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5 Signs You’ve Fallen For A Man Who’s Incapable Of Love

5 Signs You’ve Fallen For A Man Who’s Incapable Of Love

You met a guy and immediately, your whole world started to change. He made your heart skip a beat the first moment you saw him and since then, you’ve only been falling deeper.

Every time you’ve hung out, it felt like you’d actually found your missing puzzle piece. You were over the moon that you’d finally met the one you’d been searching for your whole life.

But at some point, you took off your rose-colored glasses. After that, nothing seemed the same anymore.

You realized that the guy you’ve been putting on a pedestal isn’t as perfect as you thought him to be. If anything, it feels like he’s completely incapable of love.

You’ve done your best to show him how much you appreciate the fact that he’s in your life but you don’t get much in return. To be honest, you don’t get anything back from him.

It feels like he doesn’t know how to love, even though saying these words out loud makes your eyes fill with tears.

I know that you don’t want to give up on him because deep down, you think that he’s an amazing person. But if you see any of the following signs then you should know that you’ve fallen for a man who’s incapable of love.

No matter the amount of effort you put into loving him, the chances are that you won’t get anything in return.

1. He always makes excuses

DONE! 5 Signs You've Fallen For A Man Who's Incapable Of Love

A man who’s incapable of love doesn’t see his mistakes. He truly believes that his actions are pure and innocent so he doesn’t think he has anything to apologize for.

Even if he hurts your feelings, he’ll find some kind of excuse to explain why he acted the way he did. He’ll either blame you or someone else.

But in the end, he’ll never be the one who made a mistake. This only shows that he’s not aware of what it means to be in a relationship with someone.

He doesn’t know what it means to truly love someone and to apologize for your mistakes. He’s probably never been in love.

That’s why he can’t figure out that you must accept the mistakes you’ve made and admit that you caused them. You should try to fix them instead of finding excuses for them.

This still doesn’t seem clear to him and that’s why he’s been showering you with lousy explanations instead of admitting to what he’s done wrong.

2. He doesn’t put in the effort to become a better boyfriend

DONE! 5 Signs You've Fallen For A Man Who's Incapable Of Love

When you point out to him what’s bothering you, he doesn’t do anything to change that. It feels like he doesn’t even understand that change and growth are natural parts of every relationship.

This goes to show that your guy is incapable of love, since he doesn’t realize that both partners are supposed to work on themselves in order for the relationship to thrive.

They must accept their faults and change for the better if they want to stay together. But this won’t ever be clear to a guy who’s emotionally blocked and who doesn’t know how to love someone the right way.

So, no matter how hard you try to explain to him what he’s supposed to do, he’ll always remain the same.

3. He doesn’t know how to communicate properly

DONE! 5 Signs You've Fallen For A Man Who's Incapable Of Love

Communication is one of the fundamental parts of every healthy relationship. It’s something that keeps you together and makes your connection stronger and better.

But a man who’s incapable of love won’t know how to communicate with you. He won’t share his feelings and he’ll never truly let you get to know the real him.

You’ll only be allowed to see the superficial version that every other person knows. With him, you’ll never achieve that connection couples share, since he’s incapable of it.

He may call you his girlfriend but it’s just a title he’ll give you since he thinks that he’s supposed to.

Other than that, you won’t ever feel like you’re actually his partner since he’ll never communicate properly with you, the way all other couples do.

4. He’s self-absorbed

DONE! 5 Signs You've Fallen For A Man Who's Incapable Of Love

A guy who’s incapable of love thinks only of himself. He doesn’t know how to empathize with you and he certainly doesn’t know how to comfort you when you need it the most.

You could be crying your heart out in front of him and he would still find a way to make the whole situation about himself.

He doesn’t know how to act in a relationship since he still has no idea how it feels to love someone truly and unconditionally, without any limitations.

He’s only ever loved himself in this way and that’s about it. This behavior will feel frustrating and you won’t have any idea how to change it.

Pointing it out to him won’t make any difference because it’s already obvious that he isn’t willing to work on his shortcomings. So, while you’ll hate his egotistic attitude, you still won’t be able to have an effect on him.

He’s too self-absorbed to admit that his behavior is wrong and that’s why you’ll never see him change.

5. He shuts down emotionally

DONE! 5 Signs You've Fallen For A Man Who's Incapable Of Love

When you need him the most, he won’t know how to open up to you. When you’re being vulnerable with him, sharing your deepest secrets, he’ll simply pull away.

A guy who’s incapable of love doesn’t know how to be emotionally involved in a relationship. He shuts down the moment someone tries to have an open conversation with him.

The more you fight to let yourself in, the harder he’ll pull away from you. This emotional withdrawal is a clear sign that he doesn’t know how it feels to be in love with someone.

He probably thinks that you’re beautiful and likes your personality but these two things won’t ever be enough to make him realize that he loves you.

He’s not capable of registering that, even when you’re doing your best to approach him in the right way and show him how much you actually care about him.

5 Signs You've Fallen For A Man Who's Incapable Of Love

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