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If The Woman You Are With Even Has Half Of These Qualities, Marry Her

Written by Chloe M.

She’s your queen, marry her!

1. She is much more intelligent than you are.

It’s always aplus to be dating a girl who is smarter than you are. The best kind of men knowthat they shouldn’t feel threatened or intimidated by dating a girl who issmarter than them. They know that this means they get to spend a lot of timelearning from their partner about various aspects of life.

2. Honesty is her best policy.

She never liesto you; not even to protect your feelings. She respects you enough to actuallythink that you deserve the truth at all times. She doesn’t think that you’re achild who needs to hide behind lies. She is more than willing to tell you thetruth even when it’s uncomfortable.

3. She maintains a healthy dose of optimism in life.

It can be toughto maintain a positive outlook on life in this modern age. There are just toomany things to be down about. But that’s not an issue with her. Her positivevibrations are infectious. She always manages to uplift the people who arearound her.

4. She is willing to make compromises.

A girl who makes compromises in arelationship is a girl who is mature, realistic, smart, and secure about herown capabilities. She understands that relationships aren’t going to beone-sided. She understands that she’s going to have to make some room if shewants to accommodate you in her life.

5. She makes you laugh, and she laughs at you.

She has a greatsense of humor. That’s why you spend a huge bulk of your relationship justlaughing it up. She’s always cracking jokes and being silly. She also laughs atyour jokes to show you that she understands and appreciates your sense of humoras well.

6. She is very open-minded.

An open-mindedperson is someone who is always open to learning; and most likely, someone whois much easier to get along with. If she’s open-minded, then that means she isincredibly tolerant of other peoples’ views, opinions, and perspectives even ifthey contradict her own. This bodes well for whenever you have disagreements orshare different opinions on important matters. It means she’s going to listento you.

7. She is ambitious and goal-driven.

She has her ownpersonal dreams and she will never settle for mediocrity. She somehow alwaysfinds the motivation to pursue excellence and she doesn’t shy away from gettingher hands dirty. She is always willing to work hard to get what she wants. Thebest thing about this is that she also supports and pushes you to chase afteryour dreams. – Continue reading on the next page

8. She doesn’t have any parental issues.

It can be toughdealing with people who have issues with their parents. Often, these people areemotionally damaged and they might even need some therapy. There is just toomuch baggage there that needs addressing. So if she has a great relationshipwith her family, then that means she knows how to foster a good familyenvironment too.

9. She is genuinely kind.

Genuinely kindpeople are a rarity these days; don’t let her go. She is the kind of person whowould do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do. She doesn’texpect any rewards for being nice, thoughtful, or generous. She just alwayschooses to stay on the right side of the moral compass.

10. She remains cool and calm when you get into arguments.

She doesn’t lether emotions get the best of her. She is very analytical and she knows theright thing to say at all times. She is also very good at diffusing tensesituations. That’s why it’s never a problem to get into an argument with her,because you know you always eventually find yourselves standing on commonground by the end of it.

11. She can let loose and be silly when she’s around you.

She’s veryserious when it comes to her work and her goals, but she can also let loose andjust be silly whenever you’re together. She’s comfortable when she’s around youand she trusts you enough to not judge her when her wacky side starts to comeout.

12. She has a life outside of the relationship.

Her life is notdefined by your relationship. She is a strong, independent, and accomplishedhuman being who has more to her than just being your girlfriend. She has manypassions and dreams that all shape who she is as a person.

13. She understands that you’re a flawed individual.

She forgives youwhenever you start screwing up because she knows that you are only human. Shedoesn’t hold you to unreasonable standards and she never sets unrealisticexpectations for the relationship. She is also very patient and veryunderstanding.

14. She doesn’t carry any grudges with her.

There is just nobaggage when it comes to her. Even when you have arguments, she never holdsthem against you. She is always willing to just move on and be mature about it.She doesn’t let pent up emotions pull her down.

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