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5 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

5 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

You have been through a painful breakup, followed by weeks or months of depression which you spent questioning yourself and your relationship. In the beginning, you would give anything for him to come back or just for him to call you or text you. But, none of it came. With the help of your closest friends, you can say you are finally recovered. You’ve started going out again, you’ve even started noticing other guys at last and you feel like your old self. But, your ex-seems to have radars for you and it’s as if he noticed that you are ready to move on. It looks like your ex wants you back.

And it’s like he would like to have you in his life again. But you are not sure of his intentions because he keeps sending mixed signals, so you are not certain if he had really realized you are the one or if he is just playing with you and just wants to prove both of you that he can have you back whenever he wants. Besides, you are not even sure if you are reading these signals right, does he want you back at all or is he just being too friendly? Here are five unquestionable signs that your ex wants you back in his life.

  1. He contacts you first

He avoided any form of contact in the beginning. But now, it’s like he is using every opportunity he can to call or text you. Suddenly, he has numerous reasons to call you, needs advice or favor from you, he needs to ask you something, he wants to apologize or he is just calling to see how you have been. The bottom line is that he is always the one starting the communication. And it can be a sign that your ex wants you back.

  1. He shows up in places where he could meet you

You keep running into your ex in places you never saw him before. It’s like your favorite coffee shop has suddenly become his number one place. You keep running into him near your building. He knows your habits and knows where he could meet you. But he probably doesn’t have the courage to talk to you directly, so he wants for you two to meet by accident, so he can initiate some kind of communication.

  1. He calls you when he is drunk

Every time he drinks, he remembers you. This is when he apologizes and makes promises. Although drunk people are the most sincere, ask yourself if you need this man in your life. When he sees you in person, he never has the courage to talk to you and tries to avoid you. It would be best for you not to pick up the phone when he calls you late at night because these drunk calls only keep you from moving on with your life.

  1. He keeps reminding you of your relationship

When he talks to you, he uses every opportunity to remind you of the good times you two had. He does this because he is afraid that your emotions are gone and he wants to wake them up. This can be a sign that he was thinking about your relationship and that he misses you. But, you should be aware that the two of you shouldn’t talk only about the good things. Your relationship obviously had some bad times, since it’s over. It’s important to talk about these things as well because those are the things that led to your break up and it’s crucial to resolving them if you two want a future together.

  1. He is angry when he sees you with someone else

Another sign that your ex-has some unresolved emotions towards you is his jealousy. You have finally moved on and you are ready to start dating again. But if your ex- boyfriend is overly interested in your dating life and relationship status, that may be a sign that he wants to get back together. Maybe he has realized he loved you once he has seen you with another guy. But, don’t run into conclusions and be careful. This can also be a sign that his fragile ego is just hurt. He may be a possessive narcissist who simply can’t stand seeing you with someone else. But it also can mean your ex wants you back in his life.

5 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

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