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When To Text A Guy After Sleeping With Him (And How To Keep Him Interested)

When To Text A Guy After Sleeping With Him (And How To Keep Him Interested)
Nicole Cain
Written by Nicole Cain

So, you had a crazy night with him, and now you’re wondering when to text a guy after sleeping with him. That’s not the only question on your mind because you also want to know what to text him and how to keep him interested after sleeping with him. I’m going to answer all of these questions for you in the following article. 

The first thing you need to know is to stay casual. The sex was casual, so you can’t expect too much right after it. Women often get emotional after sex, and they want to let the guy know this to see if he feels the same way. Don’t ever do that. The truth is, he is certainly happy that he had sex, but he would probably be even happier if it stayed just sex.

That is why you have to work on keeping him interested. Guys don’t get overwhelmed with emotions after sex like we do. So, don’t touch that phone and instead wait for him to call you first.

Apply our tips on how to keep a guy interested after sleeping with him, and you might get him to think of you as a potential girlfriend. Right now, you are just a girl who slept with him. 

So, you’re wondering when to text a guy after sleeping with him, so let’s start with that.

When to text a guy after sleeping with him

The best answer to when to text a guy after sleeping with him is after he texts you first. Don’t give in to the temptation of texting him right after the hookup. I know you want to, but if you listen to my advice on when to text a guy after sleeping with him, you’ll have a better shot with him.

So, leave that phone alone and focus on other things for a while. Wait for him to text you first. If he does that, it means that he is still interested. However, if a couple of weeks have gone by and you haven’t heard from him, it’s now the right time for when to text a guy after sleeping with him instead of still waiting for him to respond.

If he still doesn’t respond, try ‘accidentally’ running into him. Stay casual and simply say hi, and if he is interested in you, he might ask you out. But my point is not to blow up his phone. One text after a couple of weeks is all you should send if he hasn’t texted first during that time. If he has, it means that he is interested, and you can start using our advice on how to keep him that way.

What to text a guy after sleeping with him

Now that you know when to text a guy after sleeping with him, another question comes to mind – what to text? If a couple of weeks have gone by and he hasn’t texted you first, it’s time for you to send the first text after the hookup.

It’s important that you stay cool and skip the emotions when reminding him of your existence. Send him a confident, cheeky text that is casual and brief.

Try with something like: “Hey Ben! I’m going to see the new Avengers movie at the cinema this Friday, wanna come with?” or “Hi Ben. I’m going to the opening of a new Chinese restaurant on Sunday to check it out. You in?”

The key here is that you are going to go there regardless. You’re inviting him to come with, but you’re going to go anyway, so it’s not like you’re inviting him on a date or making special plans. Keep things casual when you text him.

A month later, you can send another text that is also just a casual invitation. “Hey Ben, I’m going to join a few friends for pizza at The Place this Sunday. Come join us too.” This is your last chance to get him to answer. You’re inviting him as a friend, and this isn’t a date. You’re taking the pressure off by inviting him to hang out with your friends. It’s just casual fun, nothing that would get him to freak out. If he still doesn’t answer, all he ever wanted from you was sex. Now that he has got it, he isn’t interested in you anymore.

If you want to learn how to keep a guy interested once you’ve already slept with him, read on.

How to keep a guy interested after sleeping with him

1. Act the same way as you did before the sex

Being spontaneous can help you get the guy you slept with to stay interested in you so don’t turn into a drama queen after the sex. Instead, try to relax and stay casual.

The point is to act the same way as you did before having sex. That doesn’t mean that you have to just go with the flow, but don’t get too tense. Don’t turn into a different person afterward. Don’t plan everything, and don’t let him see that you’re constantly thinking about what will happen next. If you instead act casual and relaxed, it will keep him interested.

The interesting thing about guys is that they tend to freak out when we try to get closer, even if they want the same thing as we do. So, let him initiate the next get-together.

2. Take control in the bedroom

Guys love it when women take the initiative when it comes to what goes on in the bedroom. Most of us tend to be passive in bed, especially when we have a new partner but that’s a mistake. Taking the initiative shows him that you are a strong, confident, and independent woman. Show him that you know what you want and that you won’t hesitate to get it.

Don’t be scared to make the first move and tell him when you’re in the mood for sex. It will not only surprise him but keep him interested.

Also don’t avoid trying new things in the bedroom, as it will show him that you are open-minded, so he will open up about his deepest desires. He will start thinking about sex with you as unpredictable and exciting, and that can’t be a bad thing.

