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21 Signs Your Ex-Boyfriend Still Has Feelings For You

21 Signs Your Ex-Boyfriend Still Has Feelings For You
Written by Karen Clark

Once you really love someone, you can’t stop just like that. Often, the end of a relationship is not the end of the feelings between those two people and that is why you might be interested in reading about the signs your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you.

When you break up with someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have feelings for that person anymore. Whether your ex-boyfriend broke it off with you, or you were the one who dumped him, he could still love you.

It’s not easy to stop loving someone with whom you share a lot of loving memories. Those memories don’t fade, and you still think of that person with fondness. I know it doesn’t seem that way when you’re still hurt and mad at each other, but that doesn’t mean you don’t still love each other.

A lot of things could cause two people to break up, and not loving each other is only one of them. The rest doesn’t have to include not loving each other. Maybe some third person got involved or the distance between you was too much to take.

People break up even if they still love each other and it’s hard to stop loving someone you loved with all your heart. The big question is whether you still want to love each other, or if you are trying to fight your feelings.

Maybe your ex still has feelings for you, but does it mean that you’ll get back together? That depends on many things, and it could go either way. On the other hand, your ex might not care anymore, and getting back together could be the last thing on his mind.

To know the truth, you’ll have to find out what the signs your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you are. Whether you want to get back together with him or not, it’s good to know what’s going on in his head.

He may not tell you to your face that he still loves you, but the signs your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you will tell you for him. Let’s find out what they are.

21 signs your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you

1. He frequently contacts you 

One of the signs your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you is when he tries hard to stay in touch. It’s great that you’ve stayed friends with your ex, and it could be just a friendly thing. However, if he is determined and stubborn about staying in touch, there might be more to it. Sure, he could just like you as a person, and that could be it but pay attention to his body language and other signs that he misses you after the break-up to find out the truth.

You might want to be careful about this sign, because staying in touch with your ex could be bad for your new relationship. Keep reading to learn other signs, and decide whether you want your ex in your life or not.

2. You encounter him too often

Does your ex seem to be everywhere you go? Since you two were in a committed relationship, he is quite familiar with all the places you go so he knows where you live, where you work, where you go for lunch, and where your loved ones live.

Suddenly, you start bumping into him in all of these places. Let me let you in on a little secret – when it happens more than two times in a row, it’s more than a coincidence. Your ex might represent these encounters as running into each other by accident, but it’s more than that.

When it happens frequently, it’s one of the signs your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you. He has planned to meet you ‘coincidentally’ so he can see you and maybe talk and this is because he isn’t ready to openly admit his feelings to you just yet.

3. He asks around to find out what you’re up to

Your ex will start asking the people who know you about you. If he still cares about you, your mutual friends will serve him as a way through to you. He isn’t ready to contact you directly, but he is desperate to find out what you’ve been up to lately.

Maybe he wants you to find out that he’s been asking about you so you would make the first move. This gives him the opportunity to find out your reaction without directly reaching you.

Sure, this could also mean that he genuinely just wants to know what you’re up to. Like with other signs, consider the frequency and how many other signs prove it too.

4. He contacts your loved ones

Naturally, when you were together, your ex got close to your friends and family. Now that things are over between you two, does he still keep in touch with them?

It’s one thing if he politely greets them on the street, but when he spends time with them after the break-up, it’s a sign. You will see signs your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you if you just consider his relationships with your loved ones.

They are a little part of you that he has left in his life, and he is holding on to it. After all, they are the best source of information on you. Why else would your ex keep contacting your loved ones?

5. He wants to know everything about you

Usually, when two people break up, they are no longer interested in each other’s lives so if your ex is acting completely differently, it’s one of the signs your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you if he works very hard to find out all there is about you.

Whether he asks your loved ones about you or suddenly shows great interest in your life, it’s a sign. He will be interested in your habits and hobbies even more than he was when you were in a relationship and when he calls you, he pays attention to every single word that comes out of your mouth.

If he is so interested in your life, he is trying to win you back so it’s up to you whether you will let him or push him away.

