Are You A Restless Spirit? Here Are 10 Characteristics Of Restless Spirits

Written by Deborah Carbone

Do you know what a restless spirit is? And I don’t mean the band that released the Lord of the New Depression album last year. But that title does say something about the meaning of a restless spirit. In fact, it could be said that a restless spirit is a lord of the new depression, since this is an unhappy, dissatisfied person but it is also a sign of the Holy Spirit working within you.


    The band Restless Spirit debuted their full-length album on CD and their title song Lord of the New Depression mentions the king of sadness, which is a great definition of a restless spirit. If you like this kind of music, you should check out Ripped from Me, another song from the band Restless Spirit. If you are into hard rock/heavy metal, you will enjoy both the Lord of the New Depression and Ripped from Me singles. But enough about music, although I think that your restless energy would enjoy it.

    All around the world, there are people who spend their whole lives being wandering spirits. I realized last year that I am one of them, so I explored my faith and the Holy Spirit. I have learned the meaning of a restless spirit and I am going to tell you everything I know about people who have restless energy.

    The definition of a restless spirit is that it is an unhappy, dissatisfied person with a wandering spirit. As I said before, there are people all around the world who have a restless spirit so you won’t be the only one if you spend your whole life as one. But I am going to tell you a few things to help you. Still, let’s first check for sure if you are one of the restless spirits.

    Are you a restless spirit? Here are 10 characteristics of restless spirits

    Are You A Restless Spirit? Here Are 10 Characteristics Of Restless Spirits

    There are ten things that restless spirits do, so check out these characteristics of restless spirits to see if you are one of them. If you find yourself in some of the signs I mention, then this article is for you and I hope that it will help you.

    1. You love meeting new people

    Restless spirits crave new people because it’s what keeps them moving. Do you like hanging out with new people and do you enjoy learning from them? Do you even sometimes travel with them and it’s not a problem for you that they are complete strangers? Do you stick to them if they turn out to be high-quality people? Then you might be a restless spirit. And a great quality of such people is that they are honest from the moment they meet a new person. They are actually all about positive energy and laughter.

    2. You don’t want to spend your life in one place

    If you love the idea of traveling and try to travel as much as you can, you might be a restless spirit. These kinds of people are always on the move and they hate the idea of spending their life in one place. That is a great thing because when are you going to discover new countries if not while you’re young? If you are interested in getting involved with someone who is a restless spirit, you are going to have a great time because they are going to show you the world.

    3. You can’t sit still

    Do you start feeling uncomfortable if you stay in one place for longer than a month? Perhaps traveling around and meeting new people would be the perfect life for you and all restless spirits would agree. This is because they can’t just sit still and that is what makes them so special and unique. So if you choose this type of person for your partner, your life will be an adventure and you will discover something new every day.

    4. You aren’t interested in having an ordinary life

    Having a big house and a fancy car isn’t what you’re into; you would much rather go backpacking with your new friends in some strange places than stay in the same place. And this applies to your professional life as well; you couldn’t imagine yourself working at the same job for a long period of time and especially if it means being stuck in an office. It’s more likely that you will work as a journalist who gets to travel the world and take photos of ecological catastrophes and war zones.

    5. You don’t do agendas and schedules

    They simply aren’t your thing since your motto is ‘whatever will be, will be’. You are an open-minded person. When you want to do something, you will do it right then. You see no point in waiting around for a scheduled appointment. That is how life works for you, and you wouldn’t change it even if you could and that’s what makes you so different from all the rest.

    6. You think that every day is an adventure

    And you don’t even care where you will end up. All you really care about is the people you will get to meet on the amazing journey that your life is. The point is that you are happy as long as you are on the move and you know that you can find something positive in every place you end up in.

    7. You are aware of how special you are

    Even though you know that the world we live in has its rules, you have no intention of obeying them. A restless spirit doesn’t care about the rules regarding private things, jobs, and life in general. This is not the kind of person you will find being stuck in an office the whole day. So if you are also someone who does things that make you fulfilled and happy instead, you might be a restless spirit as well. After all, exploring new places and things is the lifestyle you choose.

