How To Be A Submissive Wife

How To Be A Submissive Wife
Leslie Blair
Written by Leslie Blair

The dominant husband, submissive wife type of marriage is becoming more and more popular. So you might want to find out how to be a submissive wife, and we’ll get to that, but first, don’t you wonder why men like submissive women and women like being submissive?

The truth is, almost every man dreams about having an obedient submissive wife because it makes him feel more like a man, and he likes being the one who is in control. Does your husband feel like you could try out a submissive marriage? You might want to learn how to be submissive in a marriage and what being a good submissive wife implies.

But first, let’s ask ourselves if God intended for women to be submissive in a marriage In much of the Bible, you see men who are the ones in charge, and it could be concluded that a submissive marriage is a happy marriage.

So what does being submissive mean? Ironically, you need to be strong in order to become a submissive woman because it means being in a husband-led marriage. Could this be one of the best decisions you ever make for a healthy marriage? Our own husbands have probably been dreaming of a husband-led marriage ever since they got engaged. So why wouldn’t you care about how your husband feels and put his needs first to achieve pleasure?

What is a submissive wife? It is a submissive woman who lets her husband lead the way in their marriage. And the dominant husband, submissive wife type of marriage has its perks when it comes to your sex life as well, so you might become interested in trying out BDSM, which has been a hit ever since Fifty Shades of Grey made it clear what being submissive means.

But let’s make one thing clear – being submissive doesn’t mean being abused, so if your husband is abusing you, you are not in a healthy marriage. Instead, this is a type of arrangement where both sides need to agree on the terms so your husband must not hurt you, unless, of course, you ask him to do so for your own pleasure.

Strong women want to be in a happy marriage and are willing to do anything to make that happen, but you should first read through this article to find out what it means for a woman to be submissive and see whether it will be one of the best decisions you ever made or if it’s just not the right thing for you, which is perfectly fine.

Read on to discover more about how to be submissive to your husband and how to be a good submissive wife.

What does it mean to be a submissive wife?

How To Be A Submissive Wife

A submissive wife is one who chooses not to resist the will of her husband, and he is the one who is dominant in the relationship. Of course, she can say when she disagrees with him and freely express her opinions, but most of the time, she will choose to listen to what her husband wants, and he will have the final say when it comes to important decisions.

If you are considering for the first time what submissive means, you should embrace traditional values and realize that there are women who are happy when they are obedient to their own husbands, like in the old times. Being submissive means being your husband’s selfless helper, passionate lover, and great supporter.

Simply remember what it was like in the old days. Women were supposed to be in the kitchen and took care of the household and the children. If you are considering becoming submissive for the first time, you might not like that it’s considered that your husband will make the best decisions, but to know for sure, you need to try it out and have faith in his capabilities.

What you need to understand is that by accepting the role of a submissive wife, you are at the same time accepting the roles of a caring mother, a hard-working housewife, a competent nurse and a wise consultant, and other roles that are necessary for a marriage to work. Your main goal should be to bring harmony to your marriage and make your husband and children the happiest people alive. Who wouldn’t want that?

And the best thing about it is that your husband will treat you like a princess. When he sees all the things you are doing for your home and him and the children, he will think highly of you and show you his respect. He will appreciate your sacrifices and your efforts and will always compliment you for them. He will consider you a goddess and will try to surprise you to show you how much it means to him that you are his biggest support.

Also, in this type of marriage, there is a very low chance of infidelity or divorce. Why would any man want to cheat on a perfect wife or ever think of leaving her? He will think that God himself has sent him such an amazing woman, and it will never cross his mind to do something that could cause him to lose her.

What you are also getting is the ability to be your feminine self. This type of marriage will allow you to discover your feminine traits because modern marriages tend to neglect them.

How to be a submissive wife according to the Bible

How To Be A Submissive Wife

In the Bible, it says that Christian women should be a support to their husbands.

