11 Reasons To Date A Girl With A Wicked Sense Of Humor

11 Reasons To Date A Girl With A Wicked Sense Of Humor
Written by Lauren Dover

A girl with a wicked sense of humor walks into your life and makes you laugh harder than you ever did before. We all know that a good sense of humor is something women look for in a man but what about the other way around? A girl who knows how to joke in a playful way seems more like a friend than a girlfriend at times but once you get used to her wicked sense of humor, you will realize that you have both in her. She will be your best friend who will make you laugh even when you don’t feel like laughing but she will also be your girlfriend who teases you in a playful way.

Have you ever met a person with a wicked sense of humor who wasn’t intelligent? People like this are really clever as they are able to see the funny side of life. When they observe life, they find things to laugh about. It’s great to have someone like that around when you are feeling down so if you date a funny and clever girl, the hard times won’t really be that hard because you will always find something to laugh about, even when you don’t feel like it. After all, laughter is the best medicine, so this girl might give you the best prescription for enjoying life… laughter! You should smile more often and find something funny about every situation. Things will never be so bad that humor can’t make it better.

After all, hanging out with a girl like this can be a blast! She is someone who is fun to be around. Such a positive person will bring light into your life and what’s more, your friends and family will most likely adore her. They will be happy that you have found someone who makes you laugh. As long as they hear you laugh, they won’t care about anything else. Aren’t you tired of being with girls who aren’t really that clever? They would always wait for you to make them laugh. It’s like it had never crossed their mind that they could make you laugh too. Well, this girl is different from those you are used to. She is intelligent and funny, so you’ll be excited to be near her.

What’s more, if you yourself are funny, you want a girl who is just as funny. After all, other girls might not get your jokes like she will and it’s important to be with someone who thinks on the same level as you do. If you two share the same taste in what’s funny, your relationship will be filled with laughter, you’ll get along better and you’ll understand each other. The best thing about it is that you will have inside jokes that only the two of you get and there will probably be too many of them to count. It will seem to others as if you two speak the same strange language that only you two understand. The best relationship of your life will be with someone you can laugh with.

The great thing about being with a funny girl is that the reason you’re with her isn’t the way she looks; it’s the way she thinks. Such a relationship always lasts longer than a superficial one. After all, looks fade over time but when you love someone’s personality, you can be sure that it will never fade. Such a girl will be your best friend, and it will always be fun to be around her. She is a strong, independent woman and only a strong, independent man will be able to really appreciate her. Her humor has gotten her through a lot of difficult times, and it made her strong and she has a lot of people in her life, so she will never be one of those needy girls who will always call you.

People with a wicked sense of humor are the best folks to be around with. They will make you smile more often and notice the fun parts of life. The thing about a woman with a wicked sense of humor is that you have to be intelligent enough to get her jokes. She is someone who is clever and fast at thinking on her feet so this woman will certainly make your life a lot more interesting. I am going to tell you about all the reasons to date a girl with a wicked sense of humor so read on and find out all about this kind of girl. It could be the best relationship of your life.

11 reasons to date a girl with a wicked sense of humor

1. It will never be boring

Time flies by when you are talking to someone who has a good sense of humor. Girls with a wicked sense of humor always have some witty observations ready. You can’t get bored around a girl who jokes around in a playful way. There’s always something new to laugh about, so even staying at home on a Saturday night could be a blast.

2. Your friends and family will love her

People who have a good sense of humor are great company so those who meet them often like them right away. A wicked sense of humor is a great icebreaker when it comes to meeting the family of your partner and both your friends and family will most likely love this girl from the start. Well, of course, they will when she is introduced to them with a knock-knock joke. They might even be disappointed when you show up without her.

3. She is intelligent and stimulating

Her clever remarks will keep you engaged 24/7. She is an intelligent and stimulating woman, there’s no doubt about it so don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling excited just to be around her. You will always have something to talk about, and more importantly, laugh about. This kind of girl grabs your attention and never lets go; after all, you wouldn’t want her to.

