What It Means To Be A Sensual Woman (Or A Sensual Man)

There is a special feminine energy that you feel when you are around a sensual woman. This is a woman who wears high heels and never forgets to use lotion. A sensual woman is someone who has a good self-image and practices self-care and self-love. It’s time for you to embark on a delightful journey within to find your sensual self.


    So what does being a sensual woman mean? Being sensual means fully enjoying your senses of smell, sight, touch, hearing, and taste. A lot of people confuse sensuality with sexuality. The thing is, sensuality can be sexual, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Whatever can make you feel physically good could be considered sensual and that includes enjoying delicious food, having a nice, warm bubble bath, enjoying a relaxing massage, listening to pleasant sounds, having a warm hug, or watching a sunset or a sunrise.

    And if you learn to be sensual, it will increase your sexual confidence. Being sensual is about honoring life itself. Once you learn what feels good for you on a sensual level, you will be more embodied as a human being and, therefore, sexually confident. It’s time for you to get out of your comfort zone and release your sexual energy. A professional massage is just the kind of pleasure a sensuous woman like you needs.

    However, don’t stop there, because there are many ways in which you can practice self-care and self-love. Rub lotion all over your body after a warm bubble bath and really enjoy the sensation. Put on some high heels, and you will see how the feminine energy flows through your body. Plus guided meditation is another way for you to wake up your sensual self.

    What it means to be a sensual woman (or a sensual man)

    What It Means To Be A Sensual Woman (Or A Sensual Man)

    Let’s not forget about sensual men because we are going to talk about them as well. But first, let’s take a look at what a sensual woman looks like and how she acts. These characteristics of a sensual woman will help you learn how you can improve your self-image… and become the sensual woman you want to be. I am later going to share a few tips for guys as well because being sensual is not reserved just for women and nothing can spark sexual desire in a girl like a sensual man.

    The characteristics of a sensual woman 

    Now that you know what being a sensual woman means, you probably want to find out how to release your sexual energy and provoke sexual desire in men. Getting out of your comfort zone and releasing that sexual energy can be achieved through a delightful journey you embark on when you choose guided meditation. However, maybe it will be enough for you to take care of your body and put on some high heels to become the sensuous woman you want to be. You have to find what kind of pleasure makes you feel very sensual.

    Here are the characteristics of a sensual woman that will help you become the sensual woman you want to be:

    1. They know how to enjoy themselves

    What It Means To Be A Sensual Woman (Or A Sensual Man)

    You have to learn how to really connect with pleasure and joy. These kinds of women know how to enjoy themselves and that joy can lead to ecstasy. Try turning up your favorite song and singing as loud as you can. Maybe it’s a weird hobby, but I actually have days when almost all I do is learn the lyrics to the songs I like and sing at the top of my lungs. But that’s not all, because what’s singing without dancing around your house in your lingerie? A sensual woman is happy, vivacious, and vibrant. Let yourself really experience joy.

    2. They enjoy the pleasures of their body

    You have to put an end to self-criticism. Instead of your flaws, focus on what makes you amazing. You have to love your body, accept it, and appreciate it and don’t be fooled that there is only one size in which sensual women come. Your body is beautiful, regardless of what size it is. Shower yourself with affection and praise. Delight your senses by enjoying the pleasures of your body. I like to light some candles, play a little blues, and enjoy a hot bath. And when you’re done with that, don’t just put on your sweats. Instead, let your curves shine in cashmere and silk, with some stilettos to go with it. Put on your favorite perfume, and that’s it! The sensual woman you are is now ready to glow with confidence.

    3. They are feminine

    What It Means To Be A Sensual Woman (Or A Sensual Man)

    You get to enjoy the gifts of playfulness, softness, and flirtatiousness. And it is your feminine power; it’s time for you to reconnect with it. And have no doubt about it, men are attracted to feminine women as bees are to honey. You have to embrace your feminine nature and feel your sensuality. As a woman myself, I understand that being feminine is not always easy but the mistake some women make is that they fight their feminine nature. Instead, you should embrace it and let it shine. Take care of your body, and try to always look your best and have manners. You will see how these changes will do wonders for your life.