‘But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God… For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man. For the man is not of the woman: but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.’ (1 Corinthians 11:3, 7-9 KJV)

‘The heart of her husband does safely trust in her so that he shall have no need of spoil.’ (Proverbs 31:11)

‘Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord.’ (Colossians 3:18 KJV)

By submitting to their husbands because of the will of God, Christian women believe that God will influence their husbands for good. By giving her body and soul into supporting her husband, a Christian woman believes that it will result in a happy marriage.
God has intended for men to be the dominant ones, and traditional values are the only ones that are true.

How to be a submissive wife

So let’s get to the point and learn how to be a submissive wife. Read these tips to find out how to be a submissive wife to see if it is the right fit for you.

How to be submissive in marriage?

1. She takes care of the household

To learn how to be a submissive wife, you have to learn how to make sure that everything is under control in your household because the goal of a submissive wife is to have harmony in her home and create an oasis that will be perfect for her family. You will get a feeling of warmth when you enter the house of a submissive wife.

Making lunch, tidying the house, grocery shopping, and all the other things to do around the house are what each day of a submissive wife all about. By taking care of the household and the food, she is improving the quality of her family’s lives. To have everything under control, you have to be adaptable, organized, and to know how to improvise.

2. Sex is a thing of mutual pleasure

People often tend to think that a submissive wife will do anything her husband wants when it comes to their sex life, but she actually just knows how to indulge in pleasures. Sex is not just another chore, and she will try to understand her husband’s wishes and act accordingly. She is open to new experiences, but she will not accept everything he proposes.

Being in a dominant husband, submissive wife kind of marriage could be taken to another level by BDSM, which is a really popular type of sex, but it’s not for everyone, and it is not mandatory.

3. She gives her husband support

She is strong enough to show him when he is wrong and lift him up when he needs it because she is his biggest support. You don’t have to support your husband when you think that he is wrong but never judge him.

Also, don’t yell at him, because a submissive wife knows when she should be silent and when she should talk. If you have a need to express yourself by yelling, try crying instead because it will get the message across in a more feminine way.

4. She lives a healthy lifestyle

This type of woman knows what is best for her family, so she doesn’t let modern life interfere with her time with her husband and children. She is also somewhat old-fashioned, so you won’t find her constantly texting or spending a lot of time on social media.

She cares about the quality of the time that she spends with her family, so she will plan long walks and regular trips in nature to gather strength and improve health. You can’t complain about this type of woman because she will always find a way to cheer others up.

5. She sets boundaries but does it subtly

You need to understand that being submissive doesn’t mean that you have to do everything your husband tells you to do. A submissive woman sets boundaries to protect her husband as well as herself.

If he insists on something that she considers wrong, she will calmly explain to him her point of view and help him understand her so they can find a different solution. And that is the way she sets boundaries, which her husband will always be aware of, and he will respect her for.

6. She is surrounded by positive people

She takes great care of her husband as well as herself, so she will not let any toxic behavior into their home. She instead surrounds herself with positive people and will always call a friend when she is feeling down so that they can help her feel better and understand the problem she has.

She never yells or spreads negative energy toward her partner because happiness and positivity are priorities to her. A submissive woman will avoid stressful situations and will express herself and her emotions in a healthy way.

7. She always gives him space

She understands that her husband needs time for himself, to recharge, so she will do her best to give him some space and will never blame him for wanting to have a guy’s night out with his friends. Men need to eat chips and drink beer while talking about men stuff with their buddies, and she will never try to change that because she understands it.

It doesn’t make her feel like she is less worthy if he wants to spend a night with his friends instead of with her. It is actually the only way a healthy marriage can function, and she knows it, so she enjoys giving him love and affection by letting him spend time away from her.

8. She lets him lead the way

But she will redirect them if it’s needed. She lets him lead the way because she knows that when people are stubborn, they can’t solve even trivial things.

This way, by letting him make decisions and lead the way, she will avoid having fights, but she speaks her mind when it’s needed and can always influence her husband to make a different decision if she thinks that he is wrong.

