Should I Block My Ex?

Should I Block My Ex?
Leslie Blair
Written by Leslie Blair

So you have experienced heartbreak and became somebody’s ex-girlfriend. Bad things happened between you… and it’s time to remove your profile picture with him on social media and change your relationship status to single. But is it also time to block him on Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other social media websites and apps? Did your ex block you? It’s a trending topic, and I am going to tell you all about it, so read on to discover more.

I blocked my ex on every social media he tried to contact me on. Even if you want your ex back, unfriending him on social media is probably the best thing you can do for your mental health and well-being. Your close friends will tell you the same. Let your best friend help you with the healing process.

Are you wondering should I block my ex during the no contact period? Whether it’s an occasional Tweet, Instagram Stories, or your Snapchat profile… there is no need for your ex-boyfriend to see it, since you are in the no contact period. But maybe you are instead asking yourself if your ex will come back after no contact.

If you are wondering if your ex will come back after the no contact period, let me tell you that maybe he will but you have to put your mental health and well-being first. You need to go through the healing process. And even if you want your ex back, the no contact period is important for both of you to cool down. His occasional Tweet and Instagram Stories are not of interest to you anymore, so unfollow him.

Did your ex block you? You have to understand that you are now just his ex-girlfriend. And if he is looking for a new relationship, his new partner might wouldn’t like it for him to be friends with his ex-girlfriend. But let me tell you something; he has actually done you a favor. And you should delete his phone number too, so you won’t be tempted to start texting or contacting him on WhatsApp.

I blocked my ex on social media because my close friends advised me to, and I trust that my best friends want what’s best for me. But another reason why I blocked my ex is that I read all about should I block my ex during no contact. And I know that even if you want your ex back, the best decision is to stop all contact with him, at least for now. When two people break up, they have to go through a healing process and it’s best that they don’t communicate during that period so they can get things in perspective.

I will tell you why you should block your ex-boyfriend on social media, but you have to come to that conclusion yourself. So before I tell you all the reasons why you should do so, read on and answer some questions.

5 sets of questions you need to answer before blocking your ex

Before you realize the answer to the question of should I block my ex, answer these questions will help you figure out if that is truly what you need to do.

1. What is it that you need?

It’s important that you spend some time exploring what it really means to you. You have to find out what you need for yourself, even though you two probably realized during the break-up that you want different things. The choice to unfollow your ex is actually about what you need. Do you need more privacy, boundaries, or distance? Do you need to understand what has happened? Or do you need to stay friends? Do you need to stay connected to keep that part of your life alive?

2. Why do you wish to disconnect from him? What would you get by staying connected? Will blocking him get you closer to or further away from what you really need?

If you feel like you could use some distance between you two, will unfriending him get you that separation? If you instead feel like you need to understand what has happened… will staying friends so you can still see his profile enable you to get the information that you need? And more importantly, will that information help you get the closure that you need?

3. What does unfriending him mean to you? Are you trying to say something? If so, are there different ways of achieving that than social media?

Is your decision to block him based on your fear that he will block you first? Or are you trying to show him that you are angry because he isn’t answering your texts anymore? If that is the case, it might be better to communicate your feelings to your ex directly because expressing your anger by blocking him can lead to more frustration if he doesn’t get the point.

4. What is stopping you from getting what you need?

Does it feel so permanent to block him even though you want more separation? Is letting go of the opportunity to feel included in his life that hard? Maybe you are having doubts about blocking him because you still want to see what is going on in his life or check if they are moving on. Are these barriers stopping you from getting what you need? Are you actually just satisfying your short-term curiosity that is actually feeding the pain?

5. How does your decision make you feel?

How do you feel after you have made the decision? Are things working out the way you had hoped they would? Time will probably change your needs but keep in mind that you can always change your mind if you block your ex but decide to be friends with him again.

Read on to discover the reasons why you should block your ex, the types of exes who should be blocked, if  you should block him if you want to get back together, and more alternative ways. Then once you have read the whole article, come back to this part and ask yourself these questions again.

