Here Is Why Having a Brutally Honest Friend Is a Blessing!

Written by Chloe M.

Real friends are difficult to find. They stick closer and know you better than your family. They believe in you even when no one else does. They celebrate your successes and accomplishments and are there for you when things get tough.
They never judge you or leave you when you make mistakes. They are willing to listen to you when you complain about the same thing on a daily basis. They are still there when you do not take their advice and end up right back in the same painful situation.

They hold you up, support you, and push you forward. They are not afraid to be honest with you. If there’s anything about you that they don’t like, they are not afraid to come to you directly and talk about it. They’d never talk behind your back.

They always speak their minds, without sugar-coating their words. They give you constructive criticism. They know that it is nice to hear how amazing you look or how good you are at doing something.

But, they also know that sometimes uncomfortable and difficult things must be said. So, they always tell you when you aren’t being who you are. They know you to your core and tell you when you fucked up. They point out your mistakes and are there to hold you up.

They tell you if your partner is being an idiot and when you are being “psycho” or irrationally jealous. They are not afraid to disagree with you, even if it means you may argue.
They always put the brutal truth before their need to make you feel better. They don’t tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. Their words often seem like a form of insult, but they don’t want to hurt you. They don’t want to tear you down. They want the best for you and help you accomplish it.

They are aware that your friendship is strong enough to sustain the truth. They are aware that your friendship can endure their honesty even if you may get hurt by it.

Being brutally honest with you does not mean that they are passive-aggressive or rude. It means that they truly care about you.

They know that the truth hurts. They know that it isn’t nice to face your fears or things you know you should change. But, they also know that it may make you see yourself in a different light; and encourage you to take care of yourself, do something about the situation and live your life to the fullest.

Having a brutally honest friend is a blessing. It may save you during tough times in your life and make the good times even better. It may push you to places you should go and it does not happen by always stroking your ego or telling you everything will be fine. It may help you make better life decisions.

So, if you have a brutally honest friend, consider yourself lucky.

By PositiveThingsOnly

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