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5 Characteristics That Are Common For All Narcissists

5 Characteristics That Are Common For All Narcissists

I’m certain that you’ve had your fair share of narcissists in life. And I know that they’ve hurt you a lot.

But what if I told you that there are certain traits that all narcissists have in common that can help you avoid them?

By recognizing them, you’ll be able to steer clear of those narcissistic bad boys who made your life a living hell.

Sometimes, it’s easier to turn the other cheek and forgive a guy to save yourself from experiencing heartbreak, but unfortunately, that’s not how things pan out most of the time.

Nowadays, it seems as if there is a narcissist on every corner waiting to turn your life upside down and force you to lose faith in yourself.

Narcissists use various techniques and ways to cripple your self-esteem and pull you into their web of lies and manipulation. And they do it with such ease that it’s hard to recognize you’ve been deceived.

It’s difficult to recognize a narcissist from the very beginning. They usually wear a mask and hide their true self until they know they have you in their palm of their hands. Once that’s done, they show their real face and you wonder how you could be so naïve to fall for such a guy.

But I’m here to help you recognize some of the traits that all narcissists have in common, so next time you’re able to easily dodge a guy who’s trying to manipulate you.

1. They’re always exaggerating

DONE! 5 Characteristics That Are Common For All Narcissists

For them, the most important thing is to always be better than anyone else.

Just in case that doesn’t work the first time, they will exaggerate things so that appears as though they’re right and you’re wrong.

They will make up stories in which they’re the heroes who saved the day and you’re just a villain.

They are masters of deception and manipulation, and they’ll quickly turn any situation in their favor.

They’ll intrigue you to the point when your only choice is to believe it’s true when, in reality, it’s far from it.

They have the constant urge to feed their ego and boost it, so their sense of self is always on high.

They’ll inflate and embellish things just to keep the show going.

2. They don’t care how you feel and if you’re hurt

DONE! 5 Characteristics That Are Common For All Narcissists

A narcissist’s goal is to deceive and manipulate others. They don’t care how you’ll feel and if their actions will hurt you.

Knowing that the other person suffers brings them joy and satisfaction.

Mostly, they will try to hide their emotions from you through various techniques, but they rarely succeed in the long-term.

The worst thing is that they enjoy bringing you pain and suffering.

Their actions and words will feel as if someone stabbed you in the heart, and they couldn’t care less.

They feed off of it. The more they hurt you and see that you’re in a bad place, the happier they are with themselves.

As I previously mentioned, they will make up stories to fit their purpose and that is to damage your mental health and knock your self-esteem.

I know that it sickens you to think that those kinds of people exist, but if you want to avoid them, you have to know their most common traits.

3. They’ll never say sorry for what they’ve done

DONE! 5 Characteristics That Are Common For All Narcissists

This is an area in which they excel.

Their ultimate goal is to make you feel miserable so you question your worth, and no matter what they say or do to you, they’ll never say that they’re sorry for it.

They truly believe that what they’re doing is right and that you’re wrong.

That’s because their ego is off the charts and they think they’re better than everyone else around them.

Despite what they do to others and how cruel they are to you, they will never admit to doing wrong.

They’ll never apologize or show any signs of regret for how they made you feel because they don’t believe in apologies.

The only time you’ll hear them say “sorry” is when they want to put on a show for you. And then it’ll be the fakest apology you’ve ever seen.

And the saddest thing about it is that they won’t even try to convince you to believe they’re sorry. You’ll know that their apology wasn’t sincere.

4. They secretly manipulate you

DONE! 5 Characteristics That Are Common For All Narcissists

Once they’ve got you hooked, they secretly control everything that you do.

They’re dangerously manipulative human beings and you can’t do anything without running it by them first.

They’ll say that what you do is wrong and they’ll guilt-trip you into doing it their way – because it’s their way or the highway.

You won’t even dare make plans with a family member without getting their okay first.

And the next thing you know, you’ll find yourself asking them for permission for the most basic things like going to the grocery shop or the gym.

You’ll feel controlled and manipulated by them and if you try to resist it, they’ll play the manipulation card to pull you in again.

It’s like they’re the ones pulling all the strings and you’re just a puppet. They’ll draw you into their world and all that you’ll see is darkness.

5. They’ll downplay you

DONE! 5 Characteristics That Are Common For All Narcissists

Since you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, you’ll feel bad about yourself all the time.

That’s because they’ll devalue you and try to make you feel worthless.

No matter how hard you try to please them, you won’t be able to do it, because your actions and words mean nothing to them.

Narcissists won’t admit that you’re right, ever!

If they’d give you the slightest chance to feel good about yourself, then you’d realize just how awful they are and run away from them.

But they need to keep you around. That’s why they’ll belittle you in every way they can.

5 Characteristics That Are Common For All Narcissists

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