Are You In Love With An Anxious Girl? 10 Things You Should Know

Are You In Love With An Anxious Girl? 10 Things You Should Know
Written by Ana V.

Dating a girl with anxiety can be a challenge because anxiety is a serious disorder that prevents some people from living a normal life. Still, if you are in love with an anxious girl, know that it will all be worth it. However, you have to put the effort into having a happy relationship with an anxious girl. She will need some things from you, so read on to find out what you should know when dating a girl with anxiety.

Don’t take her to a place where she would feel boxed in because people with anxiety are often claustrophobic as well. When it comes to texts and calls, make calls and send messages as soon as you can because these people don’t handle the waiting game well and remember that trying new things is a big step for her.

Another thing that you need to know is that you will probably have to wait for her to get ready a whole lot. The thing about her is that she is always uptight, but that is why she keeps it classy. All in all, when a girl like this loves you, she loves you with her whole heart. Read on to discover all the things that you need to know when you are dating a girl with anxiety.

Are you in love with an anxious girl? 10 things you should know

1. She needs to know that she can count on you

If you want to make an anxious girl happy, be consistent… Your actions need to match your words. When you say you’ll call her, do so, otherwise, she will panic and think that you have already met someone new. It might sound silly, but consistency can solve this problem, and that’s not asking for much. Read our article on consistency in a relationship to learn more about it.

2. She needs to be taken seriously

Other things may seem silly to you as well, but anxiety attacks are very real, so never make fun of them. Her heart rate can increase over insignificant things, and you need to understand her instead of judging her. Telling her that there is nothing to be concerned about won’t really help either of you. You have to understand that your anxious girl needs to be taken seriously.

3. She needs you to believe in her

An anxious girl will always need reassurance and she will be grateful for it. It would be best if you told her that everything will be fine and help her think positively. Tell her that you love her and that you believe in her. She needs someone who will believe in her, and it will make her twice the woman she is.

4. She needs you to be there for her

Your anxious girl will require you to listen to what she’s going through and understand her. Don’t judge her for her feelings or for overthinking, which anxious people do a lot. All she really needs from you is some good advice from your perspective. She will need you more than you need her, and you have to be there for her. That’s what loving someone is all about, after all.

5. She needs things to go the way she expects

Anxious people are planners. They like to know things ahead and for them to go as expected. The thing is, such people have the need to be in control as often as they can so your anxious girl might not appreciate your spontaneity; she likes schedules much better than things to be spontaneous.

6. She needs you to carefully choose your words

When dating a girl with anxiety, you have to be aware that she overthinks every single thing and that is why it is important for you to avoid jokes that she is likely to be offended by, even when they seem harmless. You will probably tell your girlfriend to relax, but that only makes things worse. She needs you to carefully choose your words because she is very sensitive to criticism. She might consider any comment to be criticism, so be careful what you joke about.

7. She needs you to hold her in the middle of the night

Such people often have trouble sleeping so she may be up all night crying because of something she is thinking about. That is when she needs you to hold her and tell her that you aren’t going anywhere. She might also have nightmares, so night-time is really when she needs you the most. You might not get much sleep, but you will get a very thankful girl who loves you more than anything.

8. She needs you to remind her to breathe

She should stop for a minute to simply breathe and slowly relax but she keeps forgetting to, so she will need you to remind her about it. Her mind is her priority so sometimes she will forget about the easiest tasks, such as taking a minute to breathe. She needs you to help her with it because of her anxiety.

9. She needs you not to be scared by her anxiety attacks

What you need to do when she has a panic attack is lie down with her and hug her tightly. If she is having trouble breathing, it’s better that you both sit up but the most important thing is that you never leave her alone when it is happening. It will help a lot if you tell her that you are there for her and ask her about how she is feeling. She needs you to be by her side when she is having an anxiety attack.

10. She needs you to know that she isn’t her anxiety

Anxiety is just a part of her, not who she is. She is much more than the thoughts she thinks and the emotions she feels. Anxiety doesn’t define her, and you shouldn’t look at her that way. Living a normal life is possible if you take our advice and give her what she needs. Also, don’t always assume that everything she says is related to her anxiety. People like this can be rational, so don’t always assume that she is overthinking.

Are You In Love With An Anxious Girl_ 10 Things You Should Know