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5 Obvious Signs You’d Be Happier Without Him In Your Life

5 Obvious Signs You’d Be Happier Without Him In Your Life

Love doesn’t always make us happy. Being with someone doesn’t always mean that we’ll stay with them forever.

Sometimes, we’d even be better off without that person.

Your gut is telling you that something is off. Your friends keep asking you if everything is alright and you don’t really know what to make of it.

You want to tell them that it is, but somehow it feels wrong to say that.

There’s no way you would admit to yourself that you’d be happier without him, but something feels out of whack.

Something keeps telling you that love shouldn’t feel this anxious.

You always thought that love would feel at least a little different from what you’re experiencing.

So here are a few obvious signs that you’d be happier without him in your life, even if you don’t want to admit it.

1. You aren’t excited to spend time with him

DONE! 5 Obvious Signs You'd Be Happier Without Him In Your Life

You do want to be around him, but you aren’t as excited as you used to be.

Whenever you plan to meet for coffee or to go over to his place, you kind of dread the experience.

Of course, you love your boyfriend – very much so. But something feels off when you’re together.

You’d much rather spend time by yourself, in your own apartment, reading a book or baking bread, than go out with him.

There might even be days when you convince yourself that it’s normal to feel like this.

You’ve been together for a while now and surely you can’t always be happy to see him.

Do you really believe that? Do you really believe that if you met the love of your life, you’d dread seeing him?

It’s just a sign that you’d be happier without him because you’d much rather spend time alone than with him.

2. He slows you down

DONE! 5 Obvious Signs You'd Be Happier Without Him In Your Life

Too many times have we witnessed couples giving up everything for one another and that slowed down the process of their own success.

You want to explore the world, you want to travel, but he thinks that it’s just a waste of money.

You want to go take classes on something you’re passionate about, but he says that you’re wasting your time.

There was even a conversation about how you might get a promotion at work, but he asked you to not take it because he wouldn’t feel like a man if you earned more than him.

These things are so messed up, but in order to stay with him, you agreed to his terms. Yes, it did feel wrong, but you still complied.

That’s also what led to your realization that he’s slowing you down. You want to do so much more with your life, but he’s constantly nagging you.

Who knows where you’d have been by now if you didn’t have him as a burden?

This is just another obvious sign that you’d be happier without him in your life.

3. You always have to defend him in front of your friends

DONE! 5 Obvious Signs You'd Be Happier Without Him In Your Life

He probably did something to make your friends doubt his true intentions with you.

Or he was extremely rude and disrespectful to them.

Either way, you always have to excuse his behavior in front of your friends and loved ones.

How many times has one of your friends come up to you and told you that you don’t seem like yourself since you’ve been with him?

How many times have you told them something that happened in your relationship just for them to tell you to leave him?

You had to make up so many excuses for him that you didn’t even know it was possible for you to do that.

You are usually a quite rational person, but something about him makes you want to protect him.

Somewhere, deep down, you know that what he’s doing in your relationship isn’t right.

A man shouldn’t act like that, but you always protect him because you’re scared to lose him.

Imagine for a second if you were free of him.

No more excuses, no more guilt for lying to your friends, nothing. You’d be happier without him in your life, right?

4. You argue all the time

DONE! 5 Obvious Signs You'd Be Happier Without Him In Your Life

Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter whose fault it is. You two just go straight for a fight whenever something isn’t right.

You argue so much that you’ve forgotten how to cherish those little peaceful moments, because you know they’ll be followed by an argument soon enough.

Little things set you off.

Especially, the fact that he refuses to listen to you when you ask him for something.

You confront him about an issue in your relationship and he doesn’t seem to get your point of view.

How many times have you had to fight with him over the same, exact problem?

Admit it, one too many.

Your arguments always leave you on edge and you can’t seem to shake yourself from it. That’s because you’d be happier without him in your life.

You deserve someone who makes you happy – someone who listens to you and doesn’t argue with you for stupid reasons.

Even if you don’t find someone else, you’re better off on your own, completely single, than with a man like that.

5. You avoid thinking about your future together

DONE! 5 Obvious Signs You'd Be Happier Without Him In Your Life

Thinking about your future together only makes you feel miserable.

To be honest, there’s nothing wrong in your relationship per se, but it also doesn’t feel right.

You avoid thinking about the future with this man because a future without him seems much more pleasurable.

You would never admit that, of course not. But that gut feeling of yours is never wrong.

Your stomach churns at the idea that you’ll be spending the rest of your life with this man. And there’s nothing that shakes that feeling.

You’re just waiting to see where things are going and you really do believe that they will change.

“It just takes some time.” I’m curious to see how long you’re going to keep that attitude.

You’d be happier without him and you know it just as much as I do. Especially once you recognize these obvious signs.

5 Obvious Signs You'd Be Happier Without Him In Your Life

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