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10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Running Away From Love

Written by Deborah Carbone

Are you running away from love? Maybe you are running away from someone you love… or running away from relationships altogether. There are many things that could be causing this but when a person goes through several romantic relationships, they have to come across a bad one. And if you have experienced heartbreak, it could be the answer to the question of why you run away from love.

Maybe you chose to ignore a major red flag and mistook a bad person for the love of your life. And maybe that’s not the first time that happened. But no matter what, don’t run away from something as beautiful as real love just because you have had a bad break-up. You deserve true love, and you are going to meet your soulmate but you have to stop running. Even if you are heartbroken, don’t run away from the possibility of real love.

Maybe you are actually running away from the responsibility that romantic relationships imply. Or maybe you are afraid of losing yourself in a relationship, and that is why you are showing signs that you are running away from love. Whatever the case might be in your situation, running away from love is never a good idea. So read on to discover more about why you run away from love and why you should make the decision to stop running.

But first, to check for the signs you are running away from love, answer these questions:

After you start to like a person, do you look for their flaws?
Have you stopped being attracted to your partner?
Do you avoid telling your partner the truth to, rephrase what you say, and feel tense afterward?
Even though you have told all your friends that you have found your soulmate, do you feel bored in your relationship?
Do you find ways to distance yourself and get preoccupied?
Do you avoid answering their calls and texts?
Are you all of a sudden too busy to spend time with them?
Are you asking yourself if you have once again chosen a bad person?

Why you run away from love

10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Running Away From Love

So why do you run away from love? As I said before, there could be many reasons, one of which could be the fear of losing yourself in a relationship. Or maybe it’s the fear that you will have to add another romantic failure to your list. We have all had a bad relationship in the past and we are scared of what will happen if we put our guard down because of bad past experiences. But it’s not fair to punish a wonderful man for the heartbreak a bad person caused us.

But why do men run away from love? If you are, however, reading this to find out why men run away from love, let me tell you the answer; for men, it’s usually about being afraid of sharing their stuff or not believing that you have something to offer.

In any case, when you find a wonderful man, don’t blame him for the bad things another man did to you, no matter how heartbroken you are. You owe it to him, and to yourself as well, to get over your heartbreak and let your heart love again. Would you risk breaking up with the love of your life just because of some bad things that happened to you before you met your soulmate?

No matter what, don’t let the little things ruin true love for you and don’t run away from your shot at happiness. Maybe in the past, you would ignore a red flag, but now you have learned from your mistakes, and there is no need to run away. Just imagine the first time you will hear your best friend and lover say the words, “I love you.” If your lover is your best friend, he will do all the little things that make you happy. And you will hear the words, “I love you,” all the time.

However, you have to notice red flags in the future and have self-love and most importantly, you need to have enough self-love to stop running away from love. If you are not running away because of a red flag, but you run away from love, you might lose your chance to be happy with someone.

Whatever the situation in your case, don’t run away from love when you have a shot at it because you will regret losing a great person just because of your fear. You can’t let your fear make decisions from you and you have to understand that you will never find love if you keep running away from it.

10 reasons to stop running away from love

10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Running Away From Love

Are you still not convinced? Then let me tell you about ten reasons to stop running away from love that could change your mind. There are many more reasons and once you really think about it, you will realize by yourself that you have to change if you want to be happy.

You deserve to be happy, so why would you deny yourself such pleasure? I know that you would rather choose running away than letting someone close enough to be able to hurt you but why would you assume that they are going to hurt you? You actually realize the power of love, and you are afraid of it because it can’t be controlled. You think that it is easier just to run away than to let someone into your heart but it really isn’t.

You should know that you are worthy of love. Maybe you have loved the wrong men before, but that doesn’t mean that the right one isn’t on his way. Maybe you have even already met him, but you are too scared to give him a chance. Read on to discover why you should.

Here are ten reasons to stop running away from love:

1. It will only leave you alone and sad

If you keep running away from love, you will only end up alone and sad and who wants that to happen? This kind of behavior will never really get you anywhere… and you might lose something great just because of your fear.

2. It isn’t fair to him

Running away from love isn’t really fair to the guy you’re with. After all, he didn’t do anything to cause such a fear in you. You have to stop being so afraid and selfish. Stop working against him and instead try working with him.

3. It isn’t good for you

It’s understood that it isn’t good for you. Pushing away from it could help you find yourself and realize the reason behind your fear.

4. You are not unlovable

Just because you are running away from it and refuse to admit it doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t love you. You can be loved, and you will be loved, you just have to accept it and look forward to it instead of running away.

5. It doesn’t solve anything

Many people try to run away from their problems, but it never solves anything. In fact, it could even make a problem worse. You have to learn how to face your problems and your fears. Running away from them won’t solve anything anyway, so learn how to deal with your problems.

6. You’ll run out of steam

Isn’t it exhausting to constantly run away from things? Eventually, you won’t be able to do it anymore. And the further you run, the longer and harder it will be to get back to the place where you started from. Take some time to figure yourself out and realize that you have to change if you want to be happy.

7. Love will wait for you

Maybe the guy who loves you won’t be so patient or considerate, so he won’t wait for you forever. But love will. Because, eventually, you will have to find love with someone. So why don’t you give this guy a chance right now instead of running away until love finally finds you?

8. You might forget what you are running from

If you run for long enough, you will forget what you are running from in the first place. You will keep going only because you have made a habit of it or because you are scared about what will happen if you stop.

9. You are wasting your time

What you are actually doing is running in circles and you should realize this because you will always end up right where you started. Address the thing you are afraid of and don’t let it have such a big impact on your life. You owe it to yourself to fight for your right to experience love.

10. You can’t run away from your destiny

There is someone out there who is destined to spend his life by your side and you can’t run away from your destiny. True love will always find you because there is a guy who exists on this planet just to meet you and make your life worth living with his love.

10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Running Away From Love