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5 Games You Should Never Play If You Want To Find The Right Guy For You

5 Games You Should Never Play If You Want To Find The Right Guy For You

You’ve been probably spending a decent amount of time trying to figure out what is it that guys actually want from women. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’ve managed to discover that you shouldn’t always be available and that you should play some games from time to time.

Well, the first one is true, but the latter one is not. When you’re playing games with a guy whose heart you want to win over, you’ll only succeed in making him leave. If he’s the right one, you’ll blow your chance with him by pretending to be someone you’re not.

Don’t lead him up the garden path, since you wouldn’t like him doing the same to you. Be honest, play fair, and use different ways to make him obsessed with you. I’m sure you have so much to offer, so use your assets wisely.

Therefore, next time you decide that you want to make him chase you, avoid playing these five games with him. You can thank me later.

1. Hot and cold

DONE! 5 Games You Should Never Play If You Want To Find The Right Guy For You

One moment you’re super excited about everything he’s saying and the next, you’re not even paying attention to him. Some days you crave his presence, others you avoid him on the street. C’mon, how would you feel if he had to do that?

Stop playing the dating game of hot and cold with the guy you want to seduce. Your behavior will only frustrate him and he’ll take himself out of the equation. He’ll be confused and done with you.

If you have trust issues, address them and be open about your expectations with him. That way, he may stay.

2. The desperate card

Are you constantly whining and venting about anything and everything? Are you being a drama queen and desperate at the same time? Just stop it. Not a single mature man will want to stay next to you. You won’t trigger his hero instinct this way.

Yes, men want to protect you and be there for you, but they cannot stand clingy and needy girls running behind them. Know your worth and don’t settle for less.

He’ll appreciate you more and show you the respect you deserve. After all, confident women shine the brightest, right?

3. Stonewalling

DONE! 5 Games You Should Never Play If You Want To Find The Right Guy For You

When conflicts arise, don’t shy away. Confront him. Don’t give him cold shoulder, don’t stonewall him. Communication is one of the main pillars of any healthy relationship, including the romantic type. Don’t pretend like he’s not in the room, that will only hurt his feelings. A lot.

Also, don’t opt for the silent treatment or follow any of those passive-aggressive patterns you’re used to doing. Talk with him and get to the root of the problem. Staying quiet will help neither you nor him and it sure won’t help maintain your relationship.

4. Make him feel like he’s your backup plan

Did you purposely forget to answer his message earlier today and now he saw you out with another guy? Don’t make him feel like he’s a backup plan, because I’m sure he won’t like it. I understand that some men did that to you, but that’s not any reason to hurt this poor guy.

You want something serious with him, because finally (!) a man worth your attention showed up. There are plenty of ways to make him obsessed with you, but treating him as an option is definitely not one of them.

Show up for him, be kind, and stay true to yourself – these will help you to sweep him off of his feet!

5. Pretend you’re hard to get

DONE! 5 Games You Should Never Play If You Want To Find The Right Guy For You

Okay, okay, you want him to chase you. I get it. In some weird way that I honestly don’t quite understand, he’s going to prove his love for you if he doesn’t give up easily. But don’t you think he may get tired? I mean, how long did it take you before you gave up chasing that idiot who broke your heart?

A little chase is welcomed, but don’t act like you’re out of his league if you really want to hold his hand and call him yours. Don’t flirt with him, then disappear because he may think you’re giving him false hope. He won’t stay too long where he’s not valued, I’m sure of it.

Final tip…

The next time you decide to seduce a guy you like, don’t play games with him. Approach him, and show genuine interest in who he is and what he does. Ask him some personal questions, flirt a little with him, and make sure he knows you want something more. Exchange phone numbers and start from there.

If you play games with him, that will only help him realize that you’re not serious about a possible relationship. He may stay for a while, but he probably won’t be respectful. He may even try to beat you at the game you started. And playing with the devil is truly dangerous.

The unfortunate thing is, you’ll be the one who gets out hurt. You had real intentions of starting something serious, yet he played you and broke your heart. I hope you’re aware of all the seductive traits you have and that these games are absolutely unnecessary.

So, be your wonderful self, smile, and enjoy every moment of your day. Be real, be grateful, and don’t try too hard to win a guy over. The right one will come when you least expect it, and everything will happen effortlessly.

5 Games You Should Never Play If You Want To Find The Right Guy For You

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