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5 Dating Behaviors That Reveal He’s Just A Player

5 Dating Behaviors That Reveal He’s Just A Player

Dating can be hard. You’re just meeting each other and you can’t really be sure if your guy has serious intentions with you.

What if you fall for him and he proves to be a player? What if he leads you on and then disappears from your life completely?

It’s hard to know what he actually wants from you as the world is filled with people who know how to manipulate you into trusting them.

But still, there’s a way you can easily see through his actions despite not knowing him well yet. There are certain dating behaviors that can help you find out if he’s a player or not.

Even though he’ll keep on pretending that he’s a nice guy who’s worth your time, he still won’t be able to hide his patterns of behavior. And these are precisely what you can use to find out what he truly wants from you.

1. He keeps hiding his phone from you

DONE! 5 Dating Behaviors That Reveal He's Just A Player

Every time you’re spending time together, he hides his phone from you. He leaves it “accidentally” in the car or “forgets” it in another room.

If he, by any chance, has it close to you, he makes sure to have it facing downwards so you don’t see his screen.

This shouldn’t be a big deal and you’d think at first that he’s simply wanting to spend his time with you, without any disturbances.

But you know that his phone is usually always in his hands. He can’t live without it and there’s no way that he would accidentally leave it in his car or forget it at home.

Especially because every time you ask him to lend you his phone to Google something or call someone because your battery died, he does it with such terror on his face that it has to leave you wondering.

Chances are your guy is a player and you’re not the only girl in his life.

I’m not saying that he should give you his passwords or let you check through his messages, but it’s obvious that this behavior is sketchy and it makes you wonder what’s going on.

2. You don’t hang out in public. EVER.

DONE! 5 Dating Behaviors That Reveal He's Just A Player

Private dates at home where the two of you are snacking on popcorn and watching a good movie are best. No one would disagree.

But if your man refuses to go out with you in public and always insists on having dates at home, then something must be off. Your red alarm is flashing and you know that his behavior is shady.

You’ve been going out for some time and you want him to take you on a real date. You want to be able to hold his hand in public, but it doesn’t seem that he wants the same thing.

It’s highly likely that he’s already seeing another girl, or even more than one, and that’s why he’s keeping your relationship secret.

He keeps giving you excuses that he doesn’t like it when everyone knows about his relationship as it spoils the intimacy of it. But it could be that he simply doesn’t want his other girls to know about you.

That way, he would lose all of you and he’s simply not ready to go through that.

3. He keeps dodging your questions

DONE! 5 Dating Behaviors That Reveal He's Just A Player

At first, you thought it sweet. Every time you’d text and ask him what he was doing, he gave you a cheesy reply, “I’m thinking about you, babe.”

But now you realize that he’s doing that with every simple question you ask him.

You ask him where he’s at because you want to know if he could pick you up, and he disappears completely of the radar. He replies after few hours saying that his battery died.

You ask him who’s he with because you want to drop by and he keeps your message on “read” with an excuse that he forgot to reply.

It would be fine if it happened once. But his inability to give you answers to your questions has become a regular thing.

It could be that he’s just a player who keeps seeing other girls while you think that you’re the only woman in his life.

His behavior is suspicious, there’s no doubt about it. So, you better sit down with him and confront him about it.

He either tells you the truth or he never sees you again.

4. He still keeps dating apps on his phone

DONE! 5 Dating Behaviors That Reveal He's Just A Player

Once you find a person you like, everyone else becomes insignificant. The need to scroll through dating apps and chat to other potential dates evaporates from your mind.

At least that’s how things are supposed to be.

But your guy is doing exactly the opposite.

Instead of deleting his dating apps and focusing on your relationship, he keeps treasuring them like his life will end the moment he uninstalls them from his phone.

Every time you ask him why he hasn’t cleared his phone of all those apps, he tells you that he doesn’t use them and they just sit there, out of habit.

“I’ll delete them today,” is a sentence you’ve heard many times. But that day still hasn’t come.

It looks like he’s still using those apps to meet other girls and he has no intention of stopping.

Maybe he doesn’t really like you the way he says he does. He’s just playing with you and will disappear from your life when he gets bored.

5. He disappears all of a sudden

DONE! 5 Dating Behaviors That Reveal He's Just A Player

Players love to have many girls in their lives. They can’t allow themselves to focus on one relationship at a time.

But dating several people at once requires a lot of time. And your guy has a habit of disappearing from your life completely, only to come back days or weeks later.

He always gives you the excuse that he’s been busy, but have you ever thought that he actually spent that time hanging out with other girls?

Maybe he found a better option and decided to spend some time with her. He knows that you’ll be waiting for him and that he has nothing to worry about.

A couple of sweet words and he’ll have you back. You won’t even suspect a thing.

If your guy does any of these things, you’re looking at a player who’ll keep leading you on. Once he gets bored, he’ll move on after you as if you didn’t mean anything to him.

So, if you notice that he’s been acting sketchy, try to have a talk with him. And if he doesn’t come to the party, maybe it’s better that you go your separate ways than you ending up hurt.

5 Dating Behaviors That Reveal He's Just A Player

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