Should I block my ex? 12 reasons why you should

1. Seeing him moving on will hurt you

Let’s face it, he will be moving on and seeing it can only hurt you. Do you really want to see all about his new relationship and the profile picture of his new partner? If you really want to know about his life from time to time, you can always ask your mutual friends about him.

2. Nothing good comes from stalking

Stalking him online will only hurt you and nothing good can come of it. If you are still wondering should I block my ex on Instagram, just imagine seeing all those pictures with new strange women, which will be all over his profile and there will be pictures of him partying with your mutual friends without you. So, should I block my ex on Instagram? Yes. Resist the temptation to stalk him.

3. It will get you distracted

While obsessing over what he is doing, you will want to analyze everything that you think is happening. It will get you distracted so you won’t be able to get anything done. Not only that you won’t be able to have fun with friends, but you will also be distracted at work.

4. Ignorance is bliss

Should I block my ex on social media? Yes, because knowing about his activities after the break-up will only make it harder for you to move on with your life. And you know that opening WhatsApp will get you texting again, so resist the urge. Do you really want to know what he was doing with your mutual friends the last time they partied? Unfollow him before you see their comments that he is better off without you.

5. It’s already hard to control you when you are drunk

Most people get drunk when they get sad, and then they get even sadder. They also get tempted to call or text their ex when they are drunk, especially if they want their ex back. So imagine the temptation if you had been stalking his profile before you got drunk. How would you feel the next day? It’s a good idea to delete his phone number to make sure you won’t text him drunk but don’t forget about WhatsApp and other apps as well.

6. Don’t think that you two could be casual

After some time, being friends on Facebook will probably get you to communicate again… and things will seem different. You will start thinking that you two could have a casual hookup once in a while, but that is a huge mistake. You two have a long history together, and it all ended with heartbreak, so don’t think that you could now pretend like all that doesn’t exist.

7. There was a reason why you broke up

You have to remember that you broke up for a reason. Remember that when you start to reminisce about the happy memories you had together. When you think about the first time you kissed, remember the last time you fought. Think of all the bad things that caused you two to break up when you think of the last week you spent together. So, if you are wondering, should I block my ex, just consider how many times you are you going to go through his profile to see your memories together. Unfollow him before it gets to that.

8. You are better than that

So, if you are asking me should I block my ex, let me ask you something instead. Does refreshing his Facebook page sound like something a confident, strong woman would do? Unfollow him before you become desperate and lose your dignity. Remind yourself that to him, you are just an ex-girlfriend and the next day, try to be stronger. After all, you deserve only the best and he can’t give it to you.

9. He would have gotten in touch with you if he wanted

Maybe you aren’t contacting him, but he isn’t contacting you either. If he really wanted you back, he would be calling, texting, and showing up. If he isn’t doing that, he really isn’t worth being your Internet friend. Unfollow and block him and maybe he will suddenly call the next day.

10. Your soulmate is waiting for you

Every moment that you spend looking at your ex’s profile is another moment completely wasted, and on the wrong person for that matter. If you ask me should I block my ex, let me ask you how you would rather spend your time – chasing him or would you rather find your soulmate? So, maybe it’s not the first time you were with the wrong person but it could be the last time you became someone’s ex-girlfriend.

11. Fun things are also waiting for you

Even if you aren’t interested in dating again anytime soon, your soulmate is not the only one waiting for you because fun is waiting as well. Wasting your time on your ex is preventing you from having fun and really enjoying being single for once. While you have spent the last week stalking his profile, you could have traveled to a new place, got a new tattoo, or bought yourself a bottle of wine. Check out what’s trending, choose your fun way of spending time and forget about your ex.

12. Your new boyfriend won’t like it

Just consider what will happen when you find a new boyfriend; you will tell him about your ex. And when he sees that your ex is still on your list of Internet friends, he won’t be happy about it. It will seem to him as if you are keeping a window of opportunity open so you could eventually get back with your ex or you are at least keeping that option open. At least, that is how your new boyfriend will see it, so it’s a good idea to block this guy for the sake of your new future relationship.

