Will My Ex Come Back? 20 Signs He Will Come Back After A Breakup

Will My Ex Come Back? 20 Signs He Will Come Back After A Breakup
Leslie Blair
Written by Leslie Blair

If you are asking yourself will my ex come back, it’s probably because you want your ex-boyfriend to give your serious relationship a second chance. Your ex will come back if there are signs to say he will after the break-up. When I went from being a fiancée to an ex, I wondered if my ex would come back but I wasn’t sure it would be the best decision. You have to keep in mind why a relationship ends in the first place.

Still, if there is a chance for you two to be the way you were on your first date, don’t hurry to get into a rebound relationship. When a relationship ends, everyone is left wondering if that was the best decision. Relationships end for many reasons but it might be that your ex thinks that breaking up with you was his worst mistake. It will show in the signs if he will come back after the break-up. The no contact rule is important when relationships end. Still, your mutual friends might tell you that he has been asking about you, as he will probably turn to your mutual friends to reach you.

If you want your ex back, don’t use social media such as Snapchat to show how much you are hurting and become the best version of yourself instead. Women often get a new haircut after they leave a long-term relationship, and there’s a reason for that; your new haircut will represent a change in your life and it will, in addition, help you get through hard times in your specific situation. It will feel like you have started over the very next day and you can go out with your best friends and have fun.

During the period of no contact, there shouldn’t be texting and don’t use Snapchat either. Show the best version of yourself on social media. When the no contact period has ended, it’s time for you to be your ex-boyfriend’s best friend and not just his ex-girlfriend. Get him to open up for the first time after the break-up and find out what your ex thinks. Be careful not to end up in the friend zone, though. When an ex-girlfriend becomes a guy’s friend, she could end up in the friend zone.

It’s important that you get him to open up and say if breaking up with you was a mistake, and that he wants to give you a second chance. The truth is, no one can tell you with certainty what will happen in your specific situation but your ex will likely come back if you have a gut feeling that he regrets breaking up. Trust your gut feeling because it might have picked up on the signs that he will come back after your break-up.

Still, if you are wondering will my ex come back, maybe you are asking the wrong question. Instead ask yourself in the first place if your ex should come back. I wished that my ex would come back but once I became the best version of myself, I realized that we had broken up for a reason and found a new boyfriend. My new relationship made me not only stop wondering will my ex come back but stop wishing for it as well.

Will my ex come back? 20 signs he will come back after a break-up

If you are wondering will my ex come back, it’s good to know about all the signs he will come back after breaking up. Maybe your ex-boyfriend regretted breaking up with you the very next day. Still, it’s important for the no contact period to end without texting or contacting each other on social media. The no contact period will get him to realize how much he misses you. Sure, you are risking him finding a new girlfriend and starting a new relationship but your ex will come back if he really loves you.

So don’t hurry to find a new boyfriend or get into a rebound relationship. A rebound relationship might be good for your ego, but if you and your ex still love each other, there’s still hope. If you have already found a new boyfriend, it’s a good sign if your ex is jealous of your new relationship. The first time he tries to get you to end it, you’ll know that he still loves you.

If you two want to patch things up, and your ex comes back, try recreating your first date. Just remembering your first date will get you to remember your love as well. You might have had a hard time getting your long-term relationship to work in the past, but you have learned since then. There is still hope for you two to have a good relationship if you both put effort into it.

So, if you are torturing yourself with the question of will my ex come back, read these signs your ex will eventually come back to find out for sure.

Signs he will come back after a break-up

1. He tells you that he regrets breaking up with you

You don’t have to ask yourself will my ex come back if he tells you the answer himself. The clearest of the signs that your ex will eventually come back is when he tells you that he regrets breaking up and it is at the same time a very good sign that you will have a good relationship. That’s because if he is ready to admit his mistakes, he is probably ready to work on himself as well. But before you take him back, make sure that he is ready to put the effort into having a serious relationship.