4. She will help you in the hard times

Her smile can chase away even the darkest clouds so when things get tough, you want someone like her in your life. After all, isn’t it said that laughter is the language of the soul? This is a person who will be able to put a smile on your face even when you feel like crying. She is capable of turning that frown upside down and turning it into a smile. Life isn’t always easy, and when things get tough, you need positive people in your life, people who will make you laugh and see the bright side of it all.

5. ‘We’re far from the shallow now’

Falling in love with a funny girl means falling in love with her soul, heart, and mind so you’re not just falling for her good looks. It isn’t a superficial kind of love that often fades when another pretty girl appears in your life. What you will have with a funny girl is a serious bond that couldn’t be so easily broken. You will get to truly love her for who she is and she will return the favor by loving you even more because of it.

6. It’s like she has a superpower

You will be amazed by how she turns a frown into a smile with such ease. Even the hardest days are filled with laughter when you are with a girl like this. She will always give you something to laugh about, and it will make your life much happier. You will notice how her positivity spreads when you are with other people as well. It’s like she has a superpower to make people feel better in a matter of seconds. Just a simple joke could make someone’s day better, and she is well aware of it.

7. She won’t depend on you

Naturally, a funny girl has a lot of friends so she won’t be needing you to make her social calendar busy. This type of girl is independent, and she has so many people in her life who love her that she won’t need you much. If you are tired of needy girlfriends, you are in for a treat. A relationship with this girl will be different from all the relationships you had before her. You should be happy that such a girl wants to be with you.

8. Fighting with a funny girl is different

Funny girls aren’t really interested in fighting; they often find a solution quickly and move on to something else. Still, if it happens that you get in a fight with such a girl, it won’t be like the fights you’re used to having with girls. She won’t be able to get through a fight without making a joke or two, probably at your expense. All the same, it will be hard to get offended since it’s more like teasing than insulting but be prepared for such a clever girl to also have clever arguments when she needs them!

9. She is a strong woman

A lot of people use humor to deal with hard times, but not all of them are as good at it as she is. That humor got her through a lot of painful times; it’s her way of fighting and staying strong. In situations that could break someone, she will mock everything until she gets through it. The great thing about humor is that it can really help you get through serious problems more easily. As someone who uses humor as a defense mechanism, I can tell you that it really works. I wouldn’t have been able to get through all that I did if I hadn’t found the strength to laugh at it. As I said, laughter is the best medicine, and it can work as an anaesthetic as well.

10. Laughter is forever

We all know that looks fade so those whose attraction is based on looks often break up over time. Such attraction is nothing compared to the bond you have with someone you love for who they are. Her personality is what made you fall in love with her, and that will last forever. Just imagine growing old with someone who is that funny; wouldn’t it be great? When you have such a strong bond that isn’t superficial, it can really happen. I can already picture an old couple holding hands and laughing together on their 40th anniversary. If you can picture it too, there’s a good chance that it will really happen.

11. She is your best friend

A funny girlfriend will never be just a girlfriend to you, she will also be your best friend. She will be someone you turn to when things get tough but she will also be someone with whom you can celebrate when things are going great. She’s someone you call first when you want to hang out and it doesn’t matter whether you go out or stay at home, because the time you spend with her is equally precious. It’s great when your partner is also your best friend, and such relationships are more likely to succeed.

Now that you know all the reasons to date a funny girl, you can start searching for one. This girl will be unlike any other girl you met before her. Her positive energy glows and rubs off on you and youwill notice that you are becoming funnier as well. Everyone needs laughter in their lives, and with a girlfriend like this, you’ll have plenty of laughs. It goes without saying that this kind of relationship will be happy and long-lasting.

Still, be careful, because you don’t want to mess around with such a clever girl. She will see right through you, and it won’t be funny to her if your intentions are not good but if you are honestly looking to settle down, this is the right girl to do it with. Life will never be bad or boring when she’s around. Laugh out loud till your jaw hurts, and enjoy this amazing relationship!


11 Reasons To Date A Girl With A Wicked Sense Of Humor