9. She chooses to cry instead of yell

As I mentioned before, a submissive wife never yells; instead, she cries to make her point clear. She is the one who finds the perfect balance in tough situations and protects her marriage from any conflict that is unnecessary.

If you don’t feel comfortable crying in front of your husband, you can always excuse yourself and leave if you need to, to get it all out of your system. But always remember that yelling can’t solve anything and it instead creates a problem bigger than it was in the beginning. Cleansing your spirit with tears is a much smarter choice that is also more effective.

10. She lets him be the hero

Every boy has fantasized about being a hero, and your husband is no different. He wants to be your knight in shining armor and to save you from all the troubles of the world. So why not let him? You need to let him prove himself and take care of you because it means the world to him to be a hero.

Never stop fighting for your happiness and let him hold you in his arms and protect you. Let him lift your spirits when you are down if you want to learn how to be a submissive wife because he will show his bravery and commitment if you just let him. He has a need to prove his heroism and masculinity, and it is the only way to have a balance in your happy marriage.

11. She listens to him

When your husband is having some problems, you need to be there for him and listen to him. Hear him out because that is all he really needs, and you don’t have to give him advice.

Don’t tell him that he is wrong or talk about what could have been because it will only make the situation worse. All he really needs is to know that you are there for him and that he has your support no matter what.

12. She asks him for help

It’s not a new thing that men love to help out women. It’s the knight in shining armor saving the damsel in distress kind of situation again. He wants to be your hero more than anything, so let him prove himself by changing a tire on your car, fixing your computer, moving the couch, or opening a jar.

These kinds of manly tasks will make him feel useful and needed. He will enjoy feeling like a big strong man who helped out a lady. Why wouldn’t you want to give your husband an ego boost and let him work while you sit and relax?

13. She lets him provide for her

If his job is enough to give you both the financial stability you need to have, let him be the provider for your family. It is in his nature that he wants to be a provider for his family, and it’s one more way of letting him feel like a hero.

14. She doesn’t nag

Nagging is the worst thing you can do, and a lot of women do it anyway but not submissive women because they know that it is not feminine, or enjoyable and it’s actually one of the worst ways to try to get what you want. Just think about it, nobody likes to be nagged, and it will only make him feel terrible and annoyed.

You need to be more feminine and make it feel like he has to help you as the hero he is. Asking him as sweet as possible to fix something will make him want to do it much more than if you are nagging him or yelling at him to do it.

He wants you to be a lady, and he will be ready to do anything for his helpless little damsel in distress. Approach him in a feminine manner and kiss him on the cheek when you want him to do something, and he will definitely respond more positively.

15. She attends to her husband

Before jumping to a conclusion here, you should be aware that your husband attends to all of your needs as well. Especially when you need him to be a hero, he will do anything you ask him to do. So why wouldn’t you be attentive to his needs as well? After all, he works all day and tries to provide for you and protect you as much as he can.

So the next time he asks for a beer out of the fridge or his clothes washed for work tomorrow, or anything else as simple, try saying “Okay, honey,” because it will make him feel like the happiest man in the world, and to be fair, he’s not asking for much anyway.

16. She always looks nice for him

Submissive wives always try to look nice for their husbands even if they are home all day because they know that men are visual types, and it will mean the world to him to have a wife who takes care of herself and looks beautiful for him even after all those years of marriage.

How to be a sexually submissive wife?

How To Be A Submissive Wife

If you want to try being submissive in the bedroom as well, let him lead the way there too. Let him be dominant and try to do what he wants as long as it isn’t something you don’t like because it will give you both pleasure.

Let him be on top and let him be in charge. You might want to try spanking and handcuffs to spice up things in the bedroom, but you could take it even further by trying BDSM.

Read more about BDSM, set the rules, and determine a safe word before you start if you want to try it out. If you haven’t read Fifty Shades of Grey yet, read it now because it could give you ideas.

But if BDSM isn’t something you think you would enjoy, just try to follow his lead in bed and let him be dominant because you will enjoy it as much as he does, if not even more.

How To Be A submissive wife