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4 Special Signs To Know If You Are Truly Meant To Be Together

4 Special Signs To Know If You Are Truly Meant To Be Together

Love is an abstract term that means different things to different people. However, there are some elements of love that are universal all across the world. For example, love will always involve a certain level of selflessness and a caring attitude towards the other person, regardless of the kind of relationship shared with that person.

Your love for your family might vary from the kind of love you feel for your friends, which will again differ from the love you experience for your romantic partner.

Since love is such a complicated phenomenon, it is, often, difficult to tell whether you are actually in love with someone. Moreover, there is often this confusion if the person you are dating is meant to be with you for life or if things will start going downhill after a while because of minor disagreements and arguments.

If you are confused too, and want to know for sure if this wonderful person who has recently entered your life is the ‘perfect’ person you had been looking for, then this article is for you. continue reading to know the 4 special signs that will tell you how close you are to your soulmate.

1. S/he is Your Bestie:

4 Special Signs To Know If You Are Truly Meant To Be Together 2

Nothing can be more beautiful in a relationship than finding your best friend in each other. Sometimes, people fall in love with their best friend. At other times, they become best friends after having crossed the exciting stage of infatuation and discovering interesting facts about each other.

In either case, you are comfortable showing your crazy side to your partner and doing crazy things together. If your relationship is based on true love, respect and friendship, then yes, you are made for each other.

Finding your bestie in your romantic relationship helps you to not just have an enjoyable time together doing fun things but to also bring you closer and understand your partner from a different perspective. In addition, this makes it more difficult for you to call it off with them because you will be losing a companion who is both your partner and your best friend.

2. You Can Be Yourself:

If you are in the right relationship, then you don’t need to pretend to be someone you are not. Faking interests, discussions, opinions and emotions is exhausting and the impression can’t last for long. And yet, it is difficult to find someone around whom you can be yourself.

You don’t feel judged or looked down upon for whatever you say or do. Yes, there might be times when your partner disapproves of your choices or decisions, but if s/he doesn’t judge you or label you for life, then this is the person you ought to stick to.

3. A Relationship without Drama:

4 Special Signs To Know If You Are Truly Meant To Be Together 3

Even the strongest of relationships have their share of disagreements and arguments. Always remember that it is normal. How you respond to an argument is what essentially tells you if you will be able to survive a lifetime of such arguments with your partner.

There are two ways to go about a quarrel after it has occurred. Are you both able to take some time to cool off so there is no unfair outburst on the other person? Do you listen patiently to each other? OR…

Do you form an opinion about each other after a disagreement, which then comes in the way of resolving all your future disagreements? Is there too much drama involved each time there is a dispute?

The answers to all these questions will tell you if you are truly meant to be together and will be able to sustain the relationship well for years to come.

4. You Cannot Imagine a Future Without Them:

When you end up having a soulmate who is your guide, your friend, your confidant, your disciplinarian, your teacher, your student and pretty much everything else depending on the situation, then simply rest assured that s/he is “the one” for you.

You get each other’s jokes when no one else can, you can wake up next to each other without feeling the need to do your hair, you know how to cheer the other person up when s/he is feeling low and you find each and every quality about each other adorable. This is your present and future.

The world is not the same without them. This is the stage in your relationship when you know for a fact that you two are made for each other.

4 Special Signs To Know If You Are Truly Meant to Be Together

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