How To Seduce A Married Woman: 14 Ways To Steal Her Heart

How To Seduce A Married Woman: 14 Ways To Steal Her Heart
Written by Leslie Blair

Love doesn’t pay attention is the one we want to be with available or not, so sometimes it could happen that the person you most want to be with is a married woman. If you are attracted to a married woman, it might be useful for you to find out how to seduce a married woman.

If you are looking for ways on how to attract a married woman, we might be able to help. But you should know that, even though a lot of women cheat, some of them don’t want to risk their marriage for a short adventure. However, if you have fallen for a woman and later noticed a ring on her finger, there are ways for you to try to pursue you and get her to be with you.

To learn how to flirt with a married woman, you need to follow some rules and avoid looking immature. A married woman is not a girl anymore, and sending texts with emojis will just make you seem immature, and it won’t help you get her to be with you.

After a lot of years of being married, women can get tired of the monotony. They might be trapped in an unhappy marriage. Their husband doesn’t show them enough attention and is no more as interested in their life as he was when they were dating. The communication might be bad, and in some marriages, the husband is often away from home.

This is why women look for someone who will help them not feel as lonely as they do. Seducing a married woman is all about giving her what she is not getting in her home. How to get a married woman is to appreciate her beauty and sexuality.

If her husband does not appreciate her anymore, seducing a married woman won’t be hard because you will give her the passionate sex and romance that her husband failed to provide her with. Hitting on a married woman might cause you to get rejected because she is still trying to fight for her marriage, but if that marriage doesn’t give her what she needs, and she starts feeling like no one is noticing she is a sexual and vibrant woman anymore, flirting with a married woman could be successful.

A lot of women will be prone to cheating when they are in stuck in a marriage for years and are not happily married, but if they are newlyweds, and the woman you are chasing is in a young couple that has just been married, you probably won’t have success in the attempt to seduce her.

Picking up married women isn’t that hard. You can meet a married woman practically anywhere, in the office, at bars, or dating sites. If you are looking for a married woman in a bar, you will easily spot her looking to hook up because she will be sitting alone and looking around in the attempt to attract someone’s attention.

She will probably be in her 30s or 40s because women in this age reach their sexual peak and will look for satisfaction elsewhere if they are not getting it in their marriage and seducing married women who fall under this category won’t be hard.

If you have been wondering how to make a married woman want you sexually, we have prepared some tips for you on how to seduce a married woman, but before we get to that, let’s focus for now on how to attract a married woman by using text messages and how to seduce a married woman by using the talent for words.

How to attract a married woman with text messages

If you have met this woman in an office, you shouldn’t start with text messages but with the live communication, but if you have met her in a bar and she gave you her phone number you can start the seduction of a married woman by sending her text messages that you carefully planned.

The real seduction of a married woman takes place when you see her face to face, but sending her text massages is a way of getting her warmed up for what’s coming and letting her know that she is desirable and has been noticed.

You can start by sending something simple like “Hey Sarah, it’s Mark. Talk to you soon.” once you got her number, just to let her know that you didn’t take it for nothing, and you are genuinely interested in talking to her. This is an excellent tip on how to approach a married woman.

The next day, you could remind her of yourself by sending her a blank message. If she replies, that means she is in the game, and you can follow up by saying something like it was a mistake, but you are looking forward to talking to her some more.

If you want to learn how to make a married woman want you, you should keep her waiting for your replies. Never reply to her message right away because it will make you seem desperate, and she doesn’t want a man like that.
Of course, you can use emojis but use them moderately because you don’t want to seem immature. They are a great way of showing your playfulness and the hidden agendas.

Try to be clever in your replies because this is the best tip on how to impress a married woman.

Another thing is that women are usually very careful when they text, so if she makes a typo or some other mistake like that, it’s a great opportunity to tease her about it because this is a good flirting strategy.

But you should not be flirtatious every time you are texting her. Of course, flirting is important, but if you want to really learn how to get a married woman in bed with you, some of your texts should be informative and meaningful because you should show her that you want to get to know her better, and not be so obvious about your intentions of getting her in bed with you.

Since showing this intention directly might cause you to lose her, you should avoid the dirty talk. Later on, when you already slept together, there will be some hot messages, but for now, avoid dirty talk before you even got to date her.

