How To Seduce A Married Woman: 14 Proven Ways To Make Her Want You Bad

How To Seduce A Married Woman: 14 Proven Ways To Make Her Want You Bad
Written by Lauren Dover

Do you want to find out how to seduce a married woman? Well, you’re in luck because I’m going to tell you the best way to do so. However, first, you have to realize your situation as dating a married woman can be a challenge and demands discretion.

Probably the best advice you can get about how to seduce a married woman is to be everything her husband isn’t. What does she lack in her love life? Is it communication that she’s after or has her husband started taking her for granted? Your job is to give her everything her husband doesn’t.

Listen carefully to how she talks about her marriage. Flirting with a married woman who is happy in her marriage probably won’t go further than that but who doesn’t have something to complain about when it comes to their relationship? Maybe her husband stopped listening to her, and she will enjoy the fact that you’re just there to hear her out. However, if her sex life is boring, you will certainly get her attention.

This woman needs someone who will listen to what she has to say and will praise her efforts. She probably hasn’t had a meaningful conversation for ages. All her days are about taking care of the house and making her husband happy. It has tired her out, and she’s looking forward to the contrasting experience you can give her.

The first thing you’ll need to do is become her friend. She needs to trust you and confide in you and it will be easy to become her lover once you’re her friend.

We’re going to talk about all the ways that you can get a married woman to fall in love with you. However, you have to be prepared that she might not ever truly be yours.

Don’t forget that dating a married woman can be complicated. You will always have to share her with her husband, and he will always be a priority to her so even if you become her lover, you’ll most likely stay only that. Still, sometimes it happens that a married woman falls head over heels for a guy other than her husband and if you read this article, you’ll have a shot at winning her over.

It will take time and effort, but if you follow our advice, you’ll convince her that you can offer her something her husband can’t. However, don’t talk badly about her husband to her, even if she does. She will definitely open up about the problems in her marriage, but all she wants is for you to listen.

She probably hasn’t been heard in a while, and it will mean a lot to her that you care about what she’s saying. Notice the changes she makes in her appearance and any other effort that may go unnoticed and she will start caring for you because you will turn out to be the only one who really pays attention to her.

Make her feel special, and she will be yours. Show her what her life can look like when she has someone who really pays attention to her. Her husband is probably taking her for granted, and the monotony is killing her. Add a little adventure into her life by being unpredictable and mysterious, and she will love it. You will be her sweet escape from a monotonous life and be sure that she will enjoy that adventurous side of her that she never knew was there.

Read on to learn our tips for how to seduce a married woman.

How to seduce a married woman

1. Shower her with compliments

She probably can’t remember the last time she heard the words, “You’re beautiful.” It sounds quite simple, but a lot of married women don’t hear a lot of compliments from their husbands.

The first rule to flirting with a married woman is the same as flirting with any woman. Tell her that she’s beautiful. Isn’t every woman beautiful in her own way? She needs to know that she is beautiful, and she will be grateful to you for telling her that. So, as you can see, the first trick to how to seduce a married woman is by showering her with compliments.

Use these compliments to become her friend. After you become her friend, it will be easier for you to become her lover. Remember that her husband almost never compliments her so make sure she feels good about herself.

2. Be fun and entertaining

If you want to learn how to attract a married woman, learn how to give off positive vibes. Women are attracted to guys who have that positive energy that makes them feel good when they are around them.

Of course, if that woman is, in addition, married to a man who is constantly nagging her and you, on the other hand, make her smile… You see where I’m going with this.

Make a woman smile if you want to win her heart. As long as you are comfortable in your own skin, you will have no problem with being funny.

While you make her laugh and talk to her, make sure that you maintain eye contact. Forget about what’s bothering you when you see her and make sure that you are in a good mood. Her relationship with her husband is most likely monotonous so it’s up to you to introduce fun and excitement into her life. Be someone who always knows how to lighten up her mood.

As soon as she starts enjoying your company, you will get to be with her more often. She will find an escape from her monotonous marriage in hanging out with you, who always cheers her up and we both know where that leads.

3. Praise her efforts

A lot of married women are actually unsung heroes. They go out of their way to make their husbands happy, but a lot of it often goes unnoticed. That is why the trick in how to attract a married woman is to notice all the little things she does and praise her.