Should I block my ex if I want him back?

I hope I have helped you so far with answering the question should I block my ex. But what if you want your ex back? One thing needs to be clear to you’ you won’t get him back by blocking him because that is like expecting him to tell you he loves you after you have punched him in the face. So if you want your ex back and he isn’t hurting you by sending mean comments and messages, maybe you shouldn’t block him right away.

See if there is a chance of you two getting back together. But if he is determined to keep you only as his ex-girlfriend, you should block him because of the reasons I listed earlier. We have many articles on how to get your ex back, so read them and try to fix things if there is a chance for you two to get back together.

But if there’s no chance of you getting your ex back, make peace that you are only an ex-girlfriend to him and block him, so you don’t get hurt even more. That’s it for the Internet, but are you wondering if you should block your ex’s number?

If you are asking yourself if you should block your ex’s number, unless he is somehow bothering you using it, there is no need for that. You can always simply delete his number if he doesn’t contact you so you won’t be tempted to contact him.

What types of exes should definitely be blocked?

If you are still wondering should I block my ex, let me tell you about the types of exes who really need to be blocked.

1. He contacts you when he is bored

No one else is answering him, so he is contacting you because he is bored. You are not even his first choice, it’s just that he has no one else to talk to. If this is happening on a regular basis, maybe it would be best to block him. And make sure you are not just his last choice when there is nothing better for him to do.

2. He contacts you after a year to say he misses you

Well, of course he misses you since he hasn’t been able to find a better girl in the last year or more. Don’t look forward to that call because it’s too late for that, and you don’t want to be his choice only when there is no other. If you are with someone else, don’t risk that relationship because of your ex. And block him right away, so he doesn’t bother you anymore.

3. He only contacts you when he is drunk

Maybe you have been yearning to hear those words from him when he was with you and sober…. but he is saying them now that you have broken up and are drunk. If this happens often, it’s a good enough reason to block him, so you don’t have to listen to him when he is drunk. If he wanted you back, he would have had the guts to say it to you when he was sober.

4. He is the one you wanted to marry

Change your identity and move far away, throw your phone in the river and find a new life. Of course, I’m just kidding, but having a guy you once wanted to marry among your Facebook friends is a bad idea. What I wanted to do with that joke is show you how it’s important to completely delete that person from your life, so you can forget about him and move on.

5. He is now married and regrets not marrying you

If so much time has passed that he is now married to someone else but tells you that he regrets not marrying you… just say thanks and block him. You don’t need that kind of complication in your life. And if it took him so much time to realize that he wants to be with you, he is an idiot. After all, he is probably having some problems in his marriage and wants to cheat on his wife. Be happy that you have dodged that bullet… because he would have been unfaithful to you as well, if you had got married.

6. He tells you how he is happy with someone else

He only wants to hurt you, and there is no need for you to allow that. Why else would he be telling his ex about how happy he is with his new girlfriend? There is a simple solution to this problem – block him. And this way, you will never again allow him to intentionally hurt you.

7. He is your ex for the second or third time

If you keep breaking up with this guy and then hooking up just so you can break up again… it’s time to end this troubling circle. Get out of it, and don’t make the same mistake again. Either marry the guy or block him so that you won’t get involved with him again since, you are going to break up again anyway.

Alternative ways

If you still think it’s better not to block your ex just yet, let me tell you about alternative ways of blocking your ex. There is always the unfollow option that will prevent you from seeing his posts but it will still keep him on your friends list.

Unless he is bothering you or falls under the category of exes listed before, unfollowing him is good enough because it will still prevent you from seeing how happy he is without you. And you won’t stalk him as much as you would have otherwise.

So, if you really don’t want to block your ex, do this instead to save yourself from getting hurt. And the best thing is that this way, he won’t know that you don’t see his posts.


Should I Block My Ex?