3. Consider yourself sexy

All women look in the mirror, searching for their flaws and feeling sad that their body isn’t perfect. Stop doing that! The next time you look in the mirror, see yourself as a sexy woman.

Embrace your sexuality and let him see your confidence. After all, he doesn’t even notice your flaws. Feel confident in your skin, and it will show you as attractive and make you more attractive.

If you want your guy to stay interested, you have to let go of your insecurities. Be a confident woman who knows that she’s hot, and it will reflect positively on your love life.

4. Build sexual tension between you two

Sex doesn’t start or end in the bedroom; it’s all about the preparation that leads to it. Try to increase your partner’s level of interest, curiosity, and intrigue.

Seduce him and get him horny by simply teasing him. How about sending him a dirty text that describes in detail everything that you want to do to him? Talking dirty definitely pays off.

You can also tease him by sending him dirty pictures of you during his workday. I guarantee that he won’t be able to stop thinking about you the whole day and this also works when you flirt  with him when you’re in public.

5. Avoid being clingy

Being extremely clingy is the worst thing you could do if you want this guy to stay interested in you. I know that you want to keep this guy around and make him fall in love with you, but don’t be needy.

Don’t send him texts all the time, and don’t call him so often. No one really likes a clingy person, especially if the fact that you have had sex has caused you to become clingy.

You have to understand that guys are afraid of commitment, so don’t get serious too soon. Give him a clue that you’re interested, but give him some room to breathe as well.

6. Don’t act like he owes you something

Girls find it harder than guys to separate their emotions from the act of sex so you might have expectations from him just because you slept with him.

You have to understand that you didn’t do him any favors, and he doesn’t owe you anything. Did you want to have sex just the same as he did? Didn’t you enjoy it just as much as him?

Lower your expectations. Show him that you are casual about everything that happened. It’s good for you, and it’s what will keep him interested.

7. Don’t pressure him to label it

You slept together, so is it a one-night stand, are you friends with benefits, or is this the start of a relationship? I know you’re wondering this and you want to put a label on it as soon as possible but pressuring him will only drive him away from you.

Naturally, you don’t want him to lead you on, but there are ways to know whether he is or not. After all, he doesn’t have all the answers figured out yet either.

Don’t pressure him to decide everything right away. Give him time to make up his mind and realize that you don’t need labels at this point. Be patient, and things will develop by themselves.

8. Show him everything you have to offer outside of the bedroom

Okay, so this guy definitely likes your body; otherwise, he wouldn’t have slept with you in the first place. Now it’s time for you to show him that you are more than just a hot body. Show him how interesting and intelligent you are because you need to excite his mind, not just his body.

Seducing him with your words will get you a long way. Share with him your ideas and thoughts about life. Blow his mind and make him fall in love with your mind, not just your body.

9. Boost his ego

Guys like to be perceived as emotionless and tough, but the truth is that they are just as insecure as we are and they are especially sensitive at the beginning of a relationship. This is because they worry about whether their partner is pleased with their sexual performance. Boost his ego and praise his skills when it comes to your sex life. He needs to know that he has pleased you. 

Women use white lies for a reason. Have you ever wondered why women say, “You’re the best sex I ever had,” to every guy they sleep with? It’s because even though they would never admit it, guys need that. He needs to know that he has satisfied you and that he is man enough for you.

10. Show him your best side

Always try to look your best for him without him noticing that you have put effort into looking that way. Try to be as sexy and mysterious as you can be. Make sure that you always wear some sexy lingerie, but don’t forget about being sexy outside of the bedroom.

Don’t let him see that you’re trying to be perfect but make him think that you are perfect. Here’s one trick that I often used – wear the same perfume whenever you’re with him. Choose a fragrance that isn’t aggressive, and it will always make him think of you.

11. Make him chase you

You should never chase a guy, but make him chase you instead. We have an entire article just about that so you can learn how to make him chase you.

Keep a little mystery around you but have boundaries. He needs to know that he has to chase you to get the complete you.

Always let him be the one who initiates contact, at least at first. He needs to see that he can’t get everything easily.

12. Be who you are

You’ll probably have the need to do all sorts of things to keep this guy interested, but it’s important that you be yourself. After all, you want him to fall in love with the real you, not some made-up woman who you’re pretending you are just to make him like you.

Good luck!

When To Text A Guy After Sleeping With Him (And How To Keep Him Interested)