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4 Seductive Traits That Have Nothing To Do With Your Looks

4 Seductive Traits That Have Nothing To Do With Your Looks

We all know that first impressions are important, so we tend to look the best we can. But are there any traits that don’t have anything to do with our looks?

You put on something fancy whenever you’re going on blind dates or meeting someone for the first time. It’s nice to get all dolled up because people find that attractive, right?

But you also know that there’s more to things than what meets the eye. The same goes for you and every woman out there. You can’t expect someone to fall for you based on your physical appearance alone.

Sure, a man can be hot on your heels because of your looks, but is that what you want? Do you need someone to love you just because of the way you do your hair and your body is shaped?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. But speaking of long term, that’s not something that’ll keep a man by your side.

DONE! 4 Seductive Traits That Have Nothing To Do With Your Looks

Just think about when you grow old and your body changes. What do you think will happen then? What is going to be left when youth is replaced with an older look?

This is where we name a few of the seductive traits that have nothing to do with your appearance. There are things that people find attractive that aren’t related to physical attributes.

Sure, looks may play an important role, but not as much as your brain can. Your body is the first thing people see, but your mind is something that will keep them close.

You may not have acknowledged this before, but here I am to make your life easier. I’ll tell you which five traits are seductive enough to keep someone interested.

This will save you some time getting ready and you’ll know what traits of yours to focus on. Instead of an added layer of makeup, you may highlight some of these traits a bit more.

1. Openness

First off the bat, we have openness. It’s easier for people to approach you when you come across as easygoing and carefree.

It’s hard opening up to someone who doesn’t like opening up themselves. By being open, you show that can relate to people, which gives them a higher sense of trust in you.

Trustworthiness is attractive, and it’s one of the traits that don’t have anything to do with your looks.

They feel like they’ve known you for a longer period of time. It won’t make them hesitant to reveal some of their darkest secrets to you or offer to be friends in an instant.

Men like it when women know what they want and they express themselves. Sometimes, they can have a hard time reading our minds, so help is always welcome.

However, people can’t confide in you if you can’t get them to trust you. It’s one thing to be friendly, but it’s another to be trustworthy.

Still, these two somehow go hand in hand. If you want a man to open up to you, you have to show him he can trust you.

Assure him that you’re able to keep secrets and show him you really care about what he has to say. It’s important to make him think you need him. This way he’ll ask for your trust while giving you his. It’s fair play!

2. Sense of humor

DONE! 4 Seductive Traits That Have Nothing To Do With Your Looks

Another important thing to keep in mind is that people like to laugh. So, if you’re the funny one, there’s a high chance you’ll be surrounded by many people.

If you can’t take a joke or don’t have a great sense of humor, it’s likely you won’t be the life of the party. Lightheartedness is only one of the seductive traits that don’t have anything to do with your looks.

Laughter is contagious and it’s like a domino effect. Once you laugh, your crush will laugh. He’ll think of you as someone fun to be around, and everyone wants to have that type of girlfriend.

3. Confidence

Another thing you should probably show off is your self-confidence. Of course, we can say that men are mostly the dominant gender. However, they also like when you show them you won’t back down that easily.

It’s attractive when a woman can stand up for herself without the help of others. This way you show them how self-reliant you are.

They say that confidence is the best outfit you can wear. So, throw on your best outfit and get out there. It’ll show you that seductive traits have nothing to do with your looks!

4. Mysteriousness

DONE! 4 Seductive Traits That Have Nothing To Do With Your Looks

Don’t give everything away the moment you meet other people, especially potential boyfriends. If you do, the process of getting to know each other would be boring.

And it’s the last thing you want it to be. You can’t be boring when you want to be fun! It’s not enough to be confident and have a great sense of humor.

Mysteriousness is a seductive trait that has nothing to do with your looks – you can be mysterious in any outfit you like – but it has the ability to keep your date intrigued.

Don’t give out your secrets the moment you introduce yourself. Play hard to get but don’t make him think you’re ignoring him. Otherwise, your potential partner may get the wrong message.

Introduce yourself slowly and give him only a hint of what you’re like. Make him guess what things you love to do and the places you like to visit. Also, pay attention to the details and the things he talks about.

Use them next time to your advantage, which will only add to your mystery. He’ll probably wonder how you know all of that, and if there’s more to this girl than what meets the eye.

DONE! 4 Seductive Traits That Have Nothing To Do With Your Looks

These are the top seductive traits that don’t have anything to do with your looks yet men go crazy over. There are plenty of other ways you can seduce someone without your physical appearance in the game.

Just think about how people fall in love online, never even seeing each other. It’s because they don’t fall in love with what they see, but rather with what they hear and learn about the person.

Of course, you don’t need to go and start hitting people up on different social media. It’s just an example of how unimportant physical appearance can be. When you find the person who likes you for who you are and not for what you wear, you won’t have to think about online dating as your only choice anymore!

4 Seductive Traits That Have Nothing To Do With Your Looks