What It Means To Have A Dominant Husband

What It Means To Have A Dominant Husband
Leslie Blair
Written by Leslie Blair

Do you have a dominant husband or have you been dreaming of being with a dominant man? It might be said that Fifty Shades of Grey introduced BDSM to a larger audience, but what it in fact did do was show that a woman yearns to say, “I want my husband to dominate me.”

For ages, the man has been considered the breadwinner, and healthy relationships included the submissiveness of the woman. Later on, women became emancipated and stronger, but modern days brought us Fifty Shades of Grey to prove that women actually love to have a dominant man, and that it’s not shameful to be a submissive woman.

Research shows that 65% of women have fantasies about being dominated, while 52% want to be tied up and 36% like to be spanked. So, it’s a fact that every two out of three women likes being submissive. And keep in mind that this is just what they would admit to in a survey.

Women want a man who will be dominant in bed, who will put his desires over hers in order to satisfy them both, who will give her confidence via his leadership and do lots of things that will show his dominance in the relationship.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a dominant husband marriage is a popular thing, and a lot of people choose the ‘dominant husband, submissive wife’ kind of relationship to satisfy their needs.

A servant husband is not a popular thing, and a submissive woman wants a breadwinner who will be in charge of the decision-making.

Read on to discover more about what it means to be a dominant man and what a dominant husband, submissive wife type of relationship is.

What it means to have a dominant husband

What is a dominant man?

What It Means To Have A Dominant Husband

So what is a dominant man? A popular alpha male doesn’t have the need to prove his dominance, so you won’t find him pointing it out. An alpha male is, above everything, a confident and satisfied male. He simply has it in him, and he is sure of everything he does.

Dominance isn’t exclusively a need of humankind, because we have seen it in the animal world as well. The animal world depends on dominant animals, and being a dominant male or female is sometimes a matter of survival.

An alpha male is not the man who is the loudest and the most important one in a group of people, because, as I said before, he doesn’t have the need to prove himself to others; in fact, that is a need of insecure men.

Read on to discover some of the qualities of a dominant husband and find out what a dominant man is. It might help you learn how to be a dominant man, if you are a man reading this.

There are a lot of married couples with a dominant husband and a submissive woman, and they enjoy that the man shows dominance in the relationship and is in charge of the decision-making. Some married couples are so into dominance and submissiveness that they often at least try BDSM. But BDSM is not for everyone, so make sure you set rules and come up with a safe word before you try it out if you want to make sure that you stay safe and in a healthy relationship.

There are a lot of things that make a dominant husband who he is, and I will list some of them to explain to you what being a dominant husband means or help you learn how to be a dominant man.

1. He is always tidy

These types of men care about their hygiene, and they are always tidy and looking sharp. Being a dominant husband means that hygiene is a part of his daily routine.

The beard of this man is clean, and the clothes he chooses fit him perfectly. He takes care of his unique style, and he knows what he wants, who he loves, and how to feel good.

2. He has responsibilities

The responsibilities of a dominant man are major and include making important decisions and being a leader. He is the true head of the household, and he knows it.

But the responsibilities of a dominant man don’t end there, because he has responsibilities in the bedroom as well, and that is to make sure his wife is satisfied by pleasing her. He makes her feel like a woman and lets her know who’s the boss.

3. He is a man of his word

Alphas are men of their word. They think about what they want to say and will not hurt a person with their words unless they deserve it. They think about what they will say, and they will say what they think.

They will not use lies to get what they want because they know how to get it without risking their honesty.

4. He is confident

It goes without saying that a dominant husband is a confident one. He has high self-esteem, which is necessary for being dominant, and he can sometimes even be egocentric, but that is just a part of his charm.

He knows what he wants, how to get it, and is not afraid to ask for it.

5. He likes having everything under control

A dominant husband will be in charge of everything because he likes having everything under control, which is a great quality because he takes it with him into the bedroom and what woman doesn’t enjoy a man who knows what he’s doing when it comes to sex.

6. He is passionate

A part of dominance is passion, and you can sense his passion when he is talking or taking action. And he will not hesitate to take action when it comes to your love life because he knows you want him to dominate you, and that turns him on even more.

7. He is a leader

Whether it’s his professional life or his personal life, this type of guy is a leader, and he will probably have a successful career. But he is also a leader when it comes to lovemaking, which is the best part of this quality.

