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10 Signs A Married Man Is Pursuing You

10 Signs A Married Man Is Pursuing You
Leslie Blair
Written by Leslie Blair

How do you know when a married guy is flirting with you? There will be clear signs a married man is pursuing you. Does his wedding ring disappear when he’s with you, or does he make intense eye contact?

His body language will tell you that he wants you in his love life, as well as physical contact. But will his marital status stop him, or does it mean that he wants an affair?

So, your dating life has gotten a lot more complicated because you’re in love with a married man. It’s just one of life’s issues, and you’re not the first person to have such a complicated dating life.

Whether he is your work colleague or a casual acquaintance of yours, you will be eager to put on your make-up on and flirt. Does he spend all his free time with you? Does he keep texting you and like all your posts on social media?

A lot of single women have a problem because of romantic feelings for a married guy but does he have romantic feelings for you? Still, don’t get your hopes up that he will break up with his wife and get his personal life in order. Your life might always be complicated if you fall in love with a married man butt you’re not the first person to have these issues. Falling in love with a married man was possibly the last thing on your mind… but you have noticed signs that a married man is secretly attracted to you.

However, how do you know for sure? He will do little things that will serve as red flags that he likes you more than he should. Whether it’s your work colleague or some other married man, you’re probably not ready for an affair.

Like all single women, you want to put your make-up on for a guy who will love only you but because of his marital status, that won’t be so easy. You need to make it clear that you’re not just something on the side. If his romantic feelings for you are really that serious, he will have to prove it.

Until then, read these signs that a married man is attracted to you and it will help you figure out what’s really going on in your love life. Maybe he is texting you and he likes your posts on social media, but does he really intend to leave his wife because of you?

Even if you’re the one he turns to when he has problems, you’ll probably never be the only woman in his life. So, after you read the signs that a married man likes you more than a friend, carefully consider your next step.

10 signs a married man is pursuing you

Seeing you is an important part of his personal life, but how do you know whether a married man really loves you? Does he really mean it, or is leaving his wife the last thing on his mind?

The little things he does are red flags that he likes you, especially if he spends all his free time with you. This whole situation probably boosts your self-esteem, but you have to be careful when he’s texting you.

The obvious signs of his body language will work well for your self-esteem, but don’t let yourself believe it’s true love. It will never be easy if you hook up with a married man.

For now, let’s see the signs a married man likes you more than a friend to know for sure what we’re dealing with. These obvious signs will tell you if he is really interested in dating you.

Signs a married man likes you more than a friend

1. You will see it in the way he looks at you

If you suspect that a married man might be interested in you, start paying attention to the way he looks at you. Maybe he isn’t ready to tell you himself, but his eyes will tell the truth for him.

You can tell by the look in his eyes that his day has become better the moment you walked into the room. He will look deep into your eyes like he’s trying to see into your soul.

He wants to see your reaction when he looks at you and he’s actually searching for a sign that you like him too so you will catch him staring at you sometimes. It’s like he can’t help but look at you whenever he can. Still, maybe the married man will look away when you make direct eye contact, which will tell you that he is trying to control his feelings.

The way he looks at you could be one of the signs a married man is pursuing you so pay attention and notice how he looks at you.

2. You won’t see the ring on his finger

You know that he is a married man and you know that he has a wedding ring yet somehow, he never seems to wear it when he’s with you. This is one of the signs a married man is pursuing you.

If this married man loves you, he definitely feels guilty about it. His ring is what reminds him that he is a married man and that he shouldn’t have feelings for any other woman but his wife.

Along with that, when he wears his ring, he feels like his wife is somehow with him. If anything, it makes him think of her, and it makes him feel guilty so he takes it off, making it easier for him to give in to the feelings he has for you.

If he doesn’t take his ring off when he’s with you, he constantly plays with it. He isn’t aware of it, but it looks like the ring is bothering him and this means that he has feelings for you but isn’t sure yet if he should act on them.

