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NSA Relationship: What It Is And 10 Rules To Follow

NSA Relationship: What It Is And 10 Rules To Follow
Written by Ana V.

Let’s be honest, at one point or another, every one of us met that guy that is to die for, and there was immediate chemistry which made you want to make out with him the moment you saw him. However, once you got to know each other, you realized there is nothing there – you have different goals in life, you don’t share the same interests, and simply don’t think you could be in a serious relationship. But you are both single, and you want each other badly. NSA relationship could be the solution in this situation. If you were looking for NSA meaning, be sure you already know about it, but nowadays it is so popular that it got its own acronym.

No strings attached relationship, or NSA relationship is a possibility to sleep with someone without the emotions and responsibilities that usually come with it. Maybe you already had that special friend who was more than a friend but less than a boyfriend – NSA friend.

We live in modern times, where having your needs satisfied is not shameful. If you were waiting for someone special, but he is still not in plain sight, and you got tired of waiting – NSA relationship offers a responsibility-free solution. It is better than being in the wrong relationship, right?

However, watch out cause this isn’t for everyone, and it can still get you hurt. You are probably wondering can NSA turn into a relationship, and the answer is yes, but having that on mind while starting the NSA relationship is the wrong approach that could have a messy end. That is why there are casual relationship rules.

What is the NSA arrangement? If you have been wondering can NSA turn into a relationship, maybe this arrangement isn’t the right thing for you, because NSA arrangement means you are honest which other from the start about what you want and agree that you are entitled to sleep with other people and your relationship isn’t official. This is an arrangement for people who are looking for sex, not love. And that is why both sides have to agree upon casual relationship rules.

The NSA relationship definition would actually be that you both agree to keep things casual, you are not to be jealous of each other, and you are discrete about your encounters. But for this to work, there have to be some rules you both must follow in order for it to be a safe method of having fun that pleases both participants.

Read about them to find out could you be in this type of relationship or you are looking for something more serious. The only goal of NSA is to provide fun, satisfaction and make both of you happy, so be sure to check out whether this could do the trick for you.

Here are 10 NSA relationship rules to follow:

1. Agree on what you want from the start

NSA Relationship: What It Is And 10 Rules To Follow

What is NSA relationship? It is a no strings attached relationship, and this should be clear to both sides from the start. A lot of women can’t separate sex from emotions, and this kind of arrangement is not for those hopeless romantics. You are in it for the sex, and that is all there is to it.

What does an NSA relationship means? You are both trying to satisfy each other’s needs in bed and maybe feel less lonely. Sometimes it can happen that NSA relationship turns into an actual relationship, like in the movie No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, but life is rarely like in the movies.

What happens more often is that only one person wants more out of the relationship, and that is the downside of this kind of arrangement.

2. Don’t get into NSA relationship with someone you have emotions for

NSA Relationship: What It Is And 10 Rules To Follow

Starting this kind of relationship with your ex or with a guy you have a crush on but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship is a bad idea. It is much easier for men to separate their sex life from their love life, so as a woman, you should be careful not to get yourself hurt.

If your plan is to be friends with benefits with someone you are trying to win over or are just doing it to have some sort of a relationship with him – it’s a recipe for disaster.

Find a guy who is just a great body to you, and you are attracted to him only physically. To protect yourself, always aim that you are the one who chose this kind of arrangement – you are doing it for yourself, not for him.

Also, don’t get into a relationship with someone who is married or has a girlfriend – this arrangement is all about satisfaction and honesty for everyone involved, anything else is just cheating. Unless his partner is okay with it, and she told it to you herself, never get involved in any way with someone who is not single.

3. Limit your expectations and don’t bother him

NSA Relationship: What It Is And 10 Rules To Follow

You are both free players and don’t want to get attached, so don’t expect him to treat you like a princess. Do not chat with him and call him constantly.

Don’t talk to your friends about this guy – he is not your boyfriend. A simple message like “See you tonight?” is all the communication you need, and if the answer is “No” the communications stop there. It is not your business, why, and you shouldn’t care.

A bit of good advice is also not to text him when you are drunk. You can get lonely and desperate and ruin what you have, even though you actually don’t want more.

4. If you start having feelings – stop it

Don’t get into this kind of relationship with someone you like, but if you get to like him after you already began NSA relationship stop the sex, talk to him and see if it can be more than that but don’t get your hopes up, and if he doesn’t want to get serious, leave him for your own sake.

Don’t fool yourself, if he isn’t feeling the same that is not going to change, and you are only going to torture yourself or force him into a serious relationship, which will be the wrong relationship since he never actually wanted to commit and that was clear from the beginning.

5. Don’t leave your stuff at his place

NSA Relationship: What It Is And 10 Rules To Follow

Leaving an earring on the dressing table or a spare shirt in the drawer can be considered a cheap trick to get him to commit. You might actually be trying to do it without being aware of it.

The same thing goes for borrowing his stuff – this kind of thing is what women do to make sure they will have an excuse to see the guy again.

You have an arrangement, and you will see each other again when you agree upon it, there is no need for tricks. Wearing his t-shirt might seem tempting, but it is just another cute thing couples do to express how close they are. This is not it.

6. Don’t make plans for the future

NSA Relationship: What It Is And 10 Rules To Follow

What is NSA in dating? It is a type of relationship where you are in it for a short period of time, while it suits you both. When you make plans together and think of the future, it is more than just sex, and things are getting serious.

If you are planning something for the future, it implies that you have a future together, which was not part of the plan.

7. Be clear about what you want in bed

Let’s remind ourselves once again, what does an NSA relationship means – it is a type of relationship that is based on sex. What would be the point of that relationship if you are not satisfied with what you’re getting?

Make sure the guy you are dating is aware of your needs because you should both equally enjoy what you are getting and give each other what you need. Communicate and share what you like with your partner.

The great part of an NSA relationship definition is that you don’t need to be shy, and you can be completely open about what you like in bed.

This may not be the person you will share your life with, but is definitely a person you will share your sex life with, so you want to make sure that that life has the quality you expect from such an arrangement. However, be careful because great sex often causes people to fall in love, and this should just be a great recreation.

8. Suspicious minds

One of the NSA relationship rules is, of course, that “we can’t go on with suspicious minds”, meaning – there is no room for jealousy in this type of relationship. If you are the jealous kind of person, maybe this is not the right fit for you.

In a no strings attached relationship, your partner is not your boyfriend, so you can’t be possessive and must be aware that he is entirely free to see other people and does what he wants.

He also doesn’t need to explain himself to you. But the same goes for you. Maybe you will be searching for a serious relationship while having a casual one, and that is perfectly fine as long as you break up the no strings attached arrangement as soon as you find a boyfriend.

Otherwise, you don’t need to explain yourself to your NSA friend, and you are free to have more than one. However, be careful not to cross the line that separates freedom from promiscuity.

9. Be discrete about your arrangement

Since you are not in a serious relationship and this guy you are seeing is not your boyfriend, even though neither one of you is cheating, there is no need to go around and talk about it.

Keep your intimate life private. Respect your own privacy and the privacy of the person you are sleeping with.

However, if you are keeping your end of the bargain but find out the other person isn’t – think again whether you want to continue seeing him.

You don’t want to get a bad reputation, and even though “no strings attached” is a known term nowadays and a lot of people are using it, some of them are looking forward to a juicy gossip material, so think ahead before you provide it to them.

10. Agree on the rules from the beginning

NSA Relationship: What It Is And 10 Rules To Follow

NSA relationship rules are there to protect you both and enable you to enjoy this type of relationship without anyone getting hurt. This is why it is important that you talk with your partner and agree on the rules before you start sleeping with each other.

You need to take each other seriously and communicate about what is allowed and what isn’t. Maybe you will come up with your own set of rules that suit you best. Perhaps you’ll even agree that you will not sleep with other people but will be dating until you find a partner for a serious relationship and break up then.

Anything is open for discussion, but have in mind our suggestions of the ground rules that have been proven to be the most efficient ones when it comes to NSA.

To summarize – what is NSA in dating? It is an agreement for which you both come up with rules on how things are going to be, and there are suggested ones that are there to keep you both safe from a messy breakup and a broken heart.

But what is NSA relationship besides the rules? While looking for NSA meaning you might get scared by all the rules and the cold approach, but there are many benefits of this type of relationship for those who are ready to accept all these rules.

One night stands are something we are all familiar with, but NSA is a better solution. When you are sleeping with someone you know, and it is always that one person, it is much safer than one night stands.

You have only one partner instead of many, and you don’t have to worry about what will happen after you have sex, since you have it regularly. There is no walk of shame since this is not someone who used you in your moment of weakness but a partner you have set the rules with.

Another thing is – there is no drama! There is no constant chatting or meeting the partners’ family, and you are free to do whatever you want. Also, there are a lot of allegedly serious relationships that are actually the wrong relationships and are based on sex without one person being aware of it, which ends in heartbreak.

The good thing about no strings attached type of relationship is that you know what it is from the start, so if you are careful, ready, and follow the rules – there is no heartbreak at the end. Possibly, this kind of arrangement could have the movie story behind it, and you could both fall in love after some time and decide you want something more.

Maybe you will end up in a great serious relationship with someone you already knew everything about and were honest from the start, which is a great ending. But if not, you still had a fun time and a great source of temporary pleasure when that was all you both wanted at the time.

No one but you can decide whether this type of relationship is the right one for you, and can you handle it, but hey, if you obey the rules, you will not get hurt anyway, and, as we said, it is much better than occasional one night stands. And don’t be fooled – not everyone is looking for that special someone they could spend their life with, some of us just want to have fun until we are ready to commit.

But if you are a hopeless romantic and believe in love at first sight, love meeting the partner’s family and taking things to the next level, if you think sex is overrated and the other parts that make a relationship are much more relevant to you – never change for someone who wants only sex.

No strings attached is a type of relationship that is supposed to satisfy the desires of both of you, and it has above-listed rules you both must agree upon, so never force yourself into something that you feel is not right for you if you are looking for a real boyfriend.

Let me tell you a secret – the best version of NSA relationship is when you are already friends with someone, maybe even best friends, but you still don’t have romantic feelings for each other and are scared to ruin your friendship. Because you probably will ruin it, but trying adding sex to your existing friendly relationship could create that flame that was missing and was stopping you from getting into a serious relationship.

Yes, you probably won’t be friends anymore, and things won’t be the same, but love could be born out of it, and the best relationships are those where the partners are firstly friends.

The great things about this option is, unlike when trying out a serious relationship, after you try being in a no strings attached relationship, you can probably smoothly go back to being friends if the NSA doesn’t work out for you, as long as you keep things honest and follow the ten rules we mentioned.

But as we said, your friendship will probably be ruined by a great thing called love, because what separates a male friend and a female friend from being in love is often just sex, since they are already doing everything they would do in a relationship except for that. That is why no strings attached is like a twin sister to friends with benefits.

All in all, if by now you weren’t frowning on the idea, you can’t know if this type of relationship will work for you until you try it, so the next time you get a desire to have a one night stand, why not choose NSA instead? As long as you are only looking for sex and not love, this could be an excellent fit for you, especially if you are a very rational person that is guided by intelligence more than emotions.

Of course, don’t forget to use a condom, but other than that, feel free to experiment and fulfill every desire and fantasy you might wouldn’t want to share with a boyfriend. And the most important thing to remember is – don’t get yourself hurt – once you notice you are falling for the guy, check if he feels it too and if not, that’s your cue to get out of it.

Surely you know a guy who is definitely not husband material, but you might have great chemistry in bed. If you are not interested in being in a romantic relationship with him, that’s your guy for NSA. Good luck!

NSA Relationship: What It Is And 10 Rules To Follow