How To Know If Relationships At 6 Months Are Going To Last

How To Know If Relationships At 6 Months Are Going To Last
Leslie Blair
Written by Leslie Blair

Dating for 6 months is a big deal so what happens in relationships at 6 months?

Six months marks an important relationship milestone in a new relationship when you’re still in the honeymoon phase. It’s been a while since your first date, but, at the same time, your first date wasn’t so long ago.

Have you found the one? If you two are ready to be in a serious relationship, you should have the same relationship goals by now. Maybe you met your significant other through online dating, and when you saw the real person behind the profile, you felt infatuation. This real person turned out to be your best friend, and you two hope to end up as a married couple.

Six months marks a time in a relationship when you know whether you are going to break up or if you have found the one. A lot of times, people break up, but a lot of times, they end up as married couples. You don’t really know, but real relationships are more than just infatuation. If your significant other is at the same time your best friend, it’s a good sign. Still, every serious relationship faces relationship issues but it’s how you deal with those relationship issues that really matter. If you’re both committed to being in a long-term relationship, you’ll always find a way to work things out.

The first time you met each other, you didn’t even know that you’d end up in a 6-month relationship. It’s the honeymoon phase, and you should get the best out of it with our relationship advice.

If you’re not in the same place when it comes to your relationship goals, it’s a bad sign, and you will need more relationship advice. Still, six months of dating is too soon to have it all figured out but somehow you’ll know if this is going to be a long-term relationship.

If you have been dating for 6 months, it is definitely a big deal! Let’s look at every good sign that this relationship is going to last.

How to know if relationships at 6 months are going to last

1. You’re on the same page

When it comes to deciding when you’re going to make your relationship official, when you are going to meet each other’s parents or when you’ll start seeing each other more often, you two need to be on the same page. It’s a good sign if you’re on the same page when it comes to every relationship milestone.

Are you in sync and often think the same thing? It just proves that there are going to be many more months of your relationship. 

From the first time you met your significant other, whether it was through online dating or not, you had the feeling that it was going to be a real relationship. Well, you were right because if you and your significant other are on the same page, it’s a really good sign. Dating for 6 months is just the beginning of your love story.

2. You spend the majority of your time together

To be in a real relationship, you have to spend a lot of time with the person you love. You seem to get along pretty well, and you love each other very much so it’s only natural that you want to grow even closer to each other.

If you’re spending most of your time with each other within the 6-month mark, it means that there’s going to be a lot more months of dating. You two want the same thing – to be together as much as you can and thatt makes it very likely that your 6-month relationship is going to last. Relationships at 6 months don’t always last, but as long as the couple enjoys spending time together, they do.

3. You have a life outside of the relationship

A lot of times, girls tend to forget about their life before they saw their boyfriend for the first time so they only think about the honeymoon phase and forget about everything else.

If you have neglected your friends and hobbies in the first few months of your relationship, it’s a bad sign as not having a life outside of the relationship is a red flag.

All dating advice will tell you that relationships at 6 months don’t mean that you should drop everything else. If your friends haven’t heard from you in these few months of your relationship, it’s a major red flag.

4. You are talking about moving in together

Or maybe you have already moved in together within the 6-month mark. Every couple has their own time when they feel it’s right for them to move in together but relationships at 6 months are the perfect time to at least start talking about it. 

It’s important that you have the same relationship goals and that you’re on the same page. My husband moved in with me once we had been in a 6-month relationship so my dating advice is that it’s the perfect timing. However, don’t worry if you aren’t ready for it, because every relationship has its own relationship timeline. You can read all about a relationship timeline in our other article, to find out what’s next for you.

5. You have been through a lot together

Have you gone through some hard times during your 6-month relationship? Relationships at 6 months usually last if couples have helped each other get through some tough times.

I’m sure that your long-term relationship goals include having someone who will be there for you when things get tough. Everyone goes through some hard times, and it’s great when your partner is there to help you. It makes the bond between you stronger and brings you closer to one another. 

Relationships at 6 months usually feel like they have lasted longer when you have been through a lot together.

6. You are a part of each other’s families

The 6-month relationship stage might be too soon for this to happen for most couples but you might be one of the lucky ones. 

