How To Recognize An Intense Person (20 Signs You Have An Intense Personality)

How To Recognize An Intense Person (20 Signs You Have An Intense Personality)
Written by Deborah Carbone

What is an intense person like? An intense person is someone who has very strong feelings and tends to take things seriously but it is also someone who does things with passion.


    They are those who don’t take a long time to open up and they cogitate on thoughts for hours. Sometimes they even plan something they will do or say weeks in advance and they constantly care about everything and everyone, so, obviously, they want to help everyone and everything. When they are looking at you, they will do so without blinking. Everything they speak about, they speak about with conviction and they also use intense language.

    These kinds of people prefer private messaging and they give their undivided attention to each person they talk to. However, they will bring up uncomfortable and even embarrassing topics into regular conversations. They are moody and changeable but they are sincere in everything they say. They brood a lot and become clingy in relationships and when it comes to their friends, they want to be with them all the time but they don’t like big social networks.

    They are also romantics and easily relate to and bond with characters in movies and books. But most importantly, the conversations they have need to be meaningful.

    If you want this kind of person to like you, you should let them talk without interrupting. You should also ask them questions, especially on what the wisest ideas would be but don’t forget to show them respect.

    For more signs, check out the Myers-Briggs INFJ personality trait because INFJ is the type of person who has an intense personality. And before you fall in intense love or start to use intense words, read all about emotional intensity in this article.

    How to recognize an intense person

    How To Recognize An Intense Person (20 Signs You Have An Intense Personality)

    Are you an emotionally intense person or do you suspect someone you know might be? Emotional intensity shows itself with these five personality traits.

    1. They have emotional depth and passion

    An emotionally intense person has always been an old soul. Compared to others their age, an old soul has always been an unusually deep feeler and thinker and they see the world with complexity and depth. An intense person experiences both positive and negative emotions powerfully and sometimes they feel two types of emotion at the same time. They can, for example, be very excited and then plunge into despair within a very short time period. Intense people know the real meaning of rapture and ecstasy and they feel completely absorbed when they enjoy art or music.

    When it comes to dating an intense person, you should know that they love passionately, even if they don’t show it. They give a lot and are easily wounded by rejection and abandonment but they can also be clingy. As I said, intense people are passionate, even when they don’t show it and this is because they form strong connections with everyone and everything that surrounds them. Because of this, separation is traumatizing for them. Being an intense person is all about experiencing life with nostalgia and tenderness so when they recall a memory with someone they love, they feel like it was yesterday.

    2. They have deep empathy and sensitivity

    Intense people have strong empathy, even from an early age. When they see someone who is hurting, they feel like they are hurting too. It actually means that they absorb the emotional and psychic energies of other people and because of this, they will sometimes feel overwhelmed after being in a crowd. Having meaningful conversations is a big deal to them so forget about small talk if you are interested in dating an intense person. Shallow connections and small talk are not things that an intense person enjoys; they will instead engage in a meaningful conversation with their best friend or another loved one.

    Intense people are sensitive to their best friends and their loved one’s needs. One of the benefits of an intense personality is that they are a very loyal companion but being too intense causes them to take things personally and they tend to take too much responsibility for what happens in a relationship so they will most likely blame themselves instead of the other person. Another bad thing is that they are sensitive to the environment, which means that strong smells and loud noises bother them.

    3. They are highly perceptive

    An intense person can perceive and sense things that others miss, as they pick up on subtle clues and see beyond the surface. When it comes to the dynamics between people, they are attuned with any changes. The most interesting thing about them is their ability to sense when somebody is lying, so even if they just met you for the first time, they will be able to assess your level of honesty just with eye contact. However, they sense other things as well; they can sense someone’s sadness, even if they don’t admit that they are upset. They also have a sense of knowing when something is going to happen or about their loved one’s inner worlds and a lot of people even consider them psychic.

    Nevertheless, they are only human beings. A lot of people might be threatened by them because they can see right through others. They could be the scapegoat in the family because of their need to point out an elephant in the room. An intense person has to push the boundaries of conformity and they challenge or question traditions, especially those that seem unfair or meaningless. What makes an intense man a visionary leader are his integrity and intuition but the same goes for an intense woman.

    4. They have a rich inner world with a vivid imagination

    Intense people don’t think just in words, but also metaphors and images because they have a rich inner world and a vivid imagination, as well as dreams, and fantasies. They might have turned to their imaginary world if they had an unhappy childhood. Intellectually, they are reflective and inquisitive. These kinds of people have a strong need to expand their horizons and gain knowledge. An intense man or woman will want to leave home to explore the world… no matter how guilty leaving others behind makes them feel. They are fast at processing information so they are probably a keen observer and an avid reader but the bad thing about an intense person is that they can seem impatient and critical with others who can’t keep up with them.

