17 Signs He Wants a Relationship With You

17 Signs He Wants a Relationship With You
Leslie Blair
Written by Leslie Blair

Even when it is clear someone likes you, a part of you might be wondering whether he wants the same things you are looking for in a relationship. A lot of women want a committed relationship from the very start. However, it is a topic that is avoided at the beginning of a romantic relationship for fear of scaring a potential partner away. Nonetheless, signs he wants a relationship with you can save the day for you.

Signs He Wants a Relationship

1. He pursues you

17 Signs He Wants a Relationship With You

Men have been the chasers traditionally. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that it is wrong if a woman reciprocates by texting or calling first. However, it will be a problem if the woman is initiating contact all the time. When a man is into you his actions will reflect just that. You won’t be wondering whether or not he wants to be with you all the time. If you have doubts it means his actions are not aligned with his words. Thus, if he is reaching out daily and making efforts to keep the communication going it means you have his attention and he is interested to be with you.

2. Consistency

You can pick on this even before you get involved with him. It is also a sign that he does indeed like you. If he maintains consistency in his availability and communication instead of the sporadic “what are you doing” or “what’s up” texts you know he is indeed into you.

Someone who wants a committed relationship will use every opportunity to be close to you. When he is not busy he’ll want to spend time with you and even when you are apart he’ll text and call to check up on you. If a guy wants to be with you there won’t be times when he goes MIA on you for long without communicating until you are left wondering if he is okay.

3. He asks you to be his girlfriend

17 Signs He Wants a Relationship With You

When a guy wants to be with you he won’t waste time before asking you to be his girlfriend. Someone sure about you will already know what he wants from the start. He won’t waste a lot of time for fear of losing you. Everything he does will be intentional and it is hard not to be best friends. You won’t have to push and nag for a date night because that will be happening several times in a week.

4. He will slow down for you

If you want to truly know what the intentions of a man are towards you are then setting boundaries is the best way to achieve that. A man who throws tantrums or ghosts you when you set boundaries was never serious. Someone interested in being with you will pursue you and respect your boundaries. Letting him know that things are moving fast for you and he needs to slow down will not make him defensive but rather he’ll agree to your wishes.

5. He is vulnerable with you

A lot of time men will not want to show emotion. However, you don’t want someone who doesn’t open up to you. It will be hard to know what he is thinking or even what he wants. You can’t hope for a long-term relationship if he isn’t willing to be vulnerable with you. In addition, guys know that women like being all over their business if they are interested. This isn’t just about sharing what is good. You are supposed to be best friends and that means sharing the good things and even the ugly ones.

If the man won’t open up it means he isn’t ready to be involved with you for long. This is mostly because of the fear of rejection or being hurt. You’ll always be getting superficial answers no matter how hard you try to connect with him on a deeper emotional level.

Sharing intimate details is one of the ways to bond and that is important for a healthy relationship. He will share his desires, fears and even the things he loves with you because he wants to share his world with you.

6. He includes you in his plans

17 Signs He Wants a Relationship With You

Another telltale sign that he wants a long-term relationship with you is including you in his plans. He’ll even let you plan his calendar around your schedule to maximize the time he gets to spend with you. In addition, he’ll let you know of these plans ahead of time so that you don’t plan dates with other people. The amount of time someone is willing to spend with you is what defines whether he wants a real relationship with you or he wants to be friends with benefits. A man who wants to be involved with you for the long haul will even include you in his existing plans so that he doesn’t miss out on being with you.

7. The relationship gives you peace

A healthy relationship is supposed to bring you peace. If you are crying all the time and fighting frequently with your significant other then that isn’t a real relationship. If both of you want the same thing out of the relationship things will flow easily. If a guy is into you he’ll move mountains to get you and keep you happy. However, if he just wants to be friends with benefits or just flirt with you then you won’t be happy in the relationship at all unless you want the same thing.

