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4 Ways On How To Know If He’s An Alpha Male Or Simply A Predator

4 Ways On How To Know If He’s An Alpha Male Or Simply A Predator

The concept of an alpha male rules the animal world. The strongest, loudest, and dominant ones can be noticed in the biggest crowd.

In the human world, these are the people who stand out with their unique characteristics.

It goes without saying that these men are attractive. There’s something about power that radiates off of them that can send chills down your spine, in a good way.

Women are usually attracted to alpha males because they sense they can protect them. Being more sensitive as we are, it’s only natural to seek someone who’s able to guard you.

The leadership skills of an alpha male can blow your mind. Everyone looks up to them for guidance. Their main goal is to protect their loved ones and lead the way.

Women look for these characteristics in a man, especially when they plan a family. If they find an alpha male, it gives them a sense of security and eases some of their worries regarding their and their children’s safety.

DONE! 4 Ways On How To Know If He's An Alpha Male Or Simply A Predator

However, not all men are what they pretend to be. Unfortunately, you can come across a person that has the confidence of an alpha male.

While you’re star-struck by his bold persona in the beginning; you eventually come to realize that he’s a predator in disguise.

Your joy will be short-lived when you find out that it’s a facade a predator puts up. This picture-perfect person has masked his real traits of someone who aims to hurt you.

It can take you a lot of time to figure him out and a lot of courage to face him and finally reveal his true self. The words will slip past your tongue in a heartbeat, “You’re not an alpha male, you’re just a predator!”

What’s the difference between an alpha male and a predator?

Although it can be hard to differentiate between these two, predators reveal themselves in the end. You won’t have to launch an investigation because the truth will eventually unravel itself.

There’s a huge difference between being who you are and pretending to be something you aren’t. The fake image will go to rack and ruin; that’s when a predator will be out of your life with their tail tucked under.

Choosing the right partner is important, especially if you have bigger plans for the future. You wouldn’t want this con artist crawling under your skin while faking the alpha role.

1. Natural vs. forced skills

DONE! 4 Ways On How To Know If He's An Alpha Male Or Simply A Predator

If a man was born an alpha, no one can take that away from him. He has instilled fearlessness and strength to overcome hardships.

People aren’t really keen on forgiving a lot, so they won’t look up to someone who keeps repeating the same mistakes.

They’ll know when someone’s up to the task and they’ll do everything they can to maintain that person as their leader. Natural skills are what give an alpha male away.

He doesn’t need to seek others’ opinions, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t value them. An alpha male will always stick out in the crowd and his voice will be heard at a great distance.

On the other hand, a predator is a person who pretends to possess these crucial skills. They’ll eventually get stuck in their web of lies and fail to accomplish things.

It may take some time, but people know when they’re being fooled. Eventually, a predator will get tired of the responsibilities and give up on his own.

Women will know when something’s off, thanks to their strong intuition. Perhaps they won’t trust it in the beginning, but things will eventually come up to the surface.

Females will gradually become less and less attracted to a predator. Over time, they’ll notice that these traits are forced. Unlike predators, they won’t be able to keep their eyes off an alpha male.

2. Challenge vs. competition

DONE! 4 Ways On How To Know If He's An Alpha Male Or Simply A Predator

When you don’t have the need to show off your skills and powers, you become at ease. No one and nothing can impact your opinion of yourself.

This is especially true for alpha males. They simply know their worth and won’t let anyone drag them down or make them feel bad about themselves.

However, they like a good challenge and are not afraid to accept it. When you have faith in yourself, you feel like you can move mountains.

A bit of a challenge won’t make an alpha male take a step back. If he’s a real one, he’ll be eager to learn and improve, whether the outcome is success or failure.

On the contrary, a predator considers everything to be a competition. He’s full of insecurities because it’s not who he really is, he’s just pretending to be an alpha.

Because he’s acting, he’ll be insulted by most harmless things. Moreover, a predator can get their ego bruised up by anyone and anything.

Their lack of self-confidence will make them compete with others all the time. He knows he’s inferior to others, but he won’t let that show.

But once the realization of defeat hits them, that’s where we see their true color. An alpha male will be affected by it but will come out even stronger and wiser than before.

As for the predator, I’m not so sure. It’s more likely that they won’t be able to deal with the humiliation defeat carries. These small losses can mark the end of their little masquerade.

3. Taking responsibility vs. backing out

DONE! 4 Ways On How To Know If He's An Alpha Male Or Simply A Predator

So far, we’ve concluded that alpha males are responsible and strong-headed people. They won’t let anything slip under their watch.

Integrity is one of the qualities that makes them what they are – leaders. An alpha male will never ever blame someone else for their wrongdoings.

Instead of mocking someone for their failure, they’ll lend a helping hand. In others’ eyes, they appreciate them even more and people become drawn to this quality.

Women don’t like when someone doesn’t know how to take the blame. So, when they meet a man who has no problem admitting something as his fault, he makes a perfect choice for them.

As for predators, you can be sure that they’ll never do that. Instead, they’ll slowly back out of any trouble they may cause. Their fake confidence isn’t enough to endure reality.

A predator fears being judged, so he’ll be gone before you can point the finger at them. This is one of the many distinctions between an alpha male and a predator.

4. Enduring vs. breaking under the pressure

DONE! 4 Ways On How To Know If He's An Alpha Male Or Simply A Predator

When an alpha male is met with some form of resistance or a series of problems, he won’t break under the pressure.

He’s built that way; to endure all of the hardships that may come his way. Most of all, he doesn’t let others see his vulnerability.

Not because he doesn’t want people to think he’s weak, no. He’ll hide his struggles to keep others from worrying about him because worrying is his job.

An alpha male will call for help only if he needs to, as to not disturb the general peace. He’ll try and work hard with all his might to keep things under control and maintain harmony.

If a predator is met with some type of turbulence in his life, he’ll be out of his mind. A predator isn’t used to things not going his way.

This will shake his world up and give a closer image of who he really is to the people surrounding him. It’s the tough times that discover people’s true faces, after all.

If something goes not according to plan or someone doesn’t play by his rules, he’s going to wreak havoc. This way, his wicked game and exploitation of others would be at risk.

If a woman notices that a man can deal with unexpected events on his own or with her help, she’ll fight to keep him. When she sees that he’s not capable of holding his horses and resolving the issue, oh well.

4 Ways On How To Know If He's An Alpha Male Or Simply A Predator

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