8. He is competitive

He will always aim to grow and advance in everything he does, and he enjoys being better than everyone else but is also not afraid of working hard in order to achieve that.

9. He is unpredictable

There is no monotony when you have a dominant husband because he will always find a way to catch you off guard and surprise you. Keeping up with this type of man could be a challenge, but it’s worth it.

10. He never lets you pay

This type of guy will want to be in charge of the financial aspects of the marriage, and it would hurt him if you tried to pay for dinner because he would never allow his wife to pay for anything.

Dominant husband, submissive wife

What It Means To Have A Dominant Husband

So what is it like to have a dominant husband and be a submissive wife? Studies show that by becoming a submissive spouse, you have a lower chance of divorce.

In regular marriages, after some time, you become bored with each other, which applies to your sex life as well. But by being in a marriage where the husband is the dominant one, you will keep the spark alive, and you might even want to get kinky. Imagine being kinkier when you are married than when you were single. Who would have thought that you could have a more satisfying sex life when you were married than when you could sleep with anyone you wanted?

Being a submissive wife also increases the feelings of grace, love, and companionship with your husband. And you will get financial protection and will be able to enjoy domesticity so you won’t have to chase after a career if you are more of a housewife than a career woman.

And be sure that your husband will treat you right with all the perks of being in this type of marriage, such as gifts and additional nights out. Also, since you will have such a vibrant sex life that will help you release tension, you will argue less, and when you do, it will probably just end in satisfying rough sex that you both enjoy so much. And with such a sex life, there is a lower risk of infidelity because you will both get what you want at home.

If you are a girly girl, this will be a great arrangement for you because it gives you the ability to be your feminine self, and the role of a submissive wife will suit you great.

But before you decide if the role of a submissive wife is right for you, ask yourself these questions:

Do you want to be the one who wears the pants in your relationship? If your answer is yes, maybe this isn’t the right choice for you, but if you would rather have your husband handle the things like the big stresses in life, it could be great for you.

Do you like being a housewife and taking care of the household while your husband is bringing in the big bucks? If your answer is yes, and you imagined yourself being spanked in the kitchen while cooking dinner, then this is the right kind of marriage for you.
Do you want to become kinky and try out sex where your partner is the dominant one?

Trust me, girl, you’re not the only one, and there is nothing wrong with being submissive in the bedroom. In fact, it might even bring back the old spark and spice up your marriage.

Do you want to have a masculine guide and a protector in your life? If you do, then you will truly enjoy a marriage where your husband is the dominant one.

In addition, this will make your husband happier and less stressed out because almost every man dreams of being able to be the dominant one in the relationship, especially when it comes to your sex life.

So how to become a submissive wife?

What It Means To Have A Dominant Husband

Let him be your hero because it’s his nature to want to feel like a hero. Why not become the damsel in distress who he has been dreaming of saving? Let him protect you and provide for you because it will make him feel like a real man, and you will see how he will enjoy it.

Don’t start debates with him, but let him express his worries and listen to what he says but don’t always answer. Submissive wives are quiet and understand their husband. You are there to support him, not contradict him.

Always try to look your best. And not only when you are going out but especially around the house. He will appreciate it and make it worth your while. Embrace your feminine side and look your best for him. He will notice your beauty and will be happy that you are putting in the effort to look your best for him.

Become a housewife and let him take care of the finances and become the real head of the household. He has probably been dreaming about you being a housewife anyway.

Care for his wishes. Maybe he would like you to make his favorite cake or wash the dishes. Whatever it is, try to respect his wishes instead of complaining about them. You will show him that his wishes matter to you by simply doing what he wants.

Don’t yell. Feminine women don’t raise their voice; instead, they cry when they are hurt or sad. So replace yelling with crying if you really want to make your point clear and show him how you feel.

Ask him for favors when he is relaxed. Whether it’s opening up a jar or moving the couch, these kinds of manly tasks will make him feel more like a man, and he will finally feel needed when he is able to help you out with something where you need a strong man.

Don’t try to strip your husband of his masculinity because it will only hurt your marriage. Instead, try letting him lead the way and be by his side.

Research shows that marriages in which one spouse is dominant are more stable and lead to more children.

All in all, your husband has probably been waiting to show you his dominant side but wasn’t sure whether you’d be into it, so why not mention that you have read Fifty Shades of Grey and liked what you read. You won’t be the first one who got to see what it’s like to have a dominant husband after suggesting trying out a relationship like the one described in this famous book.

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