You should also be careful about bothering her when she might be busy. Don’t annoy her and consider the timing when you are writing her.

How to seduce a married woman with words

How To Seduce A Married Woman: 14 Ways To Steal Her Heart

Words can serve as powerful tools in seducing married women. If you want to learn how to get a married woman to like you, you should learn how to use your words to seduce her.

Use your deep voice when you are talking with her. Chest voice and not very loud speech are very attractive to all women.

Shower her with compliments, because her husband is probably taking her for granted after so many years of marriage and she will enjoy hearing kind words for a change. Tell her she is beautiful and her personality is admirable. Praise her achievements and make her feel like the best woman in the world if you want to get her in bed.

You can even get her addicted to spending time with you, which a great tip on how to make a married woman want you. Make her laugh and enjoy your company so she would keep coming back for more.

Take care of your overall appearance. Dress sharp, use your best cologne, and demonstrate your good manners. Maybe even put on that expensive watch. Her husband is probably not taking care of himself after all those years of marriage, so you could become her dream man and picking up married women is easy if you look like the man of their dreams.

But being a dream man is not only about your appearance. You should talk with her about her dreams and goals, and learn what she likes and what makes her happy, as well as what she doesn’t like and what makes her said.

This information is your way to get her to believe that you are indeed her dream man. Encourage her and express your admiration when she is telling you about her goals and dreams.

Don’t be afraid to get physical. Hugs are something that married women find more intimate than sex but don’t be afraid to play with her hair a little or hold her by the hand.

14 Tips on how to seduce a married woman

Now that you know the basics and how to approach a married woman, it’s time to learn some valuable tips on how to seduce a married woman after you have picked her up and started the seduction process with text messages and your words.

The secret to how to attract a married woman is in being everything her husband isn’t and doing all the things he stopped doing a long time ago when he got comfortable in their marriage and started taking her for granted. Read on to learn more about how to get a married woman in bed with you.

1. Tell her she’s beautiful

How To Seduce A Married Woman: 14 Ways To Steal Her Heart

Every woman is beautiful in her way, and every one of them needs to hear it. She possible never hears it from her husband anymore, and telling a woman she’s beautiful can only make her love you more. As you have learned previously, giving out compliments is important when you are trying to learn how to flirt with a married woman.

Giving out compliments is the best and most effective way of flirting, and by telling her she’s beautiful, you will also be honest with her. Because you wouldn’t be trying to get her in your bed if you didn’t think she’s beautiful anyway.

2. Have a positive vibe

Spreading positive energy is a great way to get through life and achieve anything, including getting the woman you want to sleep with you. As you have learned before, it’s important that you make her laugh because that will get her addicted to your company and keep her coming back for more.

Just think about it, if you had to choose between someone who is nagging you and someone who is making you laugh who would you choose? Her husband is probably nagging her and has negative energy all the time, so she will enjoy your positivity, and it will make her want to be with you more.

It’s important that you make eye contact with her when you are making her laugh or simply talk. By doing this, you will make her feel the attraction between you two.

3. Admire her and praise her efforts

How To Seduce A Married Woman: 14 Ways To Steal Her Heart

The thing she is missing the most in her marriage is being appreciated for her efforts and praised for her accomplishments. This is why you should notice the little things she does and praise her for them.

Notice a new hairstyle, her husband hasn’t done that in ages. But make sure you are honest in your comments because she will sense if you are flattering her for your own agenda.

Push her to be her best self and applaud her accomplishments to make her love you. Her husband probably stopped noticing all the things she does long ago.

4. Be passionate

Women love men who are passionate about things. This is your chance to find what you are passionate about and show it. If you are crazy about something, show your passion to her because she probably hasn’t felt passion for a long time, and you know what is passion associated with – she will assume that you are passionate in the bedroom as much as you are about the topic you chose.

Just remember that it’s important to remain genuine as possible because women have a secret radar that detects when somebody is trying to trick them.

5. Listen to her

How To Seduce A Married Woman: 14 Ways To Steal Her Heart

What women most often miss from their partner is his ability to listen to them. If she is stuck in an unhappy marriage, her husband probably doesn’t listen to her, so it will fill her heart with love if she would finally find someone who is genuinely interested in what she has to say.