6. He shows great interest in your love life

Your ex-boyfriend might be interested in finding out everything about you, but what interests him the most is your love life. He couldn’t have imagined you with someone else when you were with him, but it’s hard for him now too.

It could be true that your ex is scared that you will meet someone new and forget all about him but if he is very interested in your current relationship status, he wants to be with you.

Whether you are single or in a new relationship, he will want to find out all about it. All he wants is for you to be alone until he wins you over again.

7. He wants to resolve the issues you had

When two people break up, they usually let go of the past and the issues they had so if your ex keeps going over the reasons for your break-up, it’s because he isn’t over you.

The reason why he wants to talk about the issues you had is that he wants to resolve them. What could be a motive for that other than the wish to get back together?

It’s one of the signs your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you. If he didn’t, he would have made peace with the past and let it go. This way, he’s trying to get to the bottom of things because he hopes there’s still a chance to fix everything.

8. He shows signs of jealousy

It’s one thing for him to get jealous when you were in a relationship, but where does he get the right to do it now? If your ex is showing signs of jealousy whenever he sees you with another man, he still cares about you.

Maybe you have found a new boyfriend, and your ex keeps implying that you deserve better than him. He probably knows that he has no right to be jealous, but he can’t help it; it’s because he still has feelings for you.

Still, maybe he just has ego problems and doesn’t want to see you with anyone else. You were in a relationship with him, and you know best, so I’ll let you be the judge on this one.

9. He breaks the no contact rule

Do you know about the no contact rule? It’s when you tell your ex that there should be no contact whatsoever between you two so you can move on. If your ex agreed to this and has stuck to it, he wants both of you to move on.

One of the signs my ex-boyfriend still had feelings for me was when he kept breaking the no contact rule. I told him directly that I didn’t want to have any contact with him for at least thirty days, but he kept contacting me.

Your ex actually knows that you’re trying to forget him, and he doesn’t like that so he will break any rule there is in order to stay a part of your life.

10. He stalks you on social media

Stalking has never been easier ever since social media appeared. Is your ex still your friend on social media and do you get an accidental like on a post from a long time ago?

If the answer is yes, it’s very likely that your ex stalks you on social media. He doesn’t really have to bother asking around when he can find out everything by looking at your profiles. 

Let’s be honest, don’t all of us sometimes stalk our exes on social media? So, this isn’t a sure sign he still loves you, but it is a sign he still thinks about you. The problem is that you can’t really know for sure how much time he has been spending on your profiles but if you constantly receive likes and comments from him, it’s as clear as it gets.

11. He avoids you

You might think that he is indifferent toward you because he’s completely avoiding you, but it could be just the opposite. 

If you see signs your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you, but he’s trying to avoid you as much as he can, it’s certain. He is scared of his reaction when he finally sees you, or worse – when he sees you with someone else and that is the reason why he is trying to avoid you as much as he can.

If he didn’t feel anything toward you, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to be in the same room as you. Maybe he knows that he couldn’t hide his emotions if he were to see you.

12. He drunk-dials you

What a sober man thinks, a drunk man says. Maybe he ignores you when he’s sober, but as soon as he has a drink, your phone starts ringing and either he calls you or texts you when he’s drunk.

His common sense might be stronger than his emotions when he’s sober, but as soon as he gets drunk, his feelings take over. Only then is he capable of expressing his true feelings.He can’t control himself when he’s drunk, and he starts thinking about you. He’s capable of resisting the urge to call you when he’s sober, but when he’s drunk, he does it. 

Drinking makes us bolder. No matter how scared he is of your reaction, the alcohol gives him the confidence he needs.

13. He has stayed single

Has he been in a relationship since the break-up with you? If he has stayed single all this time, it’s one of the signs your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you. Why else hasn’t he found someone else by now?

If it has been ages since you two broke up, the fact that he’s still single is a great sign. Maybe he has dated a few girls, but he hasn’t had a serious relationship with any of them. Why do you think that is? He’s waiting for your call to get back together, and he wants to be available when that happens. After all, he would only hurt a new woman in his life because he still loves you.

