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5 Reasons Why Your Exes Keep Coming Back To You

5 Reasons Why Your Exes Keep Coming Back To You

Let me set the scene. You’re genuinely happy, you’ve found a new job and your new lover treats you better than you could ever imagine. Generally, your life is finally going in the right direction and you couldn’t be more content. Then, boom – your ex decides to show up out of nowhere!

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

How many times did he actually slide into your DMs after seeing your story update or call you for no obvious reason? Yup, that’s what I’m talking about.

It feels like exes know exactly when everything in your life is perfect, then show up just to spice it up a bit.

There are a couple of reasons your exes keep coming back to you and it may not be what you’re thinking about right now. Some things you do naturally may make him want you back. Hope you’re ready to accept the fact that it’s all your “fault” this time.

1. You’re the most understanding girl he’s ever known

DONE! 5 Reasons Why Your Exes Keep Coming Back To You

If you did little things to make him feel good and you validated his feelings, no wonder he wants to come back. Wouldn’t you like to be near someone who is understanding and acknowledges all your needs?

I know I would.

There is a high probability that he still cares about you and wants to feel as good as he used to feel back when you were dating, so that’s why he keeps coming back to you. He needs someone who’ll appreciate him for who he is and he knows you did the job perfectly.

2. You’re in love with life and it makes him love his life a bit more

Do little things matter to you? Do you get excited about the sky changing color, birds singing, or rain falling?

Some people easily “infect” others with their love for life, so maybe you’re the reason he loves his own a little more. You made him smile all the time and because of you, he started seeing the world differently.

Appreciating every moment, and seizing every second of the day is really important for a person to feel genuinely happy. I assume you showed him how priceless is to feel and be present.

I’m sure he wants to experience that splendid pleasure again.

3. You were always there when he needed someone

DONE! 5 Reasons Why Your Exes Keep Coming Back To You

Were you friends before you two started dating? If you were his biggest cheerleader before and during your relationship, it’s obvious why he wants you back. We all need support in our lives, especially during tough moments.

Another storm has now entered his life and he’s not sure how to handle it. Maybe he’s crawling back to you because his escape plan turned out to be just another failure. Now he needs a shoulder to cry on, and guess who’s the first person he remembers?

Of course, the one who always had his back. The one who he felt entirely safe with.

4. You’re working on yourself

Did you start going to the gym, take up a new hobby, or pick up the guitar again? Maybe you started wearing dresses or just slightly changed your haircut.

Rest assured that he’s going to notice all the changes, even those that seem insignificant to you. If you’re improving yourself, either mentally or physically, he’ll be aware of it and he’ll want you back because of it. Men always crave independent women.

He probably can’t stand the fact that you’re better off without him. But I like to believe that, by choosing yourself, you’ll remind him of who he fell in love with, in the first place.

5. He realized he made a huge mistake by letting you go

DONE! 5 Reasons Why Your Exes Keep Coming Back To You

Okay, we’re not going to delve into who broke up with who. The point is, he regrets things ending with you.

Usually, people realize what they had only once they lose it. So he may have figured out what a gem you are and that he traded you for nothing.

Perhaps he’s listening to his friends talking highly of you all the time and he kind of realized your worth. But sorry for him, it’s a bit too late now.

If your ex slides into your DMs, he probably wants to see if you still care about him. When you give him even a little bit of your attention, he’ll probably convince himself that no matter what happens, you still care about him.

Are you ready for his comeback? If you still have feelings for him, and you’d like to see if it may actually work out this time, go ahead. But be careful.

He’ll easily move on. The same can’t be said for you, though, right? It’s not going to be a piece of cake for you, because moving on is so much more than merely falling out of love.

We’re both familiar with guys trying to win their girl back once she’s moved on, but maybe, just maybe, he genuinely cares and wants you back in his life. He may show you how he’s changed and you may also notice that something is different.

Just be careful. He played you once, so what’s stopping him from doing the same a second time around? Before jumping to any conclusions, make sure that his intentions are clear and think thoroughly about what it is that you truly want to do.

5 Reasons Why Your Exes Keep Coming Back To You

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