You Should Be Proud Of Yourself For How Hard You’re Trying

You Should Be Proud Of Yourself For How Hard You’re Trying
Written by Deborah Carbone

No matter what you do, the only thing that matters at the end of the day is if you can say, “I am proud of myself.” You need to be proud of yourself and let the positivity fill your entire life. Don’t forget to have self-talk from time to time and take care of your self-pride. Your mental health and well-being come first but in order to care of themt, you have to love yourself and have self-respect. You should be proud of yourself for how hard you’re trying because someone else maybe wouldn’t have the willpower to try at all.


    It’s important to get out of your comfort zone and stay in good health and remember that negative thoughts can only hurt your self-esteem. Can you mention a few reasons to be proud of yourself? If you are having trouble thinking of things to be proud of yourself for, you need to read this article because I am going to tell you why you should be proud of yourself. Be proud of yourself for how hard you’re trying in life.

    You Should Be Proud Of Yourself For How Hard You’re Trying

    You Should Be Proud Of Yourself For How Hard You’re Trying

    A sense of pride reflects on your entire life and being able to love yourself is the most important thing you need to do for your well-being. At the end of the day, someone else would have just stayed in their comfort zone; maybe they wouldn’t have the willpower to have self-talk. Just because you are searching for ways of how to be proud of yourself is already something to be proud of.

    Negative thoughts can only hurt your self-pride and self-respect… as well as your self-esteem and self-worth. Invite positivity into your life by saying, “I am proud of what I did,” every time you successfully do something. Feeling proud of yourself for trying is also important for your self-worth. Don’t forget that your sense of pride significantly influences your mental health and positivity is important for staying in good health. Your mental health will improve with your self-confidence once you make yourself proud.

    Social media can hurt our self-confidence since many people have seemingly perfect lives but you have to understand that not everything is what it looks like on social media. Other people have problems too so don’t let the illusion that they are posting influence your self-confidence. To be proud of yourself, you have to stop comparing yourself to others.

    All in all, you have been through a lot and you deserve respect for how you handled it. Be proud of yourself for trying at life, because not everyone is ready to try and work on themselves like you are. Read on to discover all about why you should be proud of yourself and learn how to be proud of yourself.

    Why you should be proud of yourself?

    You Should Be Proud Of Yourself For How Hard You’re Trying

    Surely you have done things to be proud of but don’t stop there, because you need to make yourself proud of everything you do. Here are some reasons to be proud of yourself.

    1. You have survived

    A lot of things have happened in your life and some of them were really, really tough but you have managed to survive all the difficult times so far. If that isn’t enough reason to be proud of yourself, I don’t know what is. You are a strong and capable person who can survive anything, and you have proved it to yourself many times. So why won’t you believe it?

    2. You have learned

    All those mistakes and bad experiences still managed to teach you something and those valuable lessons have made you who you are today, so be grateful for everything that has happened to you. And be proud of yourself for learning and getting better at a lot of things. Make yourself proud by using that knowledge. You have grown and advanced because of your experiences, so be proud.

    3. You have helped others

    Have you helped your friends move, donated to charity, or talked to a friend in crisis? Helping others is always a good reason to feel proud of yourself as happiness is also achieved when it’s shared. By sharing your good fortune, you make others as happy as you are, and not everyone is that generous. Surrounding yourself with positive people is easy… but making others feel positive is somewhat harder and you have managed to do it!

    4. You have made someone smile

    Every smile you cause is a reward to your soul and every time you have made someone smile, you have done a small part to make the world a happier place. You have made at least one person happy, and that is huge! As I said earlier, it is not enough to be positive, you have to share that positivity with others. Maybe you have made some stranger’s life better by giving them a reason to smile.

    5. You do some things better than anyone else

    Every one of us has a unique set of talents and skills and everyone is the best at something. So maybe you aren’t great at sports, but you paint like Picasso or cook like Jamie Oliver. It could be anything really, but surely there’s something you do better than anyone else and you had to work on it to perfect it, so there’s something to be proud of.

    6. You have inspired someone

    Whether you are aware of it or not, you have been an inspiration to someone. Your words made someone feel better about themselves and want to become even better. Maybe they have never said it to you directly, but you have inspired someone, and that’s not to be neglected. There is someone who admires you and wants to become just like you.

    7. You have some achievements

    You have done some great things in your life and there are achievements that really are reasons to be proud of yourself. If you need a piece of paper to prove it, why not enroll in a course? You can find a course online on just about anything, so why not get a certificate to hang on your wall as a reminder of your achievement?

