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5 Things A Man Has To Feel To Fall In Love With You

5 Things A Man Has To Feel To Fall In Love With You

Does it seem like a man’s mind is still a mystery to you? At one point, you feel like you’ve cracked his code, then the next, you realize that you have no clue how his brain is wired.

And when you’re trying to understand what makes a man fall in love with you, this can be one of the things that get in your way.

What could make a man fall in love with you? Is he sensitive to the same things as women are or is there something else that brings his walls down?

Let’s find out the truth and solve your mystery once and forever. It’s time to see what a man needs to feel in order to fall in love with you.

You’re about to crack the code and get to the bottom of the question that’s been bothering you this whole time.

1. He has to feel that you’re his safe place

DONE! 5 Things A Man Has To Feel To Fall In Love With You

Even though they try to hide it, men also long for having their safe place in the woman of their dreams. In their darkest days, they want to seek solace in someone.

And when he feels that he can do that with you, you stand a good chance of having him fall in love with you.

When a man senses that he can be honest with you, admit all of his fears, and won’t be made fun of because of that, he falls in love with you.

You become his home and the one he’s ready to fight for because you showed him that he can trust you.

From that point on, he won’t look elsewhere because you’re everything he needs. You’re the one who holds him in your arms and shows him that everything will be fine as long as you’re together.

And that’s all he needs to know in order to give you his heart.

2. He has to feel that he’s your hero

DONE! 5 Things A Man Has To Feel To Fall In Love With You

Being a hero is a part of every man’s personality. It’s a need that’s rooted deep in his DNA and he can’t escape it.

No matter how strong of a woman you are, a man will still expect you to let him hold the wheel from time to time. He needs to feel like he’s helping you, that he’s being your knight in shining armor.

He’ll try to provide you with the best life you could have and with him, you’ll feel like a superwoman.

Together, you can conquer the world because the connection you share is unbreakable.

3. He has to feel accepted and appreciated

DONE! 5 Things A Man Has To Feel To Fall In Love With You

A man would never tell you, but he wants you to appreciate him for who he is. He wants to be able to show you his real face without fearing that you’ll try to change him.

And to be honest, we all want to feel that way. To feel free to share who we actually are with the right person, without being afraid that they’ll try to change us.

So, when a man shares his secrets with you and lets you inside his private world, don’t reject him and make him feel like his emotions don’t matter.

When he shows you his vulnerable side, don’t run away from him – it took him a lot of time and guts to get to this point.

Trust me, he was thinking about if he should let you in more than you know. It doesn’t come as natural to guys to open up to someone.

So, when he does, know that he’s one step closer to falling in love with you, and if you reject him now, you’ll destroy him like a castle of sand.

4. He has to feel that you’re vulnerable with him

DONE! 5 Things A Man Has To Feel To Fall In Love With You

Yes, a man has to be able to feel vulnerable with you in order to fall in love with you. But he also needs to feel that you’re being vulnerable with him.

He wants to hear your secrets, desires, and all those things that are hiding under the pretty face. He wants you to share with him those parts of yourself you’ve never shared before.

This way, you show him that it’s okay to have feelings. It’s okay to express them to the person who means the world to you because they’ll never betray you.

Yes, it can be scary, but it’s worth it. Once you find the one who supports you and is always there for you, it’s all worth it.

5. He needs to feel that you’re not pretending

DONE! 5 Things A Man Has To Feel To Fall In Love With You

When you show a man that you’re yourself with him, no pretending and acting all nice just to win him over, that’s when he gets closer to falling in love with you.

If you make him see that you’re a real woman with flaws yet still perfect for him, get ready to have him for the rest of your life, because that’s exactly what he’s been looking for.

Let him know you’re being yourself when you’re with him.

Show him that you’re not afraid to live your life to the fullest, with your passion levels turned to the max.

This will pull him in and make him see that he’s found exactly what he needed.

You’ll make him connect with you on a deeper level, and he’ll realize that he’s been looking for you his whole life.

Even though men act all tough, they still long for that feeling of security.

They want to know that their woman is being real and honest with them.

That she has her dreams and wishes, and that she’ll never pretend to be someone she isn’t.

When he looks into her eyes, he’ll see that he’s found his safe place and that his journey is over.

There’s no need to sail any further because he’s found everything he’s been dreaming of in a woman and more.

If you can make a man feel all these emotions, then he’ll fall in love with you and dedicate his life to you only.

He’s been wanting to do that, he was just waiting for the right one to come along. And it seems that you could be the one.

5 Things A Man Has To Feel To Fall In Love With You

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