When there are no awkward gaps where you wonder whether the two of you are compatible is an obvious sign that he loves you. You’ll be able to feel and see it when he says “I love you” through his actions. In addition, his words should be in line with what he does. Empty words are a common red flag no matter how much he reassures you. There are a lot of things men say to flirt but you can tell whether he is serious or not depending on his actions.

How to tell he wants to be with you

1. He is transparent

17 Signs He Wants a Relationship With You

There’ll be no mind games when a guy is into you. This is one of the telltale signs that he wants you for the long haul. When talking about the future he’ll make sure you are in the picture and he won’t be afraid to say “I loveyou” and let you know how much he treasures you. An obvious sign he doesn’t plan to stick around for long is being uptight about his plans and his life. It is a red flag not to be ignored if you don’t want to be heartbroken. You don’t want to spend a significant amount of time with someone who isn’t transparent with you. Keep going!

2. He wants to be exclusive

One of the top signs that he is serious about you is agreeing to be exclusive. A new relationship is quite delicate and one of the things men who are serious about you won’t do is making it possible for you to be snatched by someone else. He’ll let you know this from the very first date and keep texting and calling to ensure you do understand that he has eyes only for you.

One of the telltale signs that a man is a player is not being sure about what he wants with you. The confusion that comes with not knowing whether you are exclusive but thinking maybe you are will throw your love life in a turmoil. The same goes for when nothing has been made official but neither of you is seeing other people. If he loves you he won’t risk losing you by being hesitant about making things official.

3. He keeps his promises

Once a man who wants to be with you makes a promise he will follow through come rain or sunshine. Being stood up isn’t something anyone looks forward to in her love life. It is even worse if it happens on the first date because that’s one of the top signs that nothing good can come out of the relationship. Empty promises are disappointing and the more they happen the more you lose trust in him. If this is happening in a new relationship it is one of the signs you should keep going. It is the little things that should mean the most and if the dating advice you are getting isn’t in line with that you should look for love elsewhere.

As he gets invested in the new relationship he will put more effort to show you he is serious about you. Besides the little things he might be doing to show his love, he will confirm the relationship status and finally say “I love you” if he hadn’t said those magic words before.

If a man loves a girl he will make an effort to never disappoint her and if he does he’ll do his best to make up to her. This is the kind of love you should be looking for not just having your relationship status updated on social media. Text messages, frequent phone calls and being taken on dates are signs you may have just found the one.

4. He makes you a priority

Have you seen pictures of happy couples laying on leaves in the park enjoying a lazy evening? This isn’t just something for love magazines or blogs giving dating advice. It can be real and it can actually happen. Even though other things will take precedence in his life at times, he’ll make it clear that you are a priority to him. However, look out for signs you are dating someone who is into you if you want that. Sporadic text messages should not fool you. A girl he is into will always be the first thing in his head when he wakes up and the last when he goes to bed. You should also be best friends. That means you’ll never have to cry and threaten to be treated with basic human decency.

Note that it doesn’t mean he’ll abandon everything for you. If this is your only definition of signs he wants to be in a relationship with you then you’ll be disappointed. Everyone is entitled to have a life even when they are in a serious relationship. As much as he might be the one, if you sabotage his life then it might not end well for you. A relationship where both or one of you is co-dependent is toxic and unhealthy and you need to avoid being looped into such.

Signs he wants to be in a relationship with you and make you a priority means being told and shown that you matter to him as well as your wants and needs.

However, don’t expect him to be canceling plans last minute for you unless it is a real emergency. Also, last-minute plans may not be such a good sign unless he wasn’t up to anything. If you want to know that he is the one just look at how he plans his time around your schedule. He’ll always create time to be with you which means you don’t have to shove your way in. One of the signs he wants to be in a relationship with you is the feeling you get from his actions and words that you are indeed a priority to him.

