going to be your safe zone.

We all know just how difficult modern dating can be. If you’ve been really desperate, you looked everywhere but you always end up without luck.

Have you ever thought about why you can’t find your soulmate? Can it be that hard actually? Perhaps you even thought about how you have your standards up way too high.

Well, let me tell you something, girl. If you’re a Virgo woman struggling to find love, I might just know what the problem is.

You’d think that you’re too much for someone to handle. You know what? You’re totally right! Not everyone can meet our expectations and swipe us off our feet.

That’s just how we are. Therefore, you might struggle a bit on your way to discovering your true love. However, I just know that it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Still, you have to keep in mind that you shouldn’t settle for anyone just out of plain desperation. This could easily take turn for the worse because there are 5 zodiac signs Virgo women should avoid.

When I say avoid, I mean run for the hills if they come anywhere near you. Trust me, they’re no good for you and it can only end tragically.

Therefore, make sure you use this piece of advice and remember it next time you stumble upon a good-looking guy. Looks can be deceiving!

1. Scorpio

DONE! 5 Zodiac Signs Virgo Women Should Avoid At All Costs!

As someone who’s caring and loving, you might’ve guessed that a Scorpio man would be no good for you. They give off a cold-hearted vibe and they instantly become unattractive.

Also, what’s a major turn-off is how jealous they can get in a relationship. Virgo women should avoid this zodiac sign because we don’t do well with jealous types like this.

If someone’s green with envy of some sort, we find them inaccessible. Even worse, we can’t really trust them because it gives us a feeling that they don’t trust us either!

2. Aries

Needless to say, Virgo women are highly organized and pedantic. We just love when things are going smoothly, and more importantly, under our supervision.

You can say that we like being in charge. It’s not that we’re controlling, but we need to have everything sorted out every minute.

However, Aries may have a problem with that. If you’re a Virgo woman, you should really try to avoid dating this sign because they’re highly unpredictable.

It’s not a favorable trait among Virgo women as it could cause trouble later on. We like to be able to assume our partner’s next step and that’s not what we can do with Aries.

3. Gemini

DONE! 5 Zodiac Signs Virgo Women Should Avoid At All Costs!

As said above, we kind of want to be aware of our partner’s decision. Virgo women should avoid Gemini men as well because of that.

In a sense, they can tend to be a bit annoying to us because of their overexcitement. They like to explore things and do crazy stuff all the time.

It’s not like we’re killjoys and don’t know how to have fun. It’s rather that we’re workaholics who can have fun but know their limits.

Gemini may think of himself as the life of the party and everyone’s infatuated with them. Well, not us, mister. We couldn’t care less about your enthusiasm that just yearns for attention everywhere you go.

4. Leo

I don’t think we’re the only ones who aren’t really in love with this sign. In fact, we don’t even like it. They can just be full of themselves sometimes, especially men.

Therefore, Virgo women should avoid this boisterous zodiac sign at all costs. They just don’t fit in with our reserved and calm nature.

Leos want to be seen, and we’re not some kind of trophy they can show around. Although we feel like one for ourselves, we don’t want to be someone’s reason to brag about.

We like to keep to ourselves and Leos are definitely the opposite. You know how opposites attract? Yeah, well not in this case.

This fire sign may just be too fiery for us. It’s best if you realize this as soon as possible as Leos can be really convincing.

5. Aquarius

DONE! 5 Zodiac Signs Virgo Women Should Avoid At All Costs!

Can you just imagine how the earth and air signs get along? Well, I can’t. Aquarius is one of those zodiac signs that you never want to cross paths with.

It’s simple as that. There’s nothing that can make an Aquarius man attractive to Virgo women and vice versa. Therefore, it’s best if we avoid them.

The real reason behind that is there’s just a mere physical attraction, nothing else. This air sign is highly intelligent which we value, but they don’t like anyone bursting their bubble.

Virgo women need to feel that stability and connection when in a relationship. We believe that communication is the key to a good relationship and we can’t have that with them because they’re too occupied with their thoughts!

We all have our expectations when going out and trying to meet the person we’re going to spend the rest of our lives with.

However, when those expectations aren’t met, you can totally blame it on the zodiac sign compatibility! It may sound funny, but there are several signs Virgo women should avoid at all costs.

For the sake of your sanity, don’t even try to make things work. It’s simply never meant to be and the sooner you make peace with that sooner you will find your luck somewhere else.

Remember to not lose faith as there’s a zodiac sign waiting for you just around the corner. All you’ve left to do is simply enjoy the journey!

5 Zodiac Signs Virgo Women Should Avoid At All Costs!

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