    8. You think outside the box

    You are a deep thinker, and you think outside the box and as I said, you don’t obey the world’s rules, but you have your own. You are aware that life is amazing, and you will try to make sure it stays that way for you as well but you don’t worry much about things. This is because you believe that there is someone above us who knows what’s best and will decide what our lives are going to be like. After all, if that is the truth then what’s the point of worrying? You don’t like wasting your time on things that you cannot control.

    9. You want it all

    If you are someone who always aims high, you might be a restless spirit. People envy restless spirits for the exciting lives they lead and that constant moving around is what makes their lives so special. It must be really liberating to not be afraid of trying new things and you are not afraid of making a few mistakes along the way either  because you know that even if you make a mistake, you will get to learn something from it. And you are well aware that anyone who aims as high as you has to make some mistakes along the way but you simply want it all.

    10. You step out of your comfort zone

    You never know what you will find while you keep moving, and that is why you are doing it in the first place. Even if you have an amazing life here, who says that something even better isn’t waiting for you across the road? You have the need to let go of everything, and that is perfectly fine… After all, you step out of your comfort zone every day and that is the best thing that you can do for yourself.

    So, what do you need to know?

    You are someone who isn’t afraid of trying new things and living life to the fullest. And that is great, but you are not a satisfied person and that is something you can work on. You have to understand that there’s no need for you to constantly waste your energy… whether it’s on activities or people or objects that don’t inspire you to grow and advance. But growth is not the only point of life because you also need to enjoy yourself.

    Life is also about pain, spending time with your loved ones and being grateful for everything. If you are searching for an answer as to why life is that way, you won’t find it. Being on the move is great but if you are always looking for a new adventure ahead and the next great achievement, you won’t be in the present and will miss out on the things that are happening right now.

    Remember that belief is a very powerful thing and what you believe to be true will become true. You have to find your own definition of happiness, so don’t look for it in other people and places. The thing is, maybe you can move away from your home but you can’t move away from yourself, so you will take your problems with you wherever you go. And just because you changed location doesn’t mean that anything else has changed.

    Feelings are temporary things, and it’s okay to feel emotions, so stop fighting them. Every day is a new opportunity to achieve happiness and truly enjoy life and even though community matters, you have to be content in order to be alone. Try some breathing exercises to help you relax in peace on your own, especially on the tough days.

    Be open to all the possibilities life has to offer and let them inspire you, whether they are beautiful, terrifying or mundane. The truth is, life is lucky to have someone like you and you bring light to it. Try enjoying things that are natural, such as a warm cup of organic tea or a picnic in a forest. Find rest in your tears and your laughter as well. It’s okay to be weak… even if we are told that being physically, intellectually and emotionally strong is important.

    Even though you need to enjoy your alone time, people are not meant to be isolated. So, find refuge in people when you need help but be careful whom you surround yourself with and carefully choose the people who are going to be around you because we are all like sponges; we absorb the behaviors of others, even when those are bad and unhealthy behaviors. It happens to all of us, regardless of how individualistic we think that we are.

    Life doesn’t always go according to plan but there will always be new opportunities, so be aware of them and always look deeper. When it comes to your home, relationships or job, always try to do what you think is best for you and be aware that sometimes that will have to hurt. But it’s worth it because everyone has to make some painful decisions from time to time in order to achieve the happiness we all aim for.

    Use your restless energy by channeling it into something that you care deeply about, such as a hobby, a cause or a relationship. Have you ever tried volunteering? It’s important to feel love and share love in order to make your life truly happy. You have to find a balance between the calm and the wild inside of you and when it’s their time, allow them to come out.

    I hope that this article has helped you figure out if you are a restless spirit and I hope my advice will be useful to you. Understand that being constantly on the move and meeting new people has its advantages and can be beautiful… but it could also mean that you are always running from something that you need to deal with. Maybe you will have to settle down at one point. Good luck!

    Are you a restless spirit? Here are 10 characteristics of restless spirits

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