5. His actions align with his words

A man can tell you a lot of nice things, introduce you to friends and family and still not want a serious relationship with you. Actually, this is one of the signs he wants a casual relationship. If he doesn’t want a serious relationship with you he won’t care whether he disappoints you or not as long as he gets in your pants. Therefore, if this isn’t what you are looking for you have to run the moment you start seeing signs he wants a casual relationship.

A good sign that he wants a relationship with you is putting his words into action. You can tell by how he treats you, looks at you and the things he does. If he is still on dating sites while pushing you to be exclusive you should question his motives. One of the signs he wants a serious relationship with you is taking his profile down from datings sites and apps. If he is reluctant don’t waste your time wondering whether he wants a relationship with you because chances are he doesn’t.

How to tell if he wants a relationship

Rarely will a man tell you he wants you to be his girlfriend the first day he realizes he likes or loves you. However, here are some signs that can help you to know if you are wondering how to tell if he wants a relationship with you. They include:

1. He is settled in life

Being settled in life can be assessed based on the kind of investments a man has done. If he has a car, has a savings account, a great job, a home, and financial stability then it means is he settled and ready for something serious. However, it isn’t a must for a man to have all those for him to be judged as someone ready for a long-term relationship. Nonetheless, he should have some of these things and a plan on how to achieve the other goals he has set in his life. If his life is a mess and he isn’t doing anything significant to change that you shouldn’t waste your time on him. However, you should also be able to tell the signs he wants a relationship but is scared. Don’t confuse the two.

2. He respects and makes room for your opinions

17 Signs He Wants a Relationship With You

If he comes to you when he has a problem and asks for your opinion it is one of the signs he wants a serious relationship with you. Also, it isn’t just a matter of him asking for your opinion but also listening to what you have to say. If he cares to know what you feel and think about various aspects of life it is one of the signs he’s serious about you. People care about the opinions of those who are close to them and if this is the case it is one of the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend.

It is a good sign if he authentically respects what you have to say. If he makes you feel stupid about your opinions then you should keep moving. Don’t even excuse it as one of the signs he wants a relationship but is scared but someone who likes you will never make you feel stupid.

3. He introduces you to friends and family

When it comes to analyzing the signs he wants something serious with you, think about whether or not you have met his loved ones. One of the signs he’s serious about you is being introduced to family and friends. They are the people he spends much of the time with and he’d want to make you a part of that. Thus, don’t waste time wondering about the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend if he shuts you down whenever you ask to meet his loved ones. If you have to ask then you may as well as start walking out of the door because it might never happen.

4. He cares about what your loved ones think of him

When it comes to signs he wants you to be his girlfriend it isn’t just the opinion of his friends and family that matter but also of yours. The relationship will be much easier if it is supported by both sides and that’s why it is one of the signs he wants something serious if he asks to be introduced to your loved ones and know what they think about him. He’ll do his best to get along with them if he truly cares about you. Thus, watch out for that before you start losing sleep thinking about signs he wants something serious with you.

5. He wants you to be happy

If a man is only using you he won’t care whether you are happy or not. One of the signs he wants a relationship is going to any lengths to make you happy. The relationship will be doomed from the start if one of you is unhappy in it. When it comes to signs he wants a committed relationship, your happiness will be his as well. Such a man will pay attention to what brings a smile on your face and makes you laugh until your stomach hurts and go out of his way to do more of that.

If this is the case you shouldn’t be wondering about signs he wants a relationship because that will tell you exactly what you need to know. A healthy relationship is one where each partner is happy and this is one of the signs he wants a committed relationship.

If you aren’t sure that he’s displaying signs he wants a relationship then you shouldn’t rush. It’s better to wait and get all your questions answers and doubts cleared before you get into a relationship. If it moves fast some lines can get blurred and that is how you’ll be waking up in the middle of the night daily wondering how you got there. Check for several signs he wants a relationship along the same lines you have in mind before you decide to take it to the next level. Heartbreaks suck and you need to protect your heart. Being alone for a little bit longer is better than ignoring signs he wants a relationship or not and getting your fingers burned.

17 Signs He Wants a Relationship With You