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5 Situations Where She’ll Want You To Fight For Her

5 Situations Where She’ll Want You To Fight For Her

Every relationship goes through tough periods and sometimes we’re not sure what to do. It’s never an easy decision to give up on someone you love with all of your heart; you’d rather fight as long as you can.

So, in which situations will she want you to fight for her?

I can shine a little light on each of these situations, but you’ll be the one doing the hard work. If you know your woman – and I mean truly know her – it won’t be a problem for you to recognize when she needs you the most.

In some rare cases, you may miss some of the subtle signs she’s giving you that you should fight for her and for your union. Don’t let her be the one to give up on your relationship if she’s going out of her way just to see you smile.

Give something back to your woman. Tell her how much you appreciate her and embrace her completely.

Keep choosing her every single day and don’t give her any reason to think you regret your decision. Even the strongest relationships go through the questioning phase and that’s when you’ll have to be ready.

What will your reaction be when your fight-or-flight instinct activates? I hope you’ll give everything in your power to save (or maintain) what you two have. Unless she’s trying to harm you.

So, what are the most common situations where you’ll have to take the lead and react? Let’s find out!

1. She wants you to prove your love

DONE! 5 Situations Where She'll Want You To Fight For Her

Let’s say you’re going long-distance for some time. Do you think you should fight for her then? You’re completely right. She’ll need you to prove your love to her and erase every doubt she may have.

She wants to know she’s the only one for you and that no other girl should be seen as a threat. Never take her for granted. Because, no matter how hard it may be for her, she’ll leave if she doesn’t feel loved. Every strong woman knows what she deserves in a relationship and won’t settle for less.

When she’s the one who’s worth everything, I hope you never stop fighting for her. Remind her every single day how much you care and don’t make it seem like an obligation. Try harder to explore those hidden corners of her soul and fall in love with her all over again.

Remember, she’ll never ask you to do anything for her if she genuinely cares about you, but her heart will melt because of those little things you do for her.

2. She’s trying to manipulate you

This one is the worst of them all. Some girls and women can be pretty mean and will try to prove a point. Even though I don’t know the actual reason behind it, they tend to make their men fight for them, just because they are manipulative.

If she’s giving you the silent treatment or pushing you away just to see how far you’ll go to please her, unfortunately, she may be one of them. She could also be testing you on simple things and end up with something major.

When you’re required to jump to help her every time she calls your name, that’s not love, honey – that’s clearly her trying to manipulate you. She may use this tactic for you to get everything she wants from you and she may tell you that’s how you’ll prove your love to her.

3. She’s tired of being the only one fighting

DONE! 5 Situations Where She'll Want You To Fight For Her

Is she the one fighting for this relationship all the time? She probably told you when things weren’t great and you didn’t listen. Or you just didn’t pay attention, which is kind of the same. Either way, she’s done.

She’s tired of being the only one to fight for something you’re not investing in. It seems like the relationship is a full-time job for her, while it’s not even a hobby of yours. Would you stay in such an environment if the roles were reversed? I think not.

4. Things got hard in your relationship

There will always be ups and downs, we’re all well aware of that. When conflicts arise, you have to be ready to communicate and compromise. Couples who nurture healthy relationships say that these moments of disagreement strengthen their relationship.

If you feel like your relationship may be a bit out of shape, there are a couple of ideas on how to fix it. But the key to everything is communication. If you both work on it, you can do it.

So, let’s say that you just had one of your arguments and everything looks like it’s going to hell. You have to bring it back together. In those moments of hardship, you have to love the hardest and be the best support system for each other.

If you know that you did something wrong, start off by apologizing. You’ll heal one step at a time, just be persistent if you know she’s worth it.

5. The moment you start distancing, fight the hardest

DONE! 5 Situations Where She'll Want You To Fight For Her

When you notice that she doesn’t care as much as usual and her eyes don’t glow like they used to when she sees you, you’ll know it. Sometimes, that may indicate the end to whatever you had, but in most cases, that’s when she’ll need you to fight the hardest.

Prove her that what she’s done so far is important to you too. If she’s distancing herself from you, and when she’s about to walk away, you have to stop her.

The woman you love has to know that you won’t give up on her that easily. She’s always had your back, and she’s been fighting. You won some of the hardest battles together.

So, if you feel for a second that the one who was always there for you is slowly distancing herself, you’ve got two options: either fight for her or watch her leave.

5 Situations Where She'll Want You To Fight For Her

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