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5 Tips On How To End A Fake Relationship And Ruin His Plans

5 Tips On How To End A Fake Relationship And Ruin His Plans

When you learn that someone’s been pretending to love you, I can imagine you wanting to end the fake relationship.

It’s so hard to put that label on a relationship that you wanted to be real with all of your might. You wanted to have a genuine connection with this man, but over time, you’ve realized just how much pain he’s brought you.

And if it were fake, will this breakup even make him see how wrong his behavior was? Or will he be indifferent?

Whatever the outcome may be, you need to get this done. I know that sometimes it seems easier to stay in a fake relationship than to be alone because the pain can be too overwhelming. You won’t just have to heal from the breakup but the entire relationship.

So how are you supposed to do that? Can you even get out of this relationship without breaking apart?

1. Confront him

5 Tips On How To End A Fake Relationship And Ruin His Plans

Once you decide that you want to end your fake relationship, this is how you’ll do it.

Tell him that you need to talk to him and he has to listen to what you have to say. This is the perfect time for you to tell him everything you’ve been thinking about and what you think of your relationship.

He’ll start to gaslight you if he didn’t get what he wanted to from this little game he’s got going on. He’ll tell you that you’re overthinking and that you can’t just accuse him of these things.

But, you need to trust your gut and know that nothing’s going to change his behavior. It’s hard to get out of a fake relationship, because the breakup will seem like a hoax, too.

Now isn’t the right time to think about this, it’s time to tell him all the things you need to. Because otherwise you’ll be stuck in this relationship for a long time.

2. Be open about your feelings

DONE 5 Tips On How To End A Fake Relationship And Ruin His Plans 2

Whatever you’re feeling is completely valid.

A man who pretends to love you to get you to be with him is a great manipulator. He’ll make you feel like you’re crazy for feeling the way you do. But you have the right to your feelings and you need to be aware of that.

Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Especially him.

The best thing you can do here is to make sure that you understand your own emotions. Write down all of the times you felt like his love wasn’t real, what triggered this paranoia within you, and tell him about all of it.

When you’re open about your emotions, you won’t forget anything. You’ll leave the conversation without any regrets, knowing that you were honest with him.

He couldn’t do that for you. That’s why you’re here now, wondering how to end your fake relationship.

Even if you were in a consensual fake relationship, you need to be honest about how this entire situation makes you feel to get it out there. I believe that you both deserve an explanation.

3. Cut off all communication

 5 Tips On How To End A Fake Relationship And Ruin His Plans

It doesn’t matter if your fake relationship was fake consensually or if he played his little game with you because you have to cut off all communication.

There’s no reason for you to stay in touch with that man. First of all, you need some time for yourself, but you also don’t need him to fuss over you right now.

You need to get a clear image of the relationship that you left behind and you can’t do that if you continue to talk to him. This is when you have the right to block him, ghost him, and set your boundaries.

I know that this is the most painful period because you’re used to talking to him, but this is your time to recharge and see everything from a whole new perspective.

4. Don’t let him lie to you more

DONE 5 Tips On How To End A Fake Relationship And Ruin His Plans 4

He’ll make you promises. He’ll tell you he’s going to change, that he felt a connection to you. How many times did you hear a guy say that it may have been fake in the beginning but he developed actual feelings for the girl?

Well, that might be true for fairytales but we can’t say the same thing for the real world.

He’ll try everything in his power to talk to you and to get you back. This is mostly because he’s scared that you’ll tell people about this entire thing that you had going on. He’ll think that you’re going to go around telling people that he did this to make his ex jealous, or whatever his reason may have been.

This man will be devastated and he’ll become so cautious around you. His best chance is to get you back. But you need to find proof for all of his claims.

Because if he’d lie to you once, he’d do it another time for sure.

5. Make sure you look out for the red flags to prevent a repeat

5 Tips On How To End A Fake Relationship And Ruin His Plans

Now that you know how to end a fake relationship, you shouldn’t let this happen again.

No one is saying that it won’t. Fake people will do everything to get what they want, so you’re going to feel the impact of this right away. However, you’re learning, so after this, make sure that you won’t let anyone get to you like this again.

Learn how to see the signs of a fake relationship at the very beginning. If you wait around and keep waiting for red flags, you’ll always find some excuse when you should be running for the hills instead.

The best way to end a fake relationship is to learn your lesson and never get into one ever again. You know where your boundaries are and this is just another sign that love should always be real.

Pretending to be in love can only lead to heartbreak.

5 Tips On How To End A Fake Relationship And Ruin His Plans

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