The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With A Man Who Does These 12 Things

The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With A Man Who Does These 12 Things
Leslie Blair
Written by Leslie Blair

You get to have an amazing relationship! But for it to happen, you have to find the right man. And that man does certain things to make sure that you have the best relationship of your life with him. I will tell you what kind of man you should be looking for and trust me, men like that are out there. You just need to be patient and don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. The man that you need does these 12 things:

1. He pays attention

Be with a man who always looks at you when you are talking and not only listens to you but actually hears you. He will always pay attention to you, whether it’s what you are saying or what you need. You will be the center of his world, and he won’t want to miss anything you say or do. Because he will really care about you.

2. He puts your happiness first

Be with a man who will always put your happiness first. He will go out of his way just for you. And it will be his goal to make your every wish come true. When it comes to presents… he will always put extra thought into getting you the perfect gift that really says what you mean to him. He won’t mind driving all day just to see you for an hour. And he will never miss the chance to take you to your favorite restaurant, even if it’s far away.

3. He is ready to commit

Be with a man who will be happy to call you his girlfriend and wants a serious relationship. He will be able to commit to you. And you will be the only girl in his life. It won’t be a problem for him to change his status on Facebook to in a relationship with you. And it also won’t be a problem for him to delete his Tinder account after you two start dating. If he has some other girls in his life, he will end it with them the moment you two decide to be exclusive.

4. He supports you

Be with a man who will be the wind beneath your wings. This guy will help you achieve all your goals, and all your dreams will come true. Because you will finally have someone who will give you the support that you need. And he will believe in you no matter what. He will believe that you can do anything you put your mind to. And he will make you believe it too.

5. He is always there for you

Be with a man who won’t run away at first sign of trouble. He will always be there for you when you need him, and you won’t have to deal with problems alone ever again. Everything will be easier once you have someone who always got your back. You won’t have pregnancy scares with this guy, because you will know that he would stay by your side. He is simply someone you can rely on.

6. He loves you for who you are

Be with a man who will love you the way you are and accept your flaws. He will always think that you look beautiful, even if you have just woke up and have no makeup. This is the guy who will make you love yourself for who you really are. And more importantly, he will give you the freedom to be yourself and live life the way you want it. He will be there to support your choices, not to argue with you. Because he trusts that you intelligent enough to make the right decisions.

7. He takes care of you

Be with a man who will take care of you when you aren’t well. Whether it’s making you tea when you have a cold or holding your head over a toilet when you are drunk… This is the guy who will always want to take care of you and make sure you feel okay. He will drive you home or call to make sure that you got home safely. Guys in love want to protect their girlfriends.

8. He knows how to handle conflict

Be with a man who handles conflict with maturity. He will always treat you with the respect you deserve, no matter how angry he is at you. And he knows how to make compromises, which is what will make your relationship work. You don’t want someone who will scream at you, but it’s also not good to keep feelings bottled up inside. So he will tell you what bothers him, but you will be able to work through it.

9. He puts in a constant effort

Be with a man who puts in the effort. He will always plan special dates and treat you like a princess. It won’t be beneath him to wash the dishes or cook a meal. And this is important for long-term relationships. Because you don’t want to end up being the only one who actually does things around the house. When it comes to your sex life, he will go down on you and make sure that you enjoy your sex life as much as he is.

10. He plans the future with you

Be with a man who plans a future with you. This is someone with who you will stay up late, discussing what your kids are going to look like. And what their names are going to be. You plan your future together and how great your house is going to look like. This shows that he wants to have a future with you because he really cares about you. And he wants you to know that he is really committed to the relationship.

11. He compliments you

Be with a man who compliments you and makes you feel good about yourself. His compliments will make you feel beautiful and sexy… Even when you are wearing sweatpants and have no makeup. Because when he looks at you, it will make you feel like you are the most beautiful girl in the world. At least he thinks so. And that is the only thing that matters.

12. He is not afraid of showing his feelings

Be with a man who is a man enough to cry in front of you when he is hurt. He won’t be afraid of being vulnerable in front of you. Because that means that he trusts you and feels safe with you. You won’t have to wonder what’s going on inside his heads because he will show his emotions openly.

The Best Relationship of your life will be with a man who does these 12 things