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4 Tips To Help You Recover From Narcissistic Abuse

4 Tips To Help You Recover From Narcissistic Abuse

Being in a relationship where you’re subject to narcissistic abuse is one of the scariest things to experience in life. However, finding the courage to walk away from your partner and finally give yourself the life you deserve can sometimes feel even harder.

It takes you every ounce of energy to break the ties completely and safely get yourself out of a relationship that only harms you.

But no one warns you that this won’t be the last thing that’s tough to do. They don’t tell you that recovering from narcissistic abuse can also feel like one of the hardest things to have to go through.

But if you’ve come this far and if you mustered the courage to escape from the claws of a narcissist, then don’t for a second think about giving up. You’ll be able to recover from his cruel, abusive behavior, and here are some tips to help you on that journey.

1. Learn how to set your boundaries

DONE! 4 Tips To Help You Recover From Narcissistic Abuse

You’ll have to learn how to set your boundaries from now on because it’s the only way you’ll be able to save yourself from landing up in the same position.

This person hurt you in a way you’ve never been hurt before and on top of that, made you feel like it was all your fault.

Now that you saved yourself from narcissistic abuse, it’s time for you to set out some dos and don’ts for yourself.

First of all, no matter how hard it feels to completely cut ties with your previous partner, you need to do so for the sake of your happiness. You must make a decision to completely cut off the person who made your life a living hell.

He no longer deserves your attention. End of story.

I know it’ll be hard and in some moments, you’ll feel this desperate need to get in touch with him. But you must be stronger than that, and remind yourself who this person truly is and what he did to you.

Under no circumstances should you text him or give him a call. What he did to you was terrible and reaching out to him will imply that you’re giving him a second chance.

2. Accept all the emotions

DONE! 4 Tips To Help You Recover From Narcissistic Abuse

Recovering from narcissistic abuse isn’t easy and on the way, you’ll feel an array of emotions. Pain, grief, anger, and loss are only some of them.

At times, it’ll feel like your body is fighting against itself. One second, you’ll be happy that you’re out of a toxic relationship. The next, you’ll be depressed for losing someone who had a special place in your life.

And after that comes the feeling of anger for even thinking about getting back with the one who put you down constantly.

You’re about to walk a bumpy road and it won’t be easy to deal with all of the obstacles. But the sooner you realize that you’ll keep experiencing different emotions until you finally move on, the easier it will be to heal.

3. Remind yourself of the person you actually are

DONE! 4 Tips To Help You Recover From Narcissistic Abuse

After being in a relationship with a narcissist, it’s easy to forget who you actually are. You were put down and gaslighted on a daily basis. Eventually, that treatment takes its toll on your whole being.

So, once you’re out of the relationship and you’re on the road to recovery, you must do everything to remind yourself of the person you actually are.

Explore your old hobbies or find some new ones to enjoy. Surround yourself with people who love you for who you are, and do everything you can to rediscover your worth.

You’re an amazing person and just because some narcissist tried to shape you by his rules, it doesn’t mean that your current version isn’t good enough.

Forget about all of the words he used to throw at you and grow into the real version of yourself once again. That’s something you must do if you want to successfully recover from narcissistic abuse.

4. Seek support from others

DONE! 4 Tips To Help You Recover From Narcissistic Abuse

I’m not going to sugarcoat it – it’s not easy being on your own and trying to recover after suffering through so much. That’s why you must surround yourself with people who love you, as they’ll be your greatest support on this journey.

Even though you’re responsible for your own happiness from now on, it will all be easier if you have people who love you right next to you.

Let them be the wind at your back. Let them push you forward in those moments you feel like giving up.

The journey won’t be easy, but you must learn to give yourself all of the love you deserve. Let yourself feel everything you craved to feel in your previous relationship.

But also, forgive yourself for ending up in a place that was bad for you. You couldn’t see what was coming so there’s no reason to keep resenting yourself.

What matters most is that you’re on your road to recovery after narcissistic abuse. And once you heal properly, you’ll be able to live the life you always wanted – the one you deserve.

4 Tips To Help You Recover From Narcissistic Abuse

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