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4 Reasons You Keep Falling For Those Who’ll Never Love You Back

Sometimes, falling in love feels like deliberately letting yourself walk into the unknown. It feels like entering a tunnel that possibly has no exit.

And even though it sounds scary, you let yourself go there as your heart wants to. As a matter of fact, you also know how amazing the results can be.

What’s waiting for you on the other side may be one of the best things you’ve ever experienced in life.

But when you fall for someone who’ll never love you back, the story doesn’t get such a nice ending. All of the butterflies of happiness and excitement turn into tears of pain.

The smile that’s supposed to radiate through your eyes gets replaced with a saddening stare into the distance.

We’re all bound to at least once have our hearts broken as a result of falling for the wrong person. You make a wrong choice that leads you to a place far from what you expected.

But when you realize that you keep falling for those who’ll never love you back over and over again, it becomes obvious that there’s a reason behind it. There must be something that explains all of your failed attempts at finally finding the love of your life.

1. You’re actually not in love

DONE! 4 Reasons You Keep Falling For Those Who'll Never Love You Back

Every time you meet someone new, you convince yourself that you like them. You believe they’re the right one and eventually, it all leads you to the idea that you’re in love.

However, you’re not actually in love and the person you’re into isn’t your soulmate. You simply like the idea of having them by your side.

Maybe the two of you are completely incompatible but you created a picture in your head that made you think that you were a perfect match. Maybe you’re genuinely too different to be in a relationship, but you’ve convinced yourself that opposites attract and let yourself fall for them.

It’s hard to be honest with yourself and admit that those emotions you feel aren’t love. They’re simply delusions that you decided to live by since you were driven by the need to have someone by your side.

Speaking of which…

2. You’re afraid of being alone

DONE! 4 Reasons You Keep Falling For Those Who'll Never Love You Back

You probably keep falling for those who’ll never love you back because you’re afraid of being alone. The idea of not having anyone by your side scares you and that’s why you try to cover that up by falling for every man you meet.

You think that some guy’s presence in your life will make everything easier. You think that he’ll bring you well-deserved happiness.

But you don’t realize that it’s one of the worst things you can do to fall for those who’ll never love you back only because you can’t imagine being alone. Over and over again, you keep getting your heart broken because you feel the urge to run away from singledom.

You think that being single is worse than being with anyone, and eventually, it all backfires.

The tears when you realize he’s not here to stay. The sadness when you figure out that you lost yet another guy.

With each breakup, it gets harder to pick yourself up and move on. And with each new man that walks into your life, it gets tougher to recognize if he’s the one for you.

But the moment you realize that it’s always better to be alone than to feel lonely in a relationship, your whole perspective on men changes. You’re finally able to figure out that you don’t have to be with someone in order to be happy.

3. You have a skewed view of what a healthy relationship is

DONE! 4 Reasons You Keep Falling For Those Who'll Never Love You Back

If you grew up in a toxic or broken environment, then you probably have the completely wrong idea of what a healthy relationship looks like. Instead of waiting for the right person, you keep fighting for all of the wrong ones because that was your “normal” when growing up.

Maybe your parents had an unhealthy relationship dynamic, which now makes you think that people should fight if they love each other. You believe that real love is supposed to hurt. It’s supposed to keep you awake at night until you have no more tears to cry.

Due to these beliefs, you keep fighting for every guy because you think that there’s a chance that one of them will be the right one. And you think that the harder you fight, the better the chances you’ll get what you’re looking for.

But nothing good will ever come from this attitude. You’ll only feel broken by the number of rejections and at one point, you’ll stop believing in love.

You’ll give up on it completely.

But if you change your attitude, work on your state of mind, and finally learn that love is neither easy nor something you bend over backward for, life will be a whole lot easier than it is now.

4. You don’t know how to love yourself

DONE! 4 Reasons You Keep Falling For Those Who'll Never Love You Back

Unfortunately, one of the reasons you keep falling for those who’ll never love you back is because you don’t know how to love yourself. You’re so desperate for someone to give you all of the things you should’ve already given yourself.

And in that need to feel loved, you keep giving your heart to every man who walks into your life, thinking that one of them will finally decide to keep it safe.

The bad part is that every one of them who breaks you will actually take away a piece of you. They will stain your idea of perfect love and make you doubt if it even exists.

But then again, you’ll keep searching for your happiness in the next one, hoping that he’ll finally give you everything you ever wanted.

At one point, you’ll end up completely broken and unable to pick yourself up. You’ll ruin yourself forever if you keep falling for those who’ll never love you back only because you don’t know how to love yourself the right way.

That’s why you must put an end to this. Build yourself up instead of wait for someone else to do it for you.

If you don’t, you’ll never get to experience the real happiness of being in love with someone for all of the right reasons.

4 Reasons You Keep Falling For Those Who'll Never Love You Back

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