15 Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings For You

15 Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings For You
Nicole Cain
Written by Nicole Cain

Truth to be said, men are terrified of their feelings. As kids, they were taught not to talk about them, and they have the need to come off strong and untouchable. But you can see the signs he is fighting his feelings for you underneath all that macho exterior.

Feelings actually confuse men, and they don’t know how to deal with them. Because let’s face it, there are confusing feelings out there that are more than just “happy”, “sad”, “hungry” and “thirsty”, but men find it hard to understand them unless they are those I mentioned.

If you are looking for an answer about how he feels about you, you can search for the signs that he is confused about his feelings and is trying to pretend that they’re not there.

He might be raised to be the strong, silent type of man, but believe me when I tell you, underneath that tough exterior, there is a sensitive boy. The secret to why he is so well hidden and protected is in the fact that being in love means exposing yourself and becoming vulnerable, and men are terrified of being hurt.

It’s not easy falling for a guy but not knowing does he feels the same way. You can’t just ask him, and even if you did, he could lie.

If you have a feeling he might be into you as well but is scared of his feelings, you should read on and find out what signs you should look for.

Here are the signs he is fighting his feelings for you:

1. He changes his behavior often

It’s the old hot and cold treatment that’s driving women crazy for centuries. One day he will be super attentive to you and shower you with kindness, and then the next day, he will give you the cold shoulder and pretend as nothing happened.

This is one of the clearest signs he is fighting his feelings for you. When a man is confused about his feelings, he will constantly doubt himself.

One day he will accept that he cares for you and decide to show you that, and then the next day he will regret it and change his mind. This is why he is acting differently.

He hasn’t yet made a decision about how he feels about you and what is he going to do about it. Changing his behavior often is one of the signs he is denying his feelings for you, even though he accepts them from time to time when he treats you well.

2. He likes listening to you

He pays attention to details, and he can’t help but listen carefully to every word you say. He remembers all of it, and you are sometimes even surprised at how much he actually remembers.

When I first met my husband, I was wondering how to know his feelings for me, but when I noticed how much he actually listens to me, I knew it was one of the clear signs he caught feelings.

Let’s admit it, most men don’t care about what we are saying. But if he is paying attention to every word you say and likes to remind you about things he remembered, those are the signs he has strong feelings for you.

3. He plays down his new relationship

The signs you really hurt him if you were in a relationship before might lead him into the arms of another woman and he tries to move on by dating someone new.

If he acts like his new relationship is not important, avoids bringing her with him and talking about the details of his relationship, it might even seem like he is hiding the fact that he has a girlfriend or is ashamed of her.

The reason for this is that he is subconsciously trying to tell you that his new girlfriend is not a treat to you and won’t be an obstacle to you two hooking up again.

It even seems like you two have much more chemistry than he and his new date have, and everyone around you sees it. If he is “hiding” his new girlfriend from you, it’s one of the signs he caught feelings for you or never even gotten over you in the first place.

4. He likes talking to you all the time

If you talk all the time, there is no doubt about it. You probably have inside jokes as well, and he is genuinely interested in what you have to say.

What he is actually trying to do is getting to know you better. If he is making excuses to talk to you every day, he is actually holding himself back on what he really has to say, and that is that he cares about you deeply.

5. He brings his friends along

Bringing his friends with him when he is going to see you is a perfect excuse that you two are not really on a date. But if it ends with him ignoring them and staring at you all the time, it’s clear he has a thing for you and is using his friends.

It’s one of the signs he is fighting his feelings for you.

However, he also wants you to know his friends and become one of the permanent members of his group, unlike the dates that simply come and go.

6. He doesn’t like your boyfriend

If you are seeing someone at the moment, he won’t have anything nice to say about him. He might even make jokes at the expense of the guy you are currently with because he’s making him feel a little insecure.

If he has actually told you that your boyfriend is not the right man for you and you deserve better, I think we all know that he meant himself by “the right man”.

7. He always offers to help out

It might be something simple like carrying your bag, fixing an error on your computer, or moving your couch, but when you need something done, he is always ready to help out.

He is trying to earn extra points with you by showing you how capable and handy he actually is. This is very important to men, and it won’t hurt if you get a little amazed at how good he did something.

8. He likes looking at you

Yes, men are like romance novel characters when they fall in love, and he will truly get lost in your eyes. If he is staring at you but tries to hide it when you catch him, it’s one of the signs he is fighting his feelings for you.

But don’t ask him about looking at you constantly, he will most likely be offended. This is your little romantic secret.

9. He is trying to impress you

No matter how deeply buried his feelings for you are, he won’t help it and will have to find a way to impress you. Men have in their blood the need to impress the women they like, that’s just how it is.

He will have to make you think that he is the best guy there is. It’s like with women when they dress up and look their best when they are going to see their ex.

10. He wonders what you think of him

Have your friends told you already that he has been asking them what you think of him? He is not trying hard to impress you for nothing. He wants to know have his efforts worked on you and does he have a shoot with you.

11. Your friends have noticed

If both your and his friends have noticed the chemistry that goes on between the two of you, and it’s obvious to them that you two actually like each other a lot, it should be clear to you as well. Maybe get those friends to help you hook up.

12. He justifies himself to you

As we said, it’s important to him what you think of him, so he will make sure you don’t get the wrong impression. When he mentions another woman in his life, he will point out that she is just a friend so you’d know that he is still available.

13. He is protective

He may joke around, but if someone else tries to say something bad about you, he will get protective and defend you. He feels like a knight in shining armor and has the need to protect your honor.

14. He gets personal

Not only will he share his personal stories but he will also ask you personal questions. It means he knows he can trust you, and want you to feel the same way. In the process, he gets to find out more about you and make your connection deeper.

15. He is cold sometimes

He has his cold periods because he is fighting his feelings for you and trying to get over you. He gets scared and runs away just when things start getting serious. You can’t take this anymore, he has to make up his mind and come up with a decision.

15 Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings For You