If she got a new haircut, make sure that you mention it. By noticing things that other people miss, you will make her love you. Still, it’s important that you are genuine because if you overdo it she’ll know that you’re not for real. On the other hand, if you genuinely praise her efforts, she will love you for it.

4. Find your passion

Women love a man who is passionate about something so this is your chance to find your passion.

Whatever you love doing, do it with passion, and talk about it with passion. It’s again important that you’re genuine, and if you are, it’s a good way for how to seduce a married woman.

5. Make sure she feels special

Try to dress up for her and look your best. Make sure you look that way when you give her flowers or any other little surprise; it’s good that you do that from time to time.

Most husbands take their wives for granted so if her husband is taking her for granted, you can offer a contrasting experience by making sure that she feels special.

However, be careful with this because she might think that you’re doing it all on purpose just to get into her pants. Once again, the best advice I can give you for how to seduce a married woman is to be genuine.

6. Have meaningful conversations with her

Do you know what married women talk about? Mostly family life, taking care of the house, and cooking. That is exactly why you should bring up the topics of politics, religion, places to visit, movies… She is longing for a meaningful conversation, and you can give it to her.

Find out what she is interested in the most and start a conversation. Make sure that you point out how you think the way she rationalizes is great as it will make her think that you don’t like her only for her body, but for her mind too.

7. Being a good listener is crucial

Married women are afraid of being judged, so most of the time, they don’t really have anyone to talk to about their marriage problems. Another thing that’s stopping them from talking about that is trust issues so try to be the married woman’s friend and give her the confidence to talk about her real problems.

The secret to how to seduce a married woman is in listening to her and offering her support. Still, be careful not to agree with her blindly and avoid saying anything bad about her husband.

8. Applaud her achievements

Whether she has gotten a promotion at work, lost a few pounds, or baked a perfect cake, congratulate her on her accomplishment. Tell her that she deserved that promotion, that she looks slim and that you would love to try that cake.

This is a good tactic that will please her, and it will make it easier for you to win her over. Keep in mind that her husband probably doesn’t applaud her achievements, so she needs it.

9. Always say, “Thank you.”

Make sure you use the words, “Thank you,” and, “Please,” whenever appropriate. If she helps you or does you some kind of favor, don’t forget to thank her.

Married women don’t hear the words, “Thank you,” a lot, no matter how much effort they put into helping their husbands so try to be a gentleman if you want to learn how to seduce a married woman.

10. Discretion is everything

Once this woman starts confiding in you, make sure she’s confident that you’ll be discreet. The most important thing that she needs to know is that you won’t go around talking about your relationship with others.

She needs to be assured that you’re trustworthy and discreet. After all, a lot of the time, the only thing that’s stopping a married woman from having an affair is the fear that her husband will find out about it.

11. Be unpredictable

You want her to keep looking forward to your every move. By being unpredictable, you’ll make her wonder what you’re going to do next, and it will keep her interested.

Another reason for this is that her husband is probably predictable so she already knows everything he will do or say. Women love adventure, and when they don’t have it in their marriage, they might start searching for it elsewhere.

12. Make your intentions clear

Approaching a married woman takes courage, and by making your intentions clear, you’ll prove that you’re a real man. She is going to admire your confidence and respect you for it.

Being direct works in your favor. If she is into you too, she’ll let you know, but at the same time, she won’t waste your time if she isn’t interested.

13. Use innocent touches

You want to have physical contact with the one that you’re flirting with but be careful not to make the touches too obvious. Touch her hand from time to time, or pull her closer when you’re talking to her. Lead her into a restaurant by touching the small of her back.

This is also a good test to see how she feels about you. If she doesn’t feel comfortable when you touch her, you’ll see it, and it will be a sign for you that this is not going to happen. However, if she feels comfortable with the touching, it means that she feels close to you… so you might have a chance with her.

14. Read her body language

When you flirt with her, make sure that she is comfortable with all the teasing but pay attention because she needs to be in the mood for that.

When you want to flirt with a married woman, it’s important that you test the waters first. Women are different, and it’s not the same when they are married.

How to approach a married woman

There are three questions you need to ask yourself before figuring out how to approach a married woman.