    Their mind is faster than their words, and they tend to interrupt others. When they are enjoying an art form, the rest of the world stops to exist. They enjoy self-discovery and often reflect on their behaviors but their love of self-discovery could cause them to be occupied with obsessive thoughts. They also often suffer from perfectionism and it’s like they are living with an inner critic who is forcing that perfectionism. They have been drawn to spirituality since childhood and even if they aren’t religious, they feel a strong connection to something bigger than themselves.

    5. They have a creative potential and existential angst

    From a young age, they have had existential depression and they have always thought about issues such as death, loneliness and the meaningless of life. They have even felt frustrated when others haven’t wanted to discuss such concerns. They are driven by strong existential angst because they can sense how things can be and they can also sense their own potential. An intense man or woman is someone who has a constant impulse to move forward; it’s like they are haunted by a sense of urgency. They have to live with the feeling that time is running out, and that they are not using it to do what they should. The thing is, they feel responsible all the time, even for things that they could not be responsible for.

    Their angst propels them to expand, learn, and advance on their life path, but it can paralyze them as well, as they are prone to creative blockages and procrastination. An intense person is multi-passionate, so they shouldn’t focus on just one path.

    20 signs you have an intense personality

    How To Recognize An Intense Person (20 Signs You Have An Intense Personality)

    If you think that you are very intense, maybe even too intense, read all these traits of an intense personality to find out if you are a human being who has the emotional intensity of a child with an old soul. Negative emotions can be a big deal but by the first time you become aware of your emotional intensity, you will already be better at controlling them. Your mental health is important and people who are very intense have to learn to control their intense feelings before they harm their mental health. So before you say any intense words or experience intense love, be sure to read these signs so you can recognize emotional intensity.

    1. You are forward

    Because of your emotional intensity, you don’t like wasting your time beating about the bush or being theatrical when it’s not necessary. When you talk to people, you talk about things that really matter and approach them on your own.

    2. You are a thinker

    You never just say things. When you present an opinion, it is a well-thought-out one and no one should dismiss what you are saying.

    3. You are a planner

    You won’t jump into things without planning them first. You like to think of every possible scenario and plan accordingly.

    4. You care

    Because of your intense personality, you can’t just look the other way when you see problems in the world. You are always ready to help and will be there for the people you care about.

    5. You make eye contact

    You make eye contact with people when you talk to them and engage in conversation. You want to show them that you are really listening.

    6. You get what you want

    When you really want something, you will get it and there’s no doubt about it.

    7. You are compassionate

    And you aren’t compassionate just when it comes to human beings; your intense feelings cause you to care about every living thing.

    8. You like writing better than talking

    You consider writing to be more efficient. The thing is, you don’t want to miss out on important things, and writing is an easier way to collect your thoughts.

    9. You like texting better than calling

    The same as with writing, texting is your way of saying things completely and clearly and you would always choose to text over calling someone.

    10. You are focused

    You are 100% into what you are doing. Things that go on around you don’t distract you, and you don’t stop until you have done what you were going to do.

    11. You don’t have taboos

    Just because society thinks something is taboo, it doesn’t mean that it should be a taboo to you. At least this is how you think because you don’t like closing your mind off to any issues and you are actually always ready to talk about anything.

    12. You have concrete opinions and ideas

    You stick to what you believe in unless you are provided with an argument that is rich in reason and logic.

    13. You are sincere

    You will never fake anything. And everything that comes out of your mouth comes from a genuine place. You can also sense it when someone else isn’t being sincere.

    14. You brood

    You might be great at communicating but you end up brooding because you don’t really understand your emotions. You also hold back the things that could cause you discomfort because you hate being vulnerable.

    15. You are clingy

    Intense people are often clingy. You don’t let go until you have made your point clear and have said everything you needed to say.

    16. You love your best friends

    You always remind them that you love them and you will be there for them when they need you.

    17. You aren’t really into social media

    It’s true that you think that it’s just not worth it, but you are also a lot to take so sometimes it’s best for you to not use it.

    18. You are a romantic

    You always make subtle gestures of love, and you are actually a hopeless romantic.

    19. You are a nerd

    Novels, comic books, movies… you love it all and you also relate to the characters.

    20. You hate small talk

    You have to have meaningful and deep conversations because talking about the weather is just not your thing.


    How To Recognize An Intense Person (20 Signs You Have An Intense Personality)

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