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5 Effective Tips On How To Become A Womanizer’s Biggest Weakness

5 Effective Tips On How To Become A Womanizer’s Biggest Weakness

You saw this guy the other night in a local pub and he grabbed your attention. He was a real gentleman – he held the door open for you and even offered to take your coat. Such manners!

Later that night, he sent drinks over to you and your friend – is he trying to win you over?

After a couple of days of texting with him, you agree to go out on a date. And it couldn’t have been better! He complimented you the entire time and carefully listened to every word you said. Is this a fairy tale? He seems too good to be true!

And yet there it is, the first red flag you admitted seeing. Whenever you think of someone so highly and it seems like there’s nothing bad about that person, there usually is.

I don’t want to sound like a pessimist (because I’m not), but if I catch myself thinking this way of a man, the question that pops into my mind is “What’s wrong with him?

I mean, he seems perfect, he has manners, and he’s super handsome. So what’s the catch? Why is he still single? There are two possible answers: He actually really is that nice guy that everyone friend-zones, or he’s a womanizer.

The latter is usually the case for me. That’s until I met the guy who belongs to the first group and chose to stay, but we’re not here to talk about that type of man right now.

Womanizers usually have low self-esteem and that’s why they try to seduce every girl in their surroundings. They simply want to know they can. So, if you notice that he’s constantly flirting with beautiful girls, be careful.

They are not the type of men who’ll stay committed to one girl only. He’ll want to explore his possibilities and get the best out of his single life. However, if you want to win him over, here are a couple of tips on how to become a womanizer’s biggest weakness.

1. Make him feel good about himself

DONE! 5 Effective Tips On How To Become A Womanizer's Biggest Weakness

Contrary to popular belief, womanizers have feelings; they just have problems expressing them. It’s not a secret that they may go around and break some hearts. What is also true is that they are not so confident – they just fake it until they make it.

So, if you want to be his biggest weakness, make him feel good about himself. Compliment him about his appearance, laugh at his jokes, and notice his looks. Praise his personality, but make sure you don’t overdo it, otherwise he may think what you’re saying isn’t genuine.

2. Show him that he can trust you

We all need someone who’ll listen, especially when we need to vent. Be there for him and simply show him that he can trust you. Pay attention to the little details he’s mentioning, and ask him about his day. Make him feel like he’s valued.

Create a deeper connection with him, so he knows that he can count on you when times are tough. This doesn’t guarantee that he’ll be yours and won’t play games, but at least he’ll become addicted to you. He’ll crave your company and your attention.

3. Play his game and win

DONE! 5 Effective Tips On How To Become A Womanizer's Biggest Weakness

Challenge the devil in his game and burn hell down. Might sound a tad dramatic, but there’s truth to this.

If you want to grab his attention, challenge him in his own game. He’ll enjoy going back and forth with you and not even realize it when you become the master. I guarantee you it will be intriguing to him that a woman can behave this way.

Don’t ask for anything serious, prepare witty feedback, and text him from time to time just so he doesn’t forget you. When he starts showing some signs of attraction, simply disappear. Then have fun while doing it all over again!

4. Don’t make him a priority

If the guy you like is a womanizer, don’t make him a priority. Of course, go out with him from time to time, but never trade your needs and obligations for him.

When you’re available every time he calls or texts you, he’ll just continue playing his game. Every accepted offer from your side is his ego boost, so if you really want to win him over, don’t pay too much attention to him.

Put yourself in first place and if you feel like listening to all those stories about how you’re special and unique, go out with him and let him feed your ego a bit. He’ll surely compliment you like no other guy will, but not for the right reasons.

5. Be unique

DONE! 5 Effective Tips On How To Become A Womanizer's Biggest Weakness

In order to win any guy’s heart, you have to be your confident self. When a girl knows her worth and at the same time has witty comebacks and a great sense of humor, she can choose who she wants to date. And womanizers are no exception.

You’ll grab his attention if you’re different from those girls he’s used to dating. I’m not saying you should go to extremes and color your hair green, just because no other girl you’ve seen with him had green hair.

Rather, have a memorable attitude, don’t fall for his games, and be busy. Knowing your worth and having standards is something every man wants from his woman. Show him that you’re not only the type of girl he can show off but one who has it all.

Disclaimer: People change, but only those who want to. So be aware that the chances of convincing a womanizer to change for you are slim, but you that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

5 Effective Tips On How To Become A Womanizer's Biggest Weakness

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