1. Are you ready to only be her lover?

If it all turns out well, maybe this woman will want to sleep with you, but it will most likely stay just that. She has a family, and she will most likely never want to change this.

So, even though she might be ready to have an affair with you, you’re never going to have a real relationship with a married woman. Even if she is not happy in her marriage, she probably won’t leave her husband for you.

So this means that you will be only a passion to her, not a real relationship. If you want to have a relationship with her, this might not be what you’re willing to settle for.

2. Are you ready to accept that she’ll never truly be yours?

Are you okay with being just a lover to her? Unfortunately, that’s not the end of it. There’s more to consider when you’re figuring out how to approach a married woman.

You have to understand that she will always put her family first and you will have to share her with her husband, who will always be a priority. Unless that hurts your self-esteem, you can continue pursuing her.

Still, don’t ever fool yourself that she will one day leave everything for you and don’t ask her to either. You have to accept the fact that she will never truly be yours.

3. Are you ready to fail?

There is the option that you’ll fail, and you have to be ready for that. This article will help the odds to work in your favor but some women aren’t ready to have an affair, no matter how bad their marriage is.

Women who got married recently will most likely turn you down, no doubt because they don’t think it’s moral to cheat. Even if that doesn’t happen in your case, you have to be prepared for a lot of difficulties that come with seeing a married woman.

Flirting with a married woman

Most married women are in desperate need of a distraction from their monotonous lives that are full of dirty dishes at home and deadlines at work. Every woman likes to feel attractive and desirable, so your married woman needs that too.

Flirting with a married woman is not much different from flirting with single women. All it takes is for you to walk up to her and say, “Hi.” But flirting is not so much about the words as it is about the eyes. If she likes you, your eyes are going to meet a lot of times. Look away at first but then smile as it will melt her heart.

Once you have a real connection and she reciprocates, it’s time for you to make everything about her. Find out everything there is to know about who she is, and what she likes and wants. She wants someone who will really listen to her, unlike her husband.

Still, this woman is going to make it clear what she wants from you. She might be fine with hanging out with you and having a quickie in your car… but things will be on her terms for as long as this lasts. That is why it’s important that you have asked yourself the questions I listed above.

The tips that I gave you could really help you win her over. After all, which woman doesn’t want to feel special and listened to?

How to attract a married woman by text

Your modern time’s teasing tool is texting so if you want to find out how to attract a married woman by text, keep reading. The hard part is getting her number, but once you have it, it’s time for a little magic.

Be creative with words, timing, and intentions, and you will make her excited over your texts. Try to be playful when you ask her what she’s been up to, and keep up the ideas so she will text you back; it’s important for a real conversation to happen.

Time the texts for when she’s going to bed, so she will think of you before she falls asleep and text her early in the morning so it will set the tone for the rest of her day.

What’s fun about texting is that you can intentionally make spelling mistakes. Correct her spelling and tease her too. Texting is fun, and it doesn’t take much effort, but it can make her think of you. Try to be as funny as you can. If she laughs at your texts, she’ll want them to keep coming.

Once you get her phone number, try sending her a blank text ‘by accident’. It will make her think of you, and if she replies, you’ll know that she’s in the game.

Try to keep her waiting for your response, so don’t respond to her messages as soon as you get them. Playing hard to get could pay off. After all, if you respond to a text immediately, you might seem desperate.

Use emojis, but don’t overdo it. They’re a great way to express your mood, but if you use too many of them too often, you will seem a little immature.

Don’t text her when you know that she’s busy because you’ll only annoy her and try to keep in mind when she might be with her husband.

When it comes to sexting, you need to control yourself. Married women aren’t impressed by that, and it could even get them in trouble so leave sexting for when you have already slept together and when she initiates it.

Flirting is great, and you should definitely flirt with her, but don’t make it all about flirting. Make sure that you have a meaningful conversation when you text too, so send her something informative. You can start a topic about the current state of the country, for example. That might seem silly to you, but it will make her feel like she really has someone to talk to. It will also make her think that you like her mind, not just her body. As I said before, married women don’t get so many chances to have serious, meaningful conversations, so she will appreciate it.

How To Seduce A Married Woman_ 14 Proven Ways To Make Her Want You Bad