    4. They walk with confidence

    I don’t know if you have noticed this, but the way someone walks says a lot about their confidence and self-esteem. So no matter how hard you try to look confident, your body language will tell the truth, especially if you walk with your head and shoulders down and your back rounded. Start paying attention to the way you sit and walk. Your head should be up, and your back should be straight. And don’t worry, you can improve your body posture with some practice. As I mentioned before, high heels can do wonders for your confidence, as well as your body posture and if you aren’t so confident walking in them, you can practice it. Pretend that you are a model on a runway and practice until you feel like one. Yoga or Pilates could also help your posture.

    5. They learn a seductive dance

    A feminine, seductive dance such as belly dancing could help you embrace your sensuality… and sexual self-esteem. And the best thing is that it could also help you overcome your shyness or body shame. Dances that require movements of the hips, such as salsa, can significantly increase your feminine energy. I myself enjoyed tango lessons but I tried other dances as well and regularly practicing such movements of the body have made me feel more feminine.

    If you are like me and think that you could lose a few pounds at the same time, there is a great thing called Zumba dance. It will help you release negative energy and, at the same time, burn those extra pounds that bother you. And as soon as you start feeling fit, you will feel more like a woman and love your body more, which is necessary if you want to be a sensual woman.

    6. They practice self-care rituals

    And these rituals are the most essential expressions of loving your body. As I said before, to be a sensual woman, you have to love your body. Just think about it, if your partner told you that he loved you but never touched you, you wouldn’t believe him, would you? Well, the same thing goes for these rituals. You have to take care of your body to really love it. Nourish your hair and skin and pamper your body with good-quality cosmetic products, as well as with massages. Make your body believe you that you really love it.

    7. They sleep nude

    Thanks to the perfect body image we are bombarded with by the media, we often hide our body. We get dressed and undressed very fast and avoid looking ourself in the mirror when we are naked. It might go as far as being able to make love only in the dark. But you have to snap out of it and love your body! There should be no more shameful feelings when you are in a bikini at the beach. Your body is a feminine temple that carries you through your lifetime. It is the birthplace of creating a new life and an embodiment of sensuality, softness, intuition, feminine wisdom, and gentle Jin energy. It is much more sacred than being just our figure. So, sleep nude more often to become more confident in your own body.

    8. They notice the small things

    What It Means To Be A Sensual Woman (Or A Sensual Man)

    They often take a walk and stop to smell the flowers. These kinds of women will always notice something like a house across the street with a beautiful garden. Start observing your surroundings, and don’t miss a chance to smile at some passer-by. Stop to sit on a bench and enjoy the sound of the wind playing with the trees. Absorb the sun on your skin or let the wind rush through you. The point is in absorbing everything that your environment has to offer and when you get home, reflect on that journey.

    9. They are really into what they do

    They are very intentional with the way they do things. If you like reading books, then the next time you pick up a great novel, feel the texture of the paper and let your fingertips really enjoy the sensation. Listen to the crisp, eloquent sound when you are turning the pages. If you prefer music over books, have you ever thought about getting a record player? You can have a collection of records and really enjoy the sound of them turning… as the crackling sound delights your ears and you can try listening to classical music records too.

    10. They exercise and meditate

    What It Means To Be A Sensual Woman (Or A Sensual Man)

    Regular exercise could do wonders for your confidence, and it releases endorphins. If you are like me, you don’t like going to the gym but you can find physical activities that make you feel good and you can make them fun. You can refer to my earlier suggestion and take dancing lessons or you could invite a friend to go hiking with you. I chose Zumba dancing, as I mentioned, and it is something I gladly recommend as someone who is really not a fan of sports. However, exercise is not enough because you have to take care of your mind as well as your body. Meditating three times a week will make you feel calm and peaceful… like every feminine woman.

    What else can you do?

    Try rolling around on the grass. I am not kidding. Sit on it and feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Sensuality is all about really using all of your senses. The next time you pleasure yourself, explore what feels nice on different parts of your body and when you are with a partner, ask him to touch different parts of your body to see which areas increase your pulse. When it comes to clothes, let your body really feel good in it by choosing extra soft clothes that are silky and you can start with your underwear.

    Don’t forget to put scented candles on your shopping list and have them ready for a hot bath with essential oils. Let your sense of smell really come to life by visiting a perfume store and trying out different smells. But don’t forget to notice all the smells even when you are walking down the street. Have fun with essential oils by mixing them to create your own scent. And when you are with your partner, really notice his clean, natural smell to see how different it is than any other.