2. He tries to stay close to you

Just look at how your ex-boyfriend acts after the break-up. If he is still trying to stay close to you by calling you to hang out or to give him some advice, it’s a good sign. When my friend asked me will my ex come back, I just told her that he never really left. After all, he was always there somehow. The thing is, your ex comes back as soon as you are seeing each other again, even if you haven’t made it official yet. It is a very good sign when your ex never really leaves your sight and that’s because he doesn’t want to be away from you.

3. He is nostalgic

Is your ex-boyfriend bringing up all the loving memories from your past? If he loves to remember how things were, it’s because he wants them to be like that again. You will get your ex back if he is still living in the past when you were happy together. He wants his old girlfriend back… the one who held his hand in so many romantic moments that have become memories of happier times. Does he mention those memories all the time when you talk? If so, you don’t have to wonder anymore if your ex-boyfriend will come back… After all, he never really left.

4. He wants to know if you have started dating again

Your ex hasn’t found a new girlfriend yet for a reason; that reason is that he isn’t searching for one. The main question on his mind right now is if you have found someone new. Don’t be surprised if he goes around asking people you know about your love life. You will get your ex back because he is hoping that you haven’t moved on yet. He wants his girlfriend back, he doesn’t need a new one but he is scared that you have maybe already started a relationship with someone else. If you haven’t and you still love your ex-boyfriend, this is your chance to win him back.

5. He asks about you

As I said before, if he wants to get his girlfriend back, he will be asking those who know her about her life. It might happen that your friends will be able to answer your question, “Will my ex come back,” for you. Your ex-boyfriend will be asking them about you and he will want to know what you have been doing and how you are doing after the break-up. But as I said, what he will want to know the most is if you have started to date again. So, your ex-boyfriend might not contact you directly, but if he is asking your friends about you, it’s just as good.

6. He tries to convince you that he has changed

In order for your relationship to work this time around, your ex-boyfriend has to change. So, if he not only realizes it but tries to convince you that he has changed, you will be back together in no time. Still, you have to change as well but keep in mind that people can tell you that they have changed just to get you back… and they really haven’t changed a bit. So be careful, and don’t get your hopes up until he has proved that he really has changed.

7. He has recognized that you have changed

Similar to the last sign, if you are the one who needed to change and have done so, your ex-boyfriend will recognize it. For this relationship to work out, you both have to put effort into improving what was wrong. For example, if you were too selfish in the relationship but now you’re showing signs of selflessness, your ex-boyfriend will see it. By showing him the will to improve, you will give him a sign that you are ready to be a better partner to him. It might be what gets him back.

8. He gets close to your family again

Your ex might be trying to get closer to you by getting closer to your family. If your family is important to you, your ex knows it and is trying to win them over. After all, if they would support you two getting back together, it would be easier for him to win you over again. Another thing is that they are basically a mine of valuable information about you so he might be trying to find out what you’re up to. In any case, if he is trying to get through to you by using your family, he really wants you back.

9. He acts jealous

If your ex still wants to be with you, he will get jealous if he sees you with another man. So, if you are posting pictures with hot men on Facebook and he doesn’t know if you have found someone new, it will drive him crazy. He might get jealous of every man who gets to be around you, which is a clear sign that he still cares about you very much. He doesn’t want anyone to steal you away from him before he gets another chance to make you his.

10. He opens up about important things

When your ex starts opening up about important things, it’s because he still feels intimacy with you. Intimacy is about being your honest self in front of the other person. It’s getting emotionally naked in front of the person you love to let them see the real you. So, if he starts opening up, it is because he misses that intimacy. When a man gets vulnerable in front of you, you can be sure that he cares deeply about you. What’s more, maybe that’s what was missing from your relationship the first time, so things will be better now.

11. He makes it clear that he is still single

If your ex volunteers the information that he is still single, it’s because he wants you to know that he is still available. It’s important for him that you know that he hasn’t moved on. Why would that be unless he wanted to get back together? When he tells you that he’s single, he will try to see if you are still interested in being with him. He will expect you to be glad that he hasn’t still moved on and it definitely means that you two still have a shot.

