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Is He Leading Me On? 10 Obvious Signs He’s Leading You On

Is He Leading Me On? 10 Obvious Signs He’s Leading You On
Leslie Blair
Written by Leslie Blair

There was a guy I liked, but I had to ask myself – is he leading me on? If you are in the same situation, read on because I will tell you all about the signs that will answer your question. Let’s first make it clear what leading someone on means. Someone who is leading you on is actually giving you false hope. It is when someone gives you hope that they are interested in being with you without any intention of following through. Every one of us has been led on at some point. If you are asking yourself is he leading me on, I am sorry to tell you, but he probably is. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be wondering that in the first place; you have probably sensed something. Still, keep reading to see all the signs and make sure that he is leading you on.

1. He told you that he wasn’t interested in anything serious

If you are wondering is he leading me on, ask yourself if you are ignoring something. The truth is, some guys tell us that they are leading us on, but we tend to ignore it because we like our version better. If he told you that he wasn’t interested in anything serious but now acts like he wants a relationship, don’t just assume it. His actions don’t matter; if he told you the truth at the start, he is now openly leading you on.

2. He is recently single

Guys who have just become single are rarely interested in jumping into a new relationship right away. They want to enjoy their freedom and have fun. Even if he isn’t leading you on, the only relationship he is looking for right now is probably a rebound relationship. He is giving you hope that once he gets over his ex, he will fall for you, but that might not happen.

3. He never keeps in touch

When I was wondering is he leading me on, I had a crush on a guy who would always be happy to see me… yet somehow, he would never keep in touch. It seemed like it was great if we got to see each other, but if we didn’t, he couldn’t have cared less. He would never text or call me first but when we were together, he would flirt with me and give me hope.

4. He is too good to be true

This guy will seem too charming and smooth. When things look too good to be true, most of the time, it’s because they are. Usually, a guy who likes you will get nervous around you even when he is usually confident. Since everything this guy says seems to be perfect, it is because the answer to your question of is he leading me on is yes, unfortunately, he is.

5. He tries to maintain a balance

I noticed something when I was wondering is he leading me on, that the guy I liked maintained a balance between keeping me interested and keeping his distance. That can’t end in any other way but heartbreak. This kind of guy is confusing and makes you question everything. That’s a clear sign that he is leading you on.

6. He constantly makes you wait for him

If you are not waiting for him to get over his ex, you are waiting for him to find time for a relationship with you. Other times, you are simply waiting for him to text you. Basically, all you do with this guy is wait for him and this is because he is stringing you along as a backup. He doesn’t value your time, nor you for that matter.

7. He always talks about sex

Just because a guy has no intention of really being in a relationship with you doesn’t mean that he would mind one hot night in bed with you and that is why he is leading you on. He is hoping to get something from you and that something is just sex. That’s the reason why he keeps turning the conversation to the topic of sex.

8. He doesn’t take you anywhere

This guy will never take you dancing or have a real date with you; he will instead stay local. This is because he puts the bare minimum in just to keep you interested. He gives you just the right amount of attention for you to be hooked but doesn’t want to take it further.

9. He always says the same things

If you are asking yourself is he leading me on, just look at the way he repeats himself all the time. This is because he is doing the bare minimum to impress you. He doesn’t care about remembering things about you, so he picks one thing that you respond well to… and he keeps repeating it. Yes, he cares that little about you.

10. You get the feeling that he is leading you on

When someone is leading you on, you will get the feeling that they are. The truth is, deep down, you actually know it, but you refuse to admit it. That is what false hope does to you, it makes you want it so badly, even though it isn’t real.

There could be many signs that your man is actually leading you on, and these are only some of them. After all, every situation is different. Still, I am sure that everyone who is being led on actually knows it, but they are denying it. They are still grasping for that hope that something will happen with their crush. But when someone is leading you on, you need to move on and find someone else who will give you what you deserve.

Don’t feel bad about it, all of us have been led on at some point in our life but the best thing for you to do is realize it and give up on the guy you can’t have. After all, there are plenty of men out there who would gladly take his place in your heart. Good luck!

Is He Leading Me On? 10 Obvious Signs He’s Leading You On