If you want to learn how to attract married women, you first have to learn how to listen to women. And remember – she is not looking for you to solve her problems, she just wants to tell you about them and hopes that you will carefully listen to what she has to say. Make sure that you are maintaining eye contact while she complains to you about things.

By listening to her, you will be able to remember little things about her, and that is exactly what will get her to fall for you.

6. Look your best

Take care of your wardrobe and dress the best you can. Because if you want to attract a beautiful married woman, you have to look hot yourself. You have to seem like her dream man, and you will achieve this by looking like one.

Don’t be afraid to read some fashion magazines and articles on how to look your best because this will not only make you look more attractive but will also boost your confidence, and that won’t go unnoticed. It will also make her take you more seriously and listen to every word you say.

7. Be unpredictable

How To Seduce A Married Woman: 14 Ways To Steal Her Heart

If she can’t predict your next move, it will only make her look forward to it more. Trust me, women love men who are mysterious and unpredictable, but that’s not all there is to it.

She is probably sick of her married routine and the monotony that comes from being with someone for a long time. She probably already knows by heart every move her husband could make.

That is why you should introduce some mystery and anticipation to her life by being unpredictable. She has probably been yearning for an adventure where she doesn’t know what is going to happen next since her life is so predictable.

This little tip works on all women, but especially on the married ones, so work on that, and I assure you it will get her in your bed in no time.

8. Make your intentions clear

Once you have prepared the field, it’s time to make the end of the game clear. This part is what separates boys from men, and by being clear about your intentions, you will show her that you are not a boy, and you are prepared for something to happen between you two even though she is married.

It will show your confidence, and she will admire you for it. It will probably work in your favor and speed things up cause by now, she should be ready to be with you, but if not, at least you will know not to waste any more of your time on her if she is not interested in you as well.

9. Don’t be afraid to get physical

How To Seduce A Married Woman: 14 Ways To Steal Her Heart

As I already mentioned before, innocent touches are a perfect chance for you to show her that you want to get intimate with her. However, don’t make them too obvious, they should seem spontaneous and be there just to enhance that electricity that is between you two and make her feel it with her whole body.

You can pull her closer to you when you are making her laugh, gently touch her hand with yours or put your hand on her back while you are walking her somewhere. Try to feel the moment that you could use to add intimacy into the conversation and touch her naturally like you are not even noticing what you are doing.

10. Flirt with her

It goes without saying that you have to master the art of flirting if you want to learn how to seduce a married woman. She might react well or bad on flirting, but what is certain is that it will get her to react, and that is the point. But you need to make sure she is feeling comfortable with a little teasing because you don’t want to seem creepy.

You should also avoid being cheesy. This is why it’s good to pay attention to her body language and read some more about the seduction methods you can use when flirting. A good thing to remember is to always test the waters before diving in.

11. Let her feel special

How To Seduce A Married Woman: 14 Ways To Steal Her Heart

Little presents are something that melts a woman’s heart. What if you surprise her with flowers and chocolate on her bad day? It will surely leave her breathless and earn you some extra points with her.

Her husband probably didn’t surprise her with a gift for no occasion as long as she could remember. So this is your chance to contrast that experience. If you treat her like she is special, you will make her feel special, and that will certainly be working in your favor.

12. Have meaningful conversations

All that married women get to talk about is their family life and their responsibilities, so by giving her a chance to have a healthy and meaningful conversation, you are bringing something new and refreshing into her life that she has been missing.

Don’t be afraid to talk about politics and religion, for example. Show her that you appreciate her mind and not just her body.

13. Be a gentleman

Make sure you are saying “thank you” and “I’m sorry” whenever it’s needed to be said. She hasn’t been thanked for anything she does around the house, so being appreciated will mean the world to her.

14. Don’t forget about discretion

Last but not least, she should know that you are trustworthy since she doesn’t want you going around talking about your relationship with her.

The biggest obstacle to you two hooking up is her fear of her husband finding out about it, so make sure you prove to her that you can keep a secret. Being confidential is essential if you want to learn how to get a married woman to be with you.

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