    When you are eating, start really focusing on how the food tastes and smells. Try making a dish you never had before and don’t forget to taste it once in a while while cooking, to get the flavor right. While you’re at it, make a delicious dessert and enjoy every bite. Try going to a restaurant that serves food you have never tried before. When you are at a grocery store, buy things that you have never bought before; I do that all the time, especially with unusual fruit and it really feels good. You can also try eating your food in the dark, to really feel the taste of it. And don’t forget to eat slowly. Have you tried using chopsticks?

    Don’t be afraid to have your partner feed you; after all, you can feed him by putting a grape in your belly button. Let yourself enjoy a beautiful sunset or sunrise whenever you get the chance. If you have a fireplace, you can watch the wood burn but don’t forget to sit outside and absorb the beauty of nature. Plus watching children or pets play is a great way to brighten up.

    Try sitting in a quiet spot and listening to all the sounds around you. Notice the actors’ voices when you are watching a movie and see which ones you like the best. When you are meditating, repeat a mantra out loud for about ten minutes and don’t be afraid to experiment with music from different cultures. But if you don’t have anything to listen to, satisfy your hearing sense by humming or whistling to yourself.

    As I already mentioned, listening to your favorite song and singing at the top of your lungs will make you instantly feel better but you should also try listening to classical music. All in all, there are many things you can use. And I have mentioned a lot of them, but you can still find something that suits you the best. It’s important to explore and try different things, so use every chance you get to try something new.

    Sensual men

    When it comes to sensual men, the first thing that pops into my head is a scene from Dirty Dancing. And yes, almost every dancing instructor is a sensual man but if you are a guy looking for a way to become more sensual, you don’t have to become a dancing instructor to achieve it. Still, taking dancing lessons is a great idea! And don’t forget that working on this will make you a sensual lover and all the women you date in the future will be grateful for the effort you put into this.

    One way to get what you want is by starting to pay attention to the details. Go ahead and read the part above about being a seductive woman because you can use some of the tips from there. Stop sometimes to smell the roses. 

    However, I have to tell you something about a mistake you guys often make. I noticed that most guys eat their food as if they have never eaten before in their life; they could just use a shovel to put it all in just to fill their stomach. So, the way you eat your food is a great way to start working on yourself. You should really enjoy every taste of it and slow down to savor it. If you have regular meals at a certain time, you won’t feel so hungry that you have to just swallow it as soon as you can. Try experimenting with food and really enjoy the new tastes that you get to feel. It’s a great way for you to practice sensuality.

    As I said, most men eat just to get full and the biggest problem with that is that they approach sex in the same way. They are familiar with the feeling of orgasm, and that becomes the only goal of the act. But just like eating fast doesn’t allow you to appreciate all the complex flavors, approaching sex in that manner won’t give you the full experience either.

    The best advice I can give you about all this is to slow down. And I do mean that you slow everything down. Start by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath through your nose. Then start noticing what you smell. Do this before you eat and do it when you are with your partner. Close your eyes and forget about everything that surrounds you. Breathe her scent in and notice the unique smell.

    Touch her skin with your fingertips and notice how soft it is compared to yours, then look her over and see how her body is different from any other body in the world. Maybe she has a birthmark that you never noticed before. Use all your senses to appreciate your girlfriend for real. The more you learn to appreciate her, the better your sex life will be. And the trick to sensuality is to use all of your senses.

    Have you ever noticed a beautiful woman with a nerdy-looking guy? This is because even though women like macho men, when it comes to choosing a life partner, they look for personality more than appearance. A man who is popular with women is a man who pays attention to them, regardless of how he looks. And the way you approach life is the same way you approach sex, so women can actually sense how good you are in bed by the way you act.

    And could there be any better motivation for you to work on yourself than appearing as the perfect lover by the way you act? Sure, there could be and it’s being the perfect lover, which you can achieve with just a little practice. Women love a man who is well-groomed and smells good and he should also be neatly dressed. And when it comes to what he is like on the inside, being articulate and intelligent will get you far with the ladies. They appreciate an honest conversation and can’t resist a man who makes them the focus of his attention, and a good sense of humor is another thing that could help you.

    However, to really become a better man, you have to really experience life with all of your senses because you are not doing it only for the ladies, but for yourself too. And the ladies are just the reward for your efforts that you get once you become the man you want to be and that is a man who really understands what sensuality is all about.

    I hope that I have helped you figure it out. And with just a little practice, I am sure that you will become the sensual person you want to be. The results of it will be clear to you once you take your newly awakened senses to the bedroom.


    What It Means To Be A Sensual Woman (Or A Sensual Man)

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