12. He is ready to take the blame

It’s not a problem for him to take the blame for the break-up and he admits that he made mistakes and is willing to work on himself. If this is the situation in your case, you can be sure that your ex wants to get back together. He is telling you all that because he wants to see your reaction. It will determine whether there is still hope for the two of you or not. In any case, it is a great sign that he is prepared to take responsibility just to win you back.

13. He makes excuses to see you

Get ready for a lot of silly excuses just so he can see you. Maybe they delivered his newspaper to your place and he would rather drive miles than buy a new one. Do you really think that he cares that much about a newspaper? Another thing he could do is not give you your stuff back right away, or at least not all of it… That way, he has an excuse to see you every time he ‘accidentally finds’ one of your things you left at his place. But don’t be surprised if he gets creative with the excuses as well.

14. He tells you that he dreams about you

If your ex admits to you that he has been having dreams about you, it’s because he still feels intimacy with you. His brain is so occupied by you that it is working overtime, so he has you on his mind even when he is sleeping. Just the fact that he is dreaming about you should tell you enough. He constantly has you on his mind because he still wants to be with you. If you want him back, this is a sign that he hasn’t moved on yet, so you have a chance to get him back.

15. He misses you

Of course, when your ex tells you that he misses you, it’s a clear sign that he wants to get back together. The truth is, all of us miss our ex once we break up but the thing is that we aren’t prepared to tell them that unless we are desperate to get them back. So if your ex starts telling you how he misses you, it’s clear that he hasn’t moved on yet, and doesn’t want to. He is still hoping that you two can fix things and be happy like you once were. Now it’s your turn to ask yourself if you want the same.

16. He calls you when he’s drunk

This is another thing all of us are familiar with. We might pretend that we are strong after a break-up but as soon as we get drunk, we find ourselves dialing our ex’s number. He might not be ready to tell you what he thinks when he is sober but as soon as the alcohol kicks in, he will tell you all about how he misses you. Still, you need to be careful with this sign and don’t believe him until he repeats what he said when he is sober again. This is because he might be drunk-calling you just because he is lonely.

17. He tries to make you jealous

Have no doubt about it, your ex will try to make you jealous. He will post a lot of pictures with hot girls on his Instagram and Facebook profiles but these pictures aren’t for his friends; they are for you. He is purposely posting them to make you jealous. The best way to react to this is not to react. He will have to find a better and more honest way to get your attention. Also, be sure that he is regularly checking out the things that you post and maybe he is just trying to compete with you.

18. He talks positively about you

When your ex starts complimenting your accomplishments, preferences, or the improvements you made after the break-up, there’s still hope for you two. He will not let the break-up make him think any less of you and this is because he still loves you and knows what he has lost. Now he probably wants it back, so it’s up to you how you will react to his compliments. But if one thing is sure, it’s that he is trying to stay on your good side and he wouldn’t be doing so if he didn’t love you.

19. He sees you in a positive light

Much like the last sign I mentioned, if your ex still sees you in a positive light, it’s likely that he will eventually come back to you. He might mention to the people who know you that you are more mature and more positive. The thing is that he has seen how you have improved and doesn’t see the mistakes you made in the past anymore. He actually even admires the person you have become since the break-up. Maybe he wouldn’t give the old you a chance again, but he will wait for the new improved you with his arms wide open.

20. He is your friend

If you’re back on talking terms with your ex and he tries to be your friend, there’s still hope for you two. This is especially true if he is regularly initiating conversations with you. In addition, if he has been calling you by your cute nickname from when you were in a relationship, it seems that you are still in a relationship; you just haven’t said it out loud yet. Everyone says that they are going to stay friends, but if you and your ex actually have, it’s a great sign. It means that he still wants you to be a part of his life, and that tells you something. Still, be careful not to end up being just friends. One of you will have to come out and say what you two really need to be.

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