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4 Things Every Narcissist Does At The End Of The Relationship

4 Things Every Narcissist Does At The End Of The Relationship

Just like everyone else, there are certain things that every narcissist does at the end of the relationship. You could probably guess some of them by now, but I’ll clarify them all for you.

This type of person is usually unpredictable, but we’ve managed to take a hold of them and find a behavioral pattern.

May I say, it’s really nothing they should be proud of. On the other hand, you should really be proud of what you’ve dealt with – and gotten rid of.

If you’re here because you’ve just recently dumped a narcissist, then bravo to you. It takes a lot of courage and strength, but it’s all worth it once it’s over.

Unfortunately, there’s always a BUT at the end of a sentence. What I imply here is that even though you’re breaking up with them or you already have, it doesn’t mean you’re free of trouble.

Narcissists can be really petty when it comes to splitting up, especially if they aren’t the ones who initiated it. It’s really one of the ways to tick them off and send them into overdrive.

Whatever they do, don’t fall for their tricks once again. You already know that whatever they say or do is a trap that’s designed especially for you.

Narcissists are a wolf in a sheep’s clothing and they’ll take advantage of you when you’re at your most vulnerable. Therefore, you should know that there are several things every narcissist does after a breakup.

When they sense the end is near and that you’re one hundred percent serious about this, this is when their last efforts will start to kick in.

Some of these actions might come as a complete shock, whereas others you’re probably already used to. Let’s see some of the things every narcissist does at the end of a relationship.

What to expect at the end of a relationship with a narcissist?

DONE! 4 Things Every Narcissist Does At The End Of The Relationship

We know for a fact that dealing with a narcissist is as hard as it gets. It’s a full-time job that requires constant care and attention.

They’re like a leech that sucks the life out of you and then leaves. People that have narcissistic personality disorder are often mean, jealous, and insecure. And if they’re a handful like that, just imagine what they would be like at the end of a relationship.

I believe that every narcissist does what they think suits them best. So, if they weren’t the initiator of the breakup, they may put up a fight and desperately clutch onto you so you don’t let go of them.

A narcissist is only looking for your weak spot that’ll bury you even deeper in this torture. Don’t let this happen! Instead, expect the following.

1. Finger-pointing

DONE! 4 Things Every Narcissist Does At The End Of The Relationship

If you decide to end things with your narcissistic partner, all hell’s going to break loose. Now, I’m not saying this as an attempt to scare you.

It’s a piece of advice that could save you a lot of trouble. Narcissists will try to blame you for the relationship not working out.

It’s because they’re never at fault, simple as that. If you haven’t noticed so far, narcissists are never wrong and they never ever admit to making mistakes.

Therefore, make sure you don’t let these words get to your head because they’re all lies. It’s not your fault and you couldn’t have done anything differently.

They’re just the way they are and they refuse to change. It’s their life, their choice. The only person they should be pointing the fingers at is themselves.

2. Make you come back

DONE! 4 Things Every Narcissist Does At The End Of The Relationship

When the realization finally dawns upon them that you’re dead serious and not planning on turning around, that’s when they start to panic.

Something that every narcissist does if you break up with them is try to get you back. They’ll simply do everything in their power to earn your attention again.

Also, they won’t feel ashamed to do anything or even profess their love for you in public. Oh-oh, that’s a warning sign right there!

Whatever they do or say, don’t listen to them. They’re only doing this because they don’t want to bother finding another victim to abuse.

You were enough for them and they want you back, now. But the thing that they never counted on was the resistance and newfound strength you have.

Therefore, don’t slip up this time and go running straight back into their arms. They may beg you to come back promising you all the love and respect you’ve ever wanted, but you and I both know that’s just lip service.

3. Apologies

DONE! 4 Things Every Narcissist Does At The End Of The Relationship

One thing that every narcissist does when they’re trying to get you back is apologize. It’s honestly one of the most desperate ways to make you rethink your choice.

Now, if you’ve learned anything from the relationship you’ve had with your abuser, it’s to never trust them, ever. Everything they say and do has a purpose.

They don’t waste their time on anything. A narcissist is so calculated, so he can charm you into loving him in the blink of an eye.

We don’t want that happening for the second time now, do we? Therefore, make sure you don’t fall for his puppy-dog eyes and apologetic face.

There’s nothing that could possibly erase the shame and guilt that person put you through. One simple sorry just won’t cut it.

4. Stalking you

DONE! 4 Things Every Narcissist Does At The End Of The Relationship

Just when you finally think you’ve gotten rid of your narcissist partner, here he comes again. I don’t mean to scare you, but if he’s that petty, he’ll find a way to disturb your peace every day.

One of the things that practically every narcissist does at the end of the relationship is to stalk their ex. This is because they have a feeling their ex-partner cheated on them right in under their nose.

The thing about narcissists is that they’re so insecure, so they’ll probably use this infamous tactic of theirs with no shame or guilt whatsoever.

4 Things Every Narcissist Does At The End Of The Relationship

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