35 Subtle Signs A Guy Likes You More Than A Friend

35 Subtle Signs A Guy Likes You More Than A Friend
Leslie Blair
Written by Leslie Blair

Do you have a guy friend who is more than just a friend? When a guy likes you, he will flirt with you, and you will see signs he secretly likes you more than a friend. Maybe he texts you all the time, or you two hang out alone. You probably have intense eye contact, and he is all over your social media. Maybe you are the one for him. So pay close attention to the signs a guy likes you more than a friend.

Do you flinch when he touches you? A lot of the time, guys will need to be sure that you are interested before they try taking things to the next level. So don’t flinch when he touches you, but show him that you enjoy it. A shy guy will need extra help to become more than just a normal friend to you. Buy yourself a new dress and arrange for a get together. Talk to him about your love life and tell him that you can only hope to meet someone that amazing.

But before you do that, read all about the signs he secretly likes you more than a friend to know for sure. You can learn a lot from his body language and the little things he does for you. Maybe you are the one who has to make the first move. You don’t want to end up in the friend zone by taking too long to take things to the next level.

Start paying attention to his body language, and you will see the good signs. One of the good signs is that big smile on his face every time he sees you and it’s most likely that his body language will tell you the truth before he does. So be on the lookout for the signs and read on because you will learn all about them.

So, he is your close friend, maybe even your best friend… but are you more than just friends? Keep reading because I will give you the best dating advice for how to tell if he wants to be more than just a friend. You will know all about the signs a guy likes you more than a friend and how to be more than friends.

35 Subtle Signs A Guy Likes You More Than A Friend

1. He is different with you

A normal friend would act the same with you as with other friends but one of the signs a guy likes you more than a friend is if he talks to you differently than others. Compare the way he talks to you with the way he talks to his other female friends. Does he flirt with his other female friends as well? Or is the body contact restricted to you? Does he pay as close attention to them as to you? Does he laugh as much? It’s a big sign that he wants to be more than friends if he treats you differently than other close friends.

2. He remembers your likes and dislikes

Every piece of dating advice will tell you that if he wants to be more than friends, he will remember your likes and dislikes; he simply cares that much about you and he listens to you carefully when you talk about what you like and what you don’t like. It is important to him because you are important to him and that is a great sign that he wants to take things to the next level.

3. He is always texting and calling you first

Did you know that all those late-night text messages are actually signs a guy likes you more than a friend? In regular friendships, you two contact each other equally but if he is always the one who is texting and calling you first, you are probably more than friends. He wants to keep talking to you and spend more time with you, so this is a great sign.

4. He wants to know all about your life

Your best friend would want to get to know you better but if his curiosity about your life is not ordinary and he wants to find out everything there is to know about you, it’s one of the signs he wants to be more than friends. Especially if what he wants to know the most about is your love life. He has probably already read all about you on your social media but still wants to know more.

5. He doesn’t introduce you as his friend

If he thinks of you two as more than just friends, he will have trouble with introducing you as his friend. I don’t know exactly what he will say, but he will avoid using the word ‘friend’ at all costs. This is simply because he doesn’t consider you as just a friend, and he sees you as much more than that.

6. He makes excuses to make body contact with you

When he touches your shoulder when he makes you laugh or touches your knee when he is saying something, or if he hugs you every chance he gets, it is clear that he is finding excuses to make physical contact with you. Body language is important when you want to know if someone is flirting with you so if you two have a lot of physical contact, it’s one of the obvious signs you like each other.

7. He wants you two to hang out alone together

If he likes hanging out with you alone rather than in a group, it’s one of the signs he wants to be more than friends. Have you noticed him trying to get you away from a group of friends so you two can be alone together? An obvious sign that he wants to be more than just friends is if he always wants to be alone with you and he will find excuses to make it happen.

8. He contacts you all the time on social media

Have you noticed him messaging you the moment you go online? A friend like that is more than just a friend. He just wants to talk to you all the time and he is waiting for you to go online so he can do so. A good sign is that when you get together, you still have plenty to talk about.

9. He is always complimenting you

For this subtle sign, you have to look at how he treats his other friends. If he is always complimenting everyone, then this is not a big sign but if you feel like he flirts just with you, it could be true that he wants to get out of the friend zone… and be more than just a friend.

10. He makes eye contact with you

If you catch him trying to make eye contact with you and you often notice him staring at you, it could be one of the signs a guy likes you more than a friend. Both men and women like to look at the person they like… It simply feels good to see them!

11. He is nervous around you

This is another subtle sign that means something only when you take into consideration his behavior when you aren’t around. If he is usually confident but gets nervous around you, then this is a huge sign but if he is normally just a nervous guy, then this isn’t a big sign. Is he a shy guy or does he gets shy around you?

12. He calls and texts you all the time

It’s normal for friends to call friends but the number of text messages could be more than just a friendly amount. If, for example, he sends you a good morning text each day, it’s a huge sign. Maybe he is just calling to wish you a good morning and hopes you’ll have a nice day.

13. He gets jealous

Try mentioning seeing someone else and wait for his reaction. If he gets jealous, it’s a big sign that you are more than just a friend to him. He might get jealous about another guy friend of yours. All in all, the amount of his jealousy is how much he really likes you.

14. He notices changes in your appearance

An unmistakable sign your guy friend wants to be more than just friends is if he notices the little things about your appearance. He will always notice when you are wearing a new dress, or when you change your hairstyle and that is, a lot of time, an unmistakable sign he is into you.

15. He is a gentleman

Does he hold doors open for you or pull out your chair? Does he offer to drive you home from work? Does he offer to help you carry heavy bags to your door? He wants you to feel comfortable and at ease and a friend like that is showing clear signs he secretly wants you.