    8. You will have more achievements

    No matter how many achievements you have had so far, you will have many more and remember to celebrate them this time. Maybe the reason why you are not feeling proud of yourself is that you aren’t rewarding yourself for your achievements. The next time you succeed at something, celebrate it with a bottle of champagne. Treat yourself with something you like every time you accomplish something. You deserve it.

    9. You have never stopped dreaming

    And you keep reaching for more. It’s important to have dreams and goals in life to have something to look forward to and you know that; that is why you never stopped dreaming, even when your dreams seemed silly or impossible. Keep that up! Only the dreamers succeed in life anyway because only those who dream are those who try to make their dreams come true.

    10. The world would not be the same without you

    And you have had a significant impact on everyone in your life because every single action that you take has an effect on other people. The world wouldn’t be the same without you, after all, and you need to be aware of your importance. Maybe you aren’t the most important person in the universe, but you are the most important person in your life and your life depends on you.

    How to be proud of yourself?

    You Should Be Proud Of Yourself For How Hard You’re Trying

    Now that you know why, it’s time to learn how. So maybe you know why you should be proud but don’t know how to be proud of yourself; I’m here to help you with some advice.

    Follow your passions and do what you love doing. When someone says you can’t do something, give it a try! And don’t think that you are an expert on everything just because you are an expert at something. Know your strengths and focus your efforts because trying to be great at everything leads you to mediocrity.

    Start by setting goals that challenge you to do the best you can and forget about competing with other people; instead of that, try competing with yourself and aim to become better. This way, you will certainly be a winner. Find role models who you could learn from and don’t forget that you have to practice things to get to perfection. When you do something, ask yourself what you could do to do it better next time.

    And don’t ever quit. Many people actually quit just before they were going to succeed. So don’t let that happen to you, and don’t be a quitter. However, once you reach success, don’t let it go to your head. Celebrate success, but don’t let it change who you really are.

    It is also important to define happiness for yourself and keep in mind that success in life both begins and ends with purpose. Having a life of purpose is the best thing you can do for yourself.

    Challenge your negative thoughts and build yourself up. It’s time to visualize your success, stand up straight and walk with confidence. Forgive yourself for your failures and encourage yourself to do better next time. Read on to discover five tips on how to be proud of yourself. Hopefully, they will get you to finally realize how amazing you really are.

    1. Growing

    Every human being can grow when they focus and push themselves. And just being human makes you awesome! Be proud of yourself for just being and for searching for ways to improve. If you are having trouble with being proud of yourself, commit to your own development and find ways to improve. You can always keep learning and growing as long as you are willing to put in a little effort into becoming better.

    2. Credibility

    When you say you are going to do something, do it. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but try to do something every day that will make you feel proud of yourself. And remember that believing in yourself makes all the difference. Keep the promises that you make to yourself; this will make you feel better, and you will become a new person. Doing what you set out to do will make you credible and believable in your own eyes.

    3. Gratitude

    You have to start practicing gratitude regularly because the truth is, we get more of what we focus on. So if you try focusing on the things that you are grateful for, you will start noticing more things to be grateful for. Again, it doesn’t have to be anything big; be grateful for a smile and for your health, for example. Acknowledge all the things you can be grateful for and you will see the positive effect of gratitude in no time.

    4. Self-statements

    When negativity and doubt creep into your life, you have to find positive self-statements to tell yourself. Find positive statements that are uplifting and empowering to you. You can become your own cheerleader. Write down these positive statements and hang them on the walls of your surroundings. Another thing that’s useful to write down is all the reasons why you think that you should feel proud. Keep that piece of paper near you all the time and read it when you start to doubt yourself.

    5. Patience

    Most people are always in a rush, and they expect more of themselves than they can do and that causes them to become disappointed. Be patient with yourself and stop comparing yourself to others. Don’t keep wanting more, but accept what you have and give yourself time to achieve what you don’t have yet. Remember that it’s not about the destination but about the journey, so take the time to enjoy it and don’t rush yourself.

    6. Be proud of yourself!

    You are one of a kind, and you have done a lot of things in your life that you can be proud of. So don’t forget this and keep setting goals and aiming to become the best version of yourself. Others are already proud of you, now it’s your turn to be proud of yourself.


    You Should Be Proud Of Yourself For How Hard You’re Trying

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