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3 Reasons Why Narcissistic Abuse Feels So Intoxicating To The Victim

3 Reasons Why Narcissistic Abuse Feels So Intoxicating To The Victim

If you’ve never been a victim of narcissistic abuse, it’s possible you won’t understand why it feels so intoxicating.

Some people are really drawn in, like a moth to the flame. It’s like an addiction – it’s not good for you but you still keep doing it.

You don’t understand the impact that a narcissist can have on a person until you’ve encountered them. They’re experts in making you delusional and taking advantage of you.

Apart from being a narcissist, these people are liars and manipulators who can trick you in no time. Before you know it, you feel so intoxicated by them that you can’t see past their acting skills.

What is it that holds the victims of narcissistic abuse so close to their partner? Why do these narcissists make their heads spin, and why can’t these people get out of the narcissist’s spell?

DONE! 3 Reasons Why Narcissistic Abuse Feels So Intoxicating To The Victim

There are many reasons these victims are unable of getting out of that enchanted circle of abuse and love. Not everyone deals with their problems the same, so different people will have different approaches.

Narcissists have a unique way of luring their victims in and taking a hold of their lives. You won’t even notice you’re falling into his trap before it’s too late.

Fortunately, many people can see right through their partners’ masks as time passes. However, not all can get rid of that burden that’s weighing them down.

It’s even harder for a victim to try and break free, but what if they don’t want it? Trust me, they do, but they can be blinded by everything a narcissist’s pretending to be.

The only reason why narcissistic abuse feels so intoxicating to them is that they’re in love with a person who their narcissistic partner portrays, not the person he actually is.

Why does narcissistic abuse feel so intoxicating?

Narcissists are infamous tricksters that can capture your attention in the blink of an eye. They have unique ways of manipulating you and taking advantage of you.

They’re intelligent but are mostly fueled by their inflated sense of self. A narcissist will carefully pick his victims and be drawn to a challenge.

That’s why even smart women become a target to these manipulators. No one is completely safe in a narcissist’s presence and there are few ways you can shield yourself from them.

As for the people who’ve already got caught up in their web of lies, it’s hard to understand what’s really behind that dazzling smile of theirs.

No matter how hard you try, sometimes it feels like they’re only pulling you in deeper, like a magnet. The more you fight to get away, the more you’re giving up and surrendering to their narcissistic abuse.

1. He loves you

DONE! 3 Reasons Why Narcissistic Abuse Feels So Intoxicating To The Victim

When a narcissist wants to charm their way into someone’s life, they’ll use various tactics to get their attention.

If you’re stuck in an abusive relationship, but feel too intoxicated to do anything about it, it’s not you. It’s the way a narcissist lured you in.

People with a narcissistic personality disorder will love-bomb you until you fall for them. It implies they will profess their love for you even if it’s maybe too soon for that.

This infamous tactic of theirs will leave you drunk in love. It really goes in their favor, especially if you’ve recently got out of a relationship and you’re at your most vulnerable.

They know all of your weak spots the moment they lay their eyes on you. All of those promises he made and the affection he showed for you can give you a hard time when trying to get out of that abusive relationship.

The reason why narcissistic abuse feels so intoxicating is that they created this picture-perfect persona you’ve fallen in love with. Narcissists know what you want, and they’ll give it to you in order to captivate you.

2. He’s the only one you can trust

DONE! 3 Reasons Why Narcissistic Abuse Feels So Intoxicating To The Victim

A narcissist will make you feel like a child that was just given a lollipop after doing a chore. What I mean to say is that they’ll try to fulfill all of your wishes, but only if it serves a certain purpose.

In the same way, they will make you trust them, but it’s not done out of love. If a narcissist gains your trust, he’ll use that to control and manipulate you over time.

You’re totally oblivious to the fact that he’s slowly distancing you from your friends and family. Before you know it, you’re cut off from the rest of the world and he’s the only person you deem trustworthy.

Your abuser will use different strategies such as gaslighting to get you to believe everything he says. Gaslighting implies changing the history of events and creating a distorted image of reality.

This is bound to make you lose your mind and go crazy over your abuser. The end result is you realizing he’s the only person you can trust and the only one you can rely on.

All of this contributes to you feeling so drunk in love and that’s why narcissistic abuse feels so intoxicating. Looking back on this, you may feel like a fool who wasn’t able to see past all of the warning signs.

3. He makes a lot of promises

DONE! 3 Reasons Why Narcissistic Abuse Feels So Intoxicating To The Victim

Narcissistic abuse feels so intoxicating to the victim because they’re living in an illusion. Everything a narcissist tells you is a lie, and you’re just living in it.

Their talent for convincing people is close to magic as they can make you believe anything they say. One of their ways to get your attention is promises.

A narcissist will give you his word, but he’ll somehow always find a way to break it. In the beginning, it’s the small things such as not showing up for a date, or never taking you out to the movies.

As time progresses, he’ll keep breaking his promises while breaking your heart all along. You won’t see it at first because he’ll carry on with love-bombing and gaslighting.

If you start to grasp the fact that you’re stuck in an abusive relationship, his vows won’t stop there. Then he swears how he’ll change because he’s bound to keep you as his narcissistic supply.

You’re surrounded by constant outpours of affection and promises that will keep changing your view on reality, separating you from others. These are only a few of the reasons why narcissistic abuse feels so intoxicating to the victim. They could come in handy in the future.

3 Reasons Why Narcissistic Abuse Feels So Intoxicating To The Victim

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