16. He has cute nicknames for you

When a friend likes you more than he should, he will address you by cute nicknames. When a guy friend calls you sweetie, baby, honey, or something like that, it’s one of the signs he likes you more than a friend. With these nicknames, he is trying to build intimacy with you and is falling for you hard.

17. He is generous with you

When a guy likes you, he will be generous with you and will try to impress you, so all those drinks and teddy bears he bought you are actually clear signs that he is into you. However, he could show his generosity in other ways besides the gifts… like giving you compliments or letting you drive his car. All in all, when a guy likes you, he will show these clear signs that prove it.

18. He smiles when he sees your face

Does his whole face light up every time he sees you? Does his smile extend beyond his mouth? Does it spread along his whole face? These are some of the telltale signs that your guy friend is more than a friend. When a guy likes a girl, he will have a smile on his face as soon as someone mentions her name.

19. He tries to make you feel safe

When a guy likes you, he will want to protect you and he will be willing to do anything just so you will feel secure in his presence. Does he walk you home when it’s late? Does he call to see if you got home safely? Does he hug you when you are watching a horror movie? Does he kill spiders for you? If your guy friend does these kinds of things, it’s not just that he likes you, but he is showing telltale signs that he is mad about you.

20. He shows that he’s in it for the long haul

Possibly one of the most obvious signs a guy likes you more than a friend is when he makes plans for the future with you because it implies that you two have a future together. So if he asks you to be his plus-one for a wedding that will happen six months from now, you know he likes you. Maybe he is planning your next summer vacation at Christmas. All in all, he enjoys making plans for his future, as long as you will be in it.

21. He is always trying to make you laugh

Men know how important humor is when it comes to attracting women so he shamelessly uses it to win your heart. He will use any opportunity to make you laugh, whether it’s by goofing around, acting stupid or coming up with new jokes. All he wants is to see that beautiful smile on your face and be the one who is responsible for causing it and he will always be on the lookout for new and interesting things that he can tell you.

22. He really listens to you

It’s not just that he listens to you, it’s that he really hears you. He is interested in what you have to say and pays attention to every word that comes out of your mouth and because he listens to you so much, he remembers everything about you. You will be surprised at how much he actually cares about what you have to say because you will see that he remembers it long after you have said it. He wants to get to know the real you and everything that will help him achieve that is precious to him.

23. He always tries to sit next to you

When you are in a group of people, he will always try to sit next to you but sitting next to you isn’t enough for him because he will have to have a conversation with you as well. He won’t care that there are other people around you two, because when he sees you, he can’t see anyone else because no one else matters to him but you.

24. He likes to tease you

If he playfully teases you once in a while, he is probably into you. You feel comfortable enough with each other to tell some flirty jokes and maybe he will even try tickling you and he will imitate you and laugh. All in all, he will act like a boy in love because he really is just a boy in love.

25. He wants you to meet his friends

Not only that he will introduce you to all of his friends, but he even might introduce you to his family as well. You are an important part of his life and he wants everyone he loves to know about you and see you the way he sees you… as the most amazing person in the whole world.

26. He wants to meet your family

He will enjoy all the stories from your childhood but at some point, that won’t be enough for him anymore. Just hearing about your family won’t be enough and he will want to meet them as well. But how will you introduce him to them? Maybe you two should first talk about where you stand before you take the next step and meet each other’s families. After all, wouldn’t it be great if you could introduce him as your boyfriend instead of your friend?

27. He calls you when you are feeling down

He is always there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on and if he knows that you are home alone, feeling down, he will call to check in on you. If you want him to be there, he will come to comfort you because he will never again let you face any problems by yourself. He will always help you out and support you when you need it the most.

28. He prioritizes you

You know that you aren’t his second option but his first choice and he never stops choosing you. You have noticed that he prioritizes you most of the time and he will always find time to be with you, even when he is super busy and has a lot on his mind because you are on his mind at all times and he will always clear his schedule for you.

29. He is always honest with you

You two keep no secrets from each other, and he always tells you the truth. You know that you can trust him because he is always honest with you and he opens up to you about his feelings and his biggest hopes and dreams. When something is bothering him, he tells you all about it and you know that he will answer honestly to any question that you ask him.

30. He respects you

This guy will always respect your opinion, even when the two of you disagree. He respects your boundaries and always makes sure that he doesn’t cross any of them. You know that he will never use something you told him against you and he understands it when you don’t have the time to be with him. He will always respect any decision that you make.

31. He doesn’t mention other women when he’s with you

It is like other women don’t exist for him or at least he never talks about them when he is around you. He doesn’t want you to feel jealous and he wants you to know that you are the only woman in the world for him. Has he been single for a while now? Maybe it is because he is waiting for you and hoping that you two will end up together in the end.

32. He needs your approval

Has he been asking for your advice on buying a new outfit? Does he care about your opinion when it comes to his tastes in music? If he is constantly looking for your approval, he is probably more into you than you think. Your other friends don’t care about your opinions on as many things, do they?

33. He tries to look good

Is he always trying to look good when you two are supposed to see each other? He probably enjoys your compliments more than anything else. Whether it’s fixing his hair or adjusting his tie, he will always try to look good for you because he wants to attract you.

34. He aligns his interests with yours

He is trying to make you see that you two have a lot in common and he wants to spend more time with you. He wants to understand the things that you care about and to have more to talk to you about them. He is trying to make you see that you could have fun with him.

35. Your gut is telling you that he likes you

All in all, you have to trust your gut so if your instincts are telling you to go for it, do it. Don’t waste time being just friends with someone who could be the love of your life. If you recognize these signs, do something about it and make the fairy tale come true.


35 Subtle Signs A Guy Likes You More Than A Friend