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4 Signs That Breaking Up Was The Right Decision (Even Though It Hurts)

4 Signs That Breaking Up Was The Right Decision (Even Though It Hurts)

Breaking up with a person who was supposed to be your true love is never an easy thing to do. On multiple occasions, you start to feel the need to get back together and give your relationship one more shot.

Your urge for that familiar feeling of resting in your partner’s arms and inhaling the smell of his cologne comes in waves. You long for that safety you used to feel at the very beginning of the relationship.

But when things go wrong and love gets replaced with disrespect, you suddenly realize that the only solution is to walk away. You realize that there’s no point in giving your all for a relationship that will never be worth it.

If you have recently gone through a breakup and are asking yourself daily if you’ve made the right choice, then this article is just for you. Here are some of the signs that clearly show you that breaking up with your partner was the right decision, even though it hurts.

You had to let go for the sake of your happiness.

1. You were making too many excuses for your ex’s behavior

DONE! Signs That Breaking Up Was The Right Decision (Even Though It Hurts)

Think back. Did you ever catch yourself making excuses for the behavior of your ex-partner?

Like, he would act disrespectfully and you would immediately tell yourself that he probably had a bad day? Or he would ignore your needs and you’d put it down to the fact that he didn’t get enough sleep that day?

Whatever he did wrong, you had an excuse for it.

At one point, you probably realized that you were doing way too much in the relationship while he wasn’t lifting a finger for it. You were fighting for both of you while he clearly didn’t bother.

Well, that exact moment where you instinctively come up with an excuse before the wrongful act even happens, that’s when you know that you’re screwed. Your relationship has come to an end and the only thing that’s holding it together is your desperate wish not to part ways.

Deep down, you know that when you stop coming up with explanations for his behavior, the whole thing will be over. Like a house of cards, it will come tumbling down.

2. You felt drained

DONE! Signs That Breaking Up Was The Right Decision (Even Though It Hurts)

Did you have that feeling that the whole relationship was making you drained? Both emotionally and physically?

You had no more strength to fight with your partner and often didn’t even feel like talking to him. After so many attempts to fix things, you gave up and all you felt was emptiness.

You no longer felt love for him. You didn’t become happy when seeing him after a long day at work.

When he walked through the door, you felt nothing. Your heart no longer skipped a beat the way it used to and you no longer felt like you couldn’t live without him. Honestly, you could’ve gone weeks without seeing his face and still felt no emotions once he came back.

After you realize that you’ve been experiencing these feelings for a long time, it will then hit you that breaking up was the right choice.

3. Your relationship felt like a cycle of second chances and empty promises

DONE! Signs That Breaking Up Was The Right Decision (Even Though It Hurts)

Did your relationship look something like this? Your partner would mess up and then make a promise to change. You would give him another chance, and later on, he would repeat his mistakes.

If you know what I’m talking about, then it’s obvious that breaking up was the only option you had.

Being stuck in one place is never good. But being stuck in a toxic place where you keep giving your partner chances and he keeps making false promises he’ll change is a whole other level of pain.

Deep down, you knew that things would always stay the same and you kept telling yourself that you wouldn’t tolerate his mistakes anymore. But when it all happened once again, you still forgave him thinking it would be the last time.

But the thing is, you already knew that the same mistake would keep happening again and you’d again decide to give him another chance. You knew the drill all too well.

A part of you already knew that the relationship wouldn’t work. There were too many empty promises and situations where you decided to look away from the blatant truth.

That’s why breaking up was the right call. It was the only decision you could’ve made to allow you to escape from a place that was no longer making you happy.

The moment you stop enjoying the time you spend with your partner, it becomes obvious that leaving is the only option.

4. You didn’t see a change

DONE! Signs That Breaking Up Was The Right Decision (Even Though It Hurts)

Even though you communicated your feelings to your partner and let him know what was bothering you, he still didn’t make a move. He didn’t bother to do anything that could potentially save your relationship, and that’s why you had to go.

When you don’t see a change in a relationship that needs to go through one, there aren’t enough reasons to keep on fighting.

You can either decide to stay despite your unhappiness. Or you can walk away and move on for your own good, even though it won’t be easy at first.

The decision is always yours as you know what’s best for you, and in this case, you made the right call by deciding to end things.

You can’t be the only one fighting for your relationship. When you see that your partner no longer cares about it, it becomes obvious that all your efforts are in vain.

4 Signs That Breaking Up Was The Right Decision (Even Though It Hurts)

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