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4 Proven Tips To Keep Yourself From Texting Him

4 Proven Tips To Keep Yourself From Texting Him

Text messages have become one of the main ways of communicating. They’re especially amazing because it’s easier to say something over a simple text. No facial expressions, no awkwardness, and you can’t get talked all over!

This all contributes to the casualness of texting. However, this can also come back to bite you in the face if you’re dealing with a breakup or you’re simply not getting an answer from your boyfriend.

You might become too reliant on these texts and before you know it, you’ll find yourself in a desperate state.

As much as text messages give you freedom, they can also be your worst enemy. You just can’t grasp the fact that you’re not receiving a response from him so you keep messaging him over and over again. It’s especially hard to resist the urge if you’re going through a breakup but you still didn’t get closure.

You’re fuming because all you want is for him to respond. This isn’t happening and you realize how crazy you must look. Now, we don’t want that happening so it’s important you gather yourself and stop texting him RIGHT NOW.

But, some things are easier said than done and only people who’ve found themselves in similar situations can understand. You know you have to stop, but you don’t know how. Don’t worry, I got you, girl!

I’ve been through this so I might as well share some advice from my personal experience. It may look impossible at first, but trust me – it works! Here are some tips and tricks on how you can keep your mind busy and your fingers at bay!

1. Spend some time outdoors

 4 Tips To Keep Yourself From Texting Him

What better way to clear your mind than packing your stuff and heading out! You can go for a run around the neighborhood and try to release all that pent-up anger you’re feeling inside. After a nice jog, you’ll be too tired to even think about texting him.

If you’re not a runner, that’s fine. Grab some snacks, organize a hike, or go to the nearest pond and just have a nice picnic all by yourself. It’s in these moments that you need to support and care for yourself the most.

It’s been scientifically proven that green and blue colors affect us positively and have an overall calming effect. This is a great tactic to bring some tranquility into your life. A nearby forest or a river can help bring you some peacefulness and fasten the process of composing yourself.

It would be ideal if the place you’re going to doesn’t have service so you won’t be able to reach out to him if the moment of weakness washes over you again. Bring your dog along (if you have one) and they’ll keep you busy and unable to pay attention to your phone.

Water also has soothing effects, so if you’re a swimmer, go for it! A town pool or a clear lake is all you’ll need to achieve that serenity. After a nice swim that’s going to tire you out, you can just float around and relax some more.

2. Start a hobby

4 Tips To Keep Yourself From Texting Him

You can never have enough hobbies! They’re fun because you’re not obliged to do them, and this makes you crave one even more. If you had something on your mind but never had the time to pursue it, now is the perfect chance.

The timing is great because you’ll fulfill your wish and you won’t have the time to keep texting him. This helps a great deal when you’re trying to not message him when he’s already over you.

It can be something small like collecting certain objects or going to a painting class. Art is an amazing way of expressing your emotions, so it could help you big time. You won’t be thinking of him and you’ll get to meet new people.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get to link up with someone new who will make you forget everything about your ex. That way, the only person you’re going to be texting is the new guy. (Wink, wink)

3. Hit up your friends

4 Tips To Keep Yourself From Texting Him

You know how they say – sisters before misters! If you have a close group of reliable friends or just one, trustworthy best friend, you should be thankful. True friends are a rarity nowadays, especially those who are there for you in the tough times.

At this point, it would be best to occupy yourself by hanging out with your gals. Invite them out and let the games begin!

That way, you’re guaranteed to have fun AND they will try to keep you from texting him. After all, it’s nice to have someone be there for you when you find yourself struggling. A bit of support is all you need, and I’m sure you’ll be able to pull yourself through this.

4. The boss level: delete button

4 Tips To Keep Yourself From Texting Him

This may be the hardest part, but it’s the only true way to keep yourself stop texting him. You may not like this trick at first, but I believe it’s necessary. When I finally did this, I felt all the weight fall off my shoulders.

It felt like a burden that I was carrying around wherever I’d go. It affected me, my close friends, and my family. When I ultimately mustered up the courage, I deleted him from my life. You should do the same and do it ASAP!

Delete his phone number, remove him from your social media, and just try to distance yourself from him in every way. If you’re still clinging to his belongings or have stuff that you’ve bought together, now is the time to get rid of them.

Cutting him out from your life entirely means you don’t have any possibility of reaching out to him ever again. The best way to stop texting him is if you disable the ways to communicate with him.

Mutual friends can be troublesome as well, especially if they’re close to him. I’m not saying you should break up your friendships, but ask them to not bring him along when they’re meeting up with you.

All of these steps are crucial in helping you to stay true to yourself. Texting him will only bring you trouble and you’ll feel remorse afterward. Sometimes, leaving hurts less than holding on.

4 Proven Tips To Keep Yourself From Texting Him

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