14. He still acts like your boyfriend

Does your ex still wish you goodnight? Does he flirt with you? Does he invite you to hang out? Are you the first person he calls when he has a problem?

If you and your ex still keep in touch on a regular basis, it’s a sure sign he isn’t over you. He acts as if you’re still together because he doesn’t really want it to be over. He still has feelings for you, and he doesn’t want your relationship to end so he pretends like it didn’t and still acts like your boyfriend. 

He probably sees your break-up as just an argument and it’s something you can work on if you want to, at least if you ask him.

15. The new woman in his life looks just like you

The fact that his new girlfriend looks like you is more than just a coincidence. If he still has feelings for you but has started a new relationship, his girlfriend will look or behave like you and this is because he’s searching for you in the women he meets.

He is having trouble with accepting that it’s over, so he tries to stay in a relationship with you by simply replacing you. This other version of you is the result of his love for you.

When we break up with the person we love, we often search for that person in everyone we meet. That is exactly what’s going on with your boyfriend and this girl who is undeniably similar to you.

16. He is ready to take responsibility

This guy probably didn’t treat you right and saw no problem with that when you were together. Suddenly, he has become aware of the mistakes he made and what’s more, he is genuinely sorry for the way he hurt you.

Your ex is ready to take responsibility for everything he has done to you. It has confused you, and you don’t know what to think but truth is, he probably still has feelings for you.

He took you for granted when you were together, but now that he has lost you, he has become aware of how much he loves you. The break-up opened his eyes, and he is ready to try to be a better man so he will do anything he can to make things right.

17. He puts extra effort into taking care of you

Since he is no longer your boyfriend, there is no reason for him to take care of you and your needs; that is, of course, if he doesn’t care for you anymore. If your ex goes the extra mile just to take care of your needs and please you, he still loves you.

Is he always at your disposal and ready to do anything to make your life easier? Does he still worry about you like he did when you were together? If he is concerned if you have been sleeping right or feeling well, he has feelings for you.

He can’t be happy unless he knows that everything is okay with you, and that’s love. The fact that you’re not together anymore isn’t stopping him from putting extra effort into taking care of you.

18. His body language

He surely won’t just walk right up to you and tell you that he still cares, but his face will tell the truth for him. Pay attention to his non-verbal gestures when you two meet to find out the truth.

Does his face brighten up when he sees you, or does he look indifferent? If your ex can’t help but smile and his eyes shine, they are signs he still has feelings for you.

Does he look you deep into your eyes and try to touch you whenever he can? If your ex still cares about you, his body language will let you know.

19. His social media profiles

His social media profiles might not be something that reveals his personality, but it definitely has something to reveal. If he has kept all the photos with the two of you happy together, it means that he isn’t ready to part from the past.

You can find additional clues if you check out what he has been posting. If his posts are related to the break-up, he has been hoping that you’ll see them  because he wants you to know that he still has feelings for you.

People sometimes post things that are secret messages to someone they care about so check out if he has posted something that implies he’s thinking about you.

20. He tries to make you smile

All men know that they can win a girl over by making her smile so it’s a good way to win back a girl as well. If he tries to make you smile, he wants to see you happy and make you come back.

You were in a relationship for a while, and he knows exactly what will amuse you the most, so he uses it; this is his way of trying to get closer to you.

Laughing at his jokes will make him think that you have let your guard down, so he can finally get to the point and that point is that he wants to get back together.

21. He likes to reminisce

Every couple has good and bad memories from their relationship, but those who are still in love remember only the good ones. If your ex still cares about you, he has forgotten about what led to the break-up, and he likes to talk about your good memories.

He remembers how he used to make you laugh and how you would sleep on his chest so he will try to win you back by reminding you of those beautiful memories.

If you want to find out more about what’s going on in your ex’s head, read the signs above that he misses you after the break-up. Will he ever come back? With our help, you’ll find out. Good luck!

21 Signs Your Ex-boyfriend Still Has Feelings For You