She’s the type who will always meet you more than half way because effort comes naturally to her.

She’s the type of girl a lot of people take for granted. And you swear at first you won’t be one of those people. But you realize you can probably get away with a lot when it comes to her.

So you test the waters.

She’s the type of girl who will be loyal even in moments you’re not.

The type who is so blunt and honest and forward you might think she’s trying to deceive you.

She’s the type who will be there even when she’s busy because she doesn’t like letting people down.

She’s the type who will answer your texts quickly bc she doesn’t believe in games.

She’s the type who will give without expecting something in return.

The type who will give you her undivided attention always because she wants you to know how important you are.

She’s the type that’ll love you unconditionally even in the moments you don’t love yourself.

She’s the type who will love really hard. The type who will live with her heart on her sleeve.

She’s the type who will look at her reflection analyzing flaws thinking there’s something wrong with her and not those people who fail to see her value.

She’s the type who lives by the rule ‘treat people the way you want to be treated.’ And you’ll watch people hurt her and you swear you’ll never do the same.

Even though there are some people who could use a taste of their medicine. She’ll never be the one to give someone what they might deserve.

And in return, she gets used and taken advantage of and judged very harshly and treated unkindly even though she never deserved it.

Despite being given every reason to change, she won’t.

Despite everything, she’ll still believe in people.

She’ll stay exactly who she is.

She’ll continue to act exactly as she does.

She’ll continue to get hurt not changing and it’s you that is going to take her out the hardest. Because she trusted you.

But even then she won’t change.

But what changes is every person she interacts with.

Because the girl who doesn’t change is the one who changes everyone around her through her example of kindness, compassion, unconditional love and

She’s the type you’re going to hurt in the end.

She’ll walk away after trying harder than she should have in the first place.

She’s the type whose heart will break giving up on you but even she knows there’s only so much someone can do.

She’ll be the type you’ll hurt when you’re young and you’ll live to regret it when you’re older.

And you’ll think back knowing you hurt someone who would have spent the rest of her life loving you the way everyone wants to be loved.

She’s the type you’ll leave as she’s in tears and she won’t get angry about it. She won’t try and hurt you back. She’ll try and understand.

She’s the type of girl who will blame herself for you going bc it has to be her.

She’s the type of girl who will say sorry and try and fix things even though it’s out of her control.

She’s the type of girl who will say goodbye with tears in her eyes swearing that she did love you.

And you’ll feel it in every inch of your bones that she meant every word.

She’s the type of girl who will stay up at night missing you but she won’t reach out because she respects you and your decision.

The type of girl who won’t speak bad about you even in those final moments when you weren’t someone she recognized.

She’s the type of girl who will watch you leave wishing you the best and just wanting you to be happy.

The type of girl who still prays for you and your family on Sundays. Asking God to take care of you because she won’t be able to anymore.

She’s always going to be the one who gets hurt in the end. The one who doesn’t deserve it.

And while she won’t break your heart, what’s gonna hurt is the pain you see in her eyes even after the fact. The image you can’t get rid in your mind of her in tears begging you to stay.

What’s going to hurt is the regret you feel in moments you miss her. What’s going to hurt is when you choose to be single and start dating you realize what everyone lacks is everything that came so easy to her.

What’s going to hurt is when you realize you made a mistake and you go to text her but you can’t even push send because even you know she’s deserves more than someone who gave up so easy.

Because you know she’ll answer. You know she’ll forgive you.

She’s the type of girl who will give you a second chance because she understands people make mistakes.

The type of girl who will let you back into her life with open arms and a smile even though you left so abruptly.

But what is going to hurt most is you realizing you deserve to live with the pain of her absence and she deserves someone who doesn’t have to hurt her first to realize her worth.

The truth is she’s always going to be the one hurt in the end and even the deepest pain won’t change her.

By Kirsten Corley