3. He will try to get close to you

You will be able to see the signs a married man is pursuing you if you pay attention to his body language. He will try to have physical contact with you whenever he can which is a red flag that he has feelings for you.

When you two are in a group of people, he will make an effort to stand or sit next to you. He will try to touch your hand or shoulder when you two are talking and when you greet, he will want to hug you or kiss you on the cheek.

His feet will always be directed toward you, and he will mimic your moves. Maybe he’s trying to control his feelings, but he can’t control his body’s urge to stay close to you and touch you. He wants you to get used to him being near you so you would be more comfortable with it.

4. He will talk badly about his marriage to you

Since he knows that his feelings aren’t something to be proud of, he will try to justify himself and he’ll do that by talking badly about his marriage to you. It will seem like he’s opening up, but be careful and don’t believe every word he says.

He will tell you that he and his wife have had problems for years and don’t share any common goals or interests and he’ll even lie to you about not sleeping with her for ages. All in all, he will try to convince you that his marriage is just a worthless piece of paper and the reason why he’s doing that is that he wants you to think that he would leave her for you. 

However, he will open up about other things too, so he might tell you about his dreams, his past, and his desires. Still, be careful because he will probably lie to you a lot just to get you to like him.

All he’s really doing is telling you exactly what you want to hear. There’s no way that he will be honest about his intentions.

5. He will try to make you laugh

Making a girl smile is the key to her heart, and men are well aware of it. Married men are no different, and they know how to use the power of humor to win a girl’s heart. So, he will try his best to make you laugh and to appear as a charming and witty man. 

Does he only look at you when you’re in a group of people and he’s the one telling a joke? This is because he only cares about your reaction. He doesn’t want you to see him as a boring married man but as an interesting guy, which is one of the signs a married man is pursuing you.

6. He looks his best when he is about to see you

Everyone wants to look good for the one they love, and married men are no different. So, if he tries to look his best when he is about to see you, it’s one of the signs a married man is pursuing you.

He’ll make sure to put on his favorite cologne and he won’t notice it, but he will keep adjusting his hair or tie when he’s with you. All he wants is for you to see him in the best possible light.

7. He will be too polite

It’s one thing when a man is a gentleman, but this married man will be too polite and you will see that it’s about more than just being friendly.

This married man will be worried about you, so he will care if something’s bothering you or you are tired. He will try to take care of you and meet your every need and what he wants is to protect you and show you that he supports you.

Maybe he’s being friendly, but he wouldn’t put so much effort into taking care of you if it wasn’t more than that. He wants you to know that he’s reliable and that he will be there for you.

Whether he offers you a ride home or helps with a big issue you have, he’s trying to get closer to you because he wants to be the person you’ll call when you have a problem.

8. He makes excuses to contact you

This married man will use every chance he gets to be near you and talk to you. He will come up with all sorts of excuses as for why you need to get together.

Maybe he’ll even show up at the places where he knows he could find you. He just wants to be near you and he will do anything to make that possible.

9. He will want to know all about your love life

This guy wants to know if you’re seeing anyone, and he will get that information from you. If you’re single, he will want to know about the type of guys you like. However, if you’re in a relationship, he will want you to tell him all the details about it. In either case, this guy is really interested in this part of your life.

He’s looking for more than just giving you friendly advice. He wants to be a part of your life, so he tries to see if there’s room for him in it.

10. He will be jealous

You’d think that this guy has no right to be jealous of you since he’s the one who’s married, but guess again. If he really cares about you, he will show signs of jealousy whenever you’re near another guy.

Just because he is married doesn’t mean that he can’t show the same signs other people show when they’re in love. He simply can’t help it.

If you’re in a relationship with someone, he will always point out the bad sides of it, and will even try to convince you to leave the relationship. He wants you all to himself, and the fact that he is married won’t stop him from trying to be the only man in your life.

10 Signs A Married Man Is Pursuing You