Do you spend the holidays with each other’s families? Does his family consider you a part of the family? If not yet, count this as one of your long-term relationship goals.

Relationships where both partners’ families support the relationship are successful most of the time so if everyone thinks that you’re perfect for each other already at the 6-month relationship stage, you’re lucky.

7. He likes to take you with him everywhere

When you get invited to a certain event, you make sure that he’s invited too and the same goes for him. Whether it’s a wedding, a small get-together or a birthday party, if one of you is invited, the other one goes too.

This is a great sign that your relationship is going to last. If he invites you to everything he’s invited to, he is serious about this relationship. It is a sign that you love and respect each other, and it shows how much you really enjoy spending time together. Going to social events together is a part of being in a happy relationship.

8. He still acts as nice as he did at the beginning

Even though you have been in a relationship for a while now, he still tries to impress you. You’re still getting cute messages from him, and he is polite to your family.

It’s great that he still acts as nice as when you first started going out as it actually shows that he is genuine and serious about this relationship.

There is no reason for him to stop treating you like this in the future either. If he hasn’t stopped by now, he probably isn’t going to stop later either.

9. You’ve never been happier

When you’re with the right man, you want to feel like you’re the happiest person in the world. So, if you’ve never been happier and he says he feels the same way, it’s most likely that your relationship is going to last.

If you’ve met a guy who makes you truly happy, you’ve probably found the person you’re meant to be with and it’s really good that you feel this way already.

If you have no doubts that this relationship is the best one you’ve ever had, why wouldn’t it last? Keep making each other happy every single day, and it could go on for the rest of your lives.

10. You travel together

Traveling together helps you see how a person acts in unfamiliar circumstances. Well, maybe it’s too soon to really do some traveling, but you have had at least one trip together. This is good because it will show you what traveling together is going to be like in the future.

Is he kind and patient when something goes wrong? If you have had at least one trip together, you already know how he acts when things don’t go according to plan. If you get along so well that you can travel together, it’s very likely that your relationship is going to be successful.

11. You feel complete

If you two feel complete with each other, maybe you have found your soulmate. Have you ever felt like this before? This might be the first time you ever felt so complete and that’s because you have found your missing piece of the puzzle.

This man makes you feel complete, and he feels the same way about you. This is the perfect stage in the relationship for you two to realize that, and it means it’s going to last.

12. You make plans for the future

Whether you have started to make plans for moving in together, or have already started talking about marriage, it’s a great sign. It means you want this relationship to level up, and it will.

As I mentioned, having the same goals when it comes to your relationship is important, as well as being on the same page. If you two find it fun to plan your future together, you’re on the right track.

Just the fact that you’re planning a future together means that there will be a future together. What could stop you now that you’ve finally found what you’re looking for?

6-month anniversary ideas

So, how can you celebrate the fact that you’ve been in a relationship for six months? If you’re a fan of grand gestures, be careful not to get carried away though, as however important this anniversary is to you, your partner might not want to make a big fuss about it. Still, there are plenty of small things you can do to celebrate this occasion. 

For our 6-month anniversary, my now-husband gave me two pieces of a silver heart, with our names engraved, and both of us still wear each other’s piece of the heart. To be perfectly honest, I kind of thought it was too much for a 6-month anniversary since it had a special meaning for me but in my case, it worked out for the best. Still, be careful not to freak your boyfriend out with something he isn’t ready for yet. There will be plenty of anniversaries to follow anyway.

Now that you know that your relationship is going to last, don’t you want to give him the perfect present for your anniversary? I have come up with some great ideas that are just right for this amount of time together. Still, you know best and let them serve you only as inspiration.

Here are some ideas for your 6-month anniversary:

1. Recreate your first date

It’s always a good idea to remember how it all started. Maybe you met each other in a restaurant so how about arranging for your table to be reserved for your 6-month anniversary?

Let your partner know about it to make sure they are on board with the idea of celebrating. You can exchange small gifts at the restaurant and then continue the celebration at home.

Make sure you get a bottle of champagne for when you get home. Light some candles, play smooth jazz, throw rose petals over the bed and then the romance can begin.

2. Go on a trip together

I already mentioned that traveling together is a great sign that your relationship is going to last so if you haven’t gotten to it yet, this is the perfect time.

Arrange for the two of you to celebrate your 6-month anniversary by going on a trip together. Tell your partner that you want there to be just the two of you in some new, interesting place, then pack your bags and enjoy these few days of a getaway. It will deepen your connection and make your relationship more meaningful.

3. Go on a spa weekend

If a trip is out of the question, there’s always the possibility of a spa weekend, where you can get pampered and feel refreshed.

There’s nothing more relaxing than a good couples massage, and this is your chance to get one and if you can’t go on a spa weekend, you can always just get a couple’s massage instead.

This is something romantic but, at the same time, pretty casual so it’s the perfect choice for when you need to celebrate your 6-month anniversary.

4. Love coupons

Surely you have heard about love coupons. You can make them yourself, and it’s not too hard; all you need to do is think of everything you could do for your partner.

For example, one coupon could be for a massage while another one is for cooking his favorite meal. Think of everything that he would like you to do, and don’t forget to add some sex coupons too. He can use them whenever he wants and keep in mind that you have to do it if he uses the coupon. This is a creative gift that will surely mean a lot to him.

5. Make a list of the reasons why you love him

If your boyfriend is one of those who always likes to ask the question, “Why do you love me?” then answer it once and for all by writing down all the reasons why you love your partner.

You can write them in a notebook and give it him like that, or you can make little notes that you put in a love jar, which is a thoughtful present that is easy to make.

He knows that you love him, but does he know all the reasons why? It will surely be a joy to find out.

6. Make a video

The modern equivalent of a mixtape is a YouTube video that celebrates your love. You can create it out of the songs that represent your time together, along with the pictures where you’re happy together. It doesn’t take a lot of skill, and you can create a romantic video that you can upload on YouTube. On your anniversary, just send him a link and enjoy it.

If you really end up together for the rest of your lives, this video will be a loving memory of how it was at first. You will always be able to look back on how things were in the first six months.

7. Cook his favorite meal

This celebration could be something perfectly simple, like dinner at your place but you will prepare his favorite meal! This is the kind of present a guy can truly appreciate.

If you don’t know how to prepare his favorite meal, you can always learn; after all, if it doesn’t come out right, it will be something you both can laugh about for years to come.

In any case, he will really appreciate the effort you put into it. So, put on your apron and start looking for recipes. It will be a great way to celebrate your love, especially if you add champagne and candles to the shopping list.

8. Make room for him at your place

Of course, I’m not saying that you should leave a whole closet just for him, especially if he isn’t ready to move in but leaving an empty drawer at your place just for his stuff is a very good present. You’re actually inviting him into your life and hinting that you want to move in together without it being too obvious.

After all, he has some things at your place, and he always needs a few things when he visits you. 

You can even put a bowtie in an empty drawer, as it will be a great gift. If you are feeling confident and you two are on the same page, you can mention that you would like it if all of his things were there. It’s a good way to start talking about moving in together, but only if you already know that he wants the same as you do.

9. Draw him a bath

Imagine a big bathtub full of hot bubbles with about 180 candles around it for every day you’ve been together. Of course, this demands that you have a bathtub and a big bathroom.

In any case, a romantic bath is simple enough but intimate enough for you to celebrate this occasion. If you can’t make this possible at your place, how about seeing if there are any nearby hotels with hot tubs?

You can always arrange for the candles and a romantic atmosphere to await you in your room and it could be in some other town where it would be a getaway for just the two of you.

10. Make him a mug

Everyone drinks coffee, right? What’s best about it is that he will take this mug to work so he will think of you every time he has a coffee break. Sounds simple enough?

Well, that is exactly what it should be. If you’re not sure how ready your boyfriend is for grand romantic gestures, this is the right choice for you. Make him a mug with your picture on it, or something else that would remind him of you.

However, don’t think that I forgot about grand gestures when I mentioned a simple mug. If you’re sure that your boyfriend is ready for it, you can always put something in the mug… A key to your apartment, maybe?

How To Know If Relationships At 6 Months Are Going To Last