What Does It Mean To Love Someone

What Does It Mean To Love Someone
Chloe M.
Written by Chloe M.

Do you ever wonder ‘what does it mean to love someone’? Everyday, we hear a romantic story, see a picture of two old people holding hands and the description is: ‘this is what true love really is’, but what is a true love for you?

We try so hard to understand it, to make sense of it and we want so desperately to label it. To box it up. To put it on a shelf that we can easily pull from when we’re ready.

It can’t be described. It’s not a feeling. It’s not a picture.

Love is not all about enjoying time spent together, although it’s a part of love. Love is not about any superficial thing you may think. It takes your whole heart, sacrifice and maturity.

We can’t quite pinpoint exactly what does it mean to love someone as much as we try. We think of butterflies when we think of ‘love’. And we think of the way our heart jumps out of our chest. We think of the weakness that happens in our knees. We think of kisses. But loving someone isn’t just those initial moments. And it’s not even just moments.

What does it mean to love someone? Love is not just a feeling.

Are we in love in the beginning of our relationships? Or are we just wrapped up in the attention we have from someone else? Are we in love with their souls or just their physical bodies?

Being in love with someone is largely involuntary. When you love someone, you make a conscious effort to continue loving them. You need them to be a part of your life, not because you want to own a piece of this person, but because you want to give him or her a piece of yourself.

To love someone means you’re going to be less egocentric. You’re going to put the needs and well-being of others ahead of your own. You’re willing to put the happiness of another ahead of your own.

Love calms you.

You will feel a steady stream of love that never fades when you love the right person. Because love is not just a feeling. Love is an action. A manifestation of emotions. A choice. A moment of faith where we decide with all of ourselves to be with that person no matter what.

What does it mean to love someone? Love is complicated.

Love is messy. It’s continually learning who someone is and how that someone can fit into the chaos of our lives. Love is not selfish. A true love is a ‘give and give’. There can be no take in love. You want what is best for the. You have no selfish motives.

Loving someone means accepting another person. Loving someone means supporting them in everything, even when you may not agree.

Love means committing to that person. There shouldn’t be looking for something better or what’s out there. Loving someone is taking them as a puzzle piece that fits perfectly with you.

Loving someone means waking up earlier and bring them coffee in bed, just to show you care. It’s making them a meal you don’t even like, but it’s their favorite. It means you’re making effort just to make them smile.

Love is seeing inside someone’s soul, into their heart and all of the beauty of who they are, and love them with their flaws, vulnerabilities and shortcomings.
Love is acceptance.

It’s about understanding that not everything goes according to plan, seeing beyond that, and with time, being okay with that. It’s also accepting people for who they are. For love to emerge in an uncertain and chaotic world, we must all get past the fact that the damaged parts of those we love are just us prevalent in us as well — they just show up in different ways.

What Does It Mean To Love Someone?

Loving someone is a choice. Loving someone is knowing you would do anything for someone and that someone would do anything for you.

It can be hard for some to understand how much of a sacrifice it is to love someone. You have to always put the other first, without neglecting yourself of course.

Loving someone is knowing all the ways this world, this person, and you are imperfect, but believing in the fact that you will make a beautiful relationship, regardless of everything that says you won’t.

Loving someone truly means fighting for each other. Loving someone is deeming him or her worthy of owning a